President of the German Bundestag and terrorism support

Nashwa Elhofy Egyptian journalist

Nashwa Elhofy Egyptian journalist

This article is written by Journalist Nashwa El-Hofy in Arabic language, published by elwatannews website on 20/5/2015, and translated in English language by Hey Egypt website, Eman Nabih.

I followed up the president of the German Bundestag (German parliament), Norbert Lammert‘s declarations about his refusal of meeting president Sisi, during his visit to Germany on the 3rd and the 4th of next June.

Lammert claimed that the violations of human rights in Egypt and the death sentences against Muslim Brotherhood were behind his decision. The Egyptian embassy in Berlin responded to Lammert’s declarations, that Egypt did not ask to meet the president of the Bundestag in the first place.

Regardless of this meeting that was not going to add or lessen from Egypt’s standing any way, it seems that Norbert Lammert, the president of the German Bundestag, needs someone to refresh his memory about some political facts in the history of his country, so he realizes his wrong position in supporting terrorism.

First, Lammert belongs to the German chancellor, Angela Merkel’s Christian democratic party, and what Lammert did, enters in the framework of dividing roles game between the German politicians who financially and politically supported Muslim Brotherhood since many years ago, and they opened for them the German Intelligence back doors in order to do whatever they want in the region.

Norbert Lammert president of Bundestag German parliament

Norbert Lammert president of Bundestag German parliament

Let me remind Mr. Lammert of the constant meetings between the Chief of the German Intelligence and Essam  Al-Haddad, former chancellor in Berlin of Mohamed Morsi, former head of Egypt, in addition to other European countries beside Germany, in order to coordinate the situations  between them, the time Muslim Brotherhood reached power in Egypt. These constant meetings were taking place away from the knowledge and the attendance of the Egyptian foreign ministry at that time.

Second, I remind Mr. Lammert that his country since the second world war and till this day, is forbidding the Nazis from practicing all kinds of politics or to establish a political party, or to even announce that they exist as an entity in any way. This Nazi group that has political and intellectual ideology and they are applying and practicing it with violence, exactly the same like Muslim Brotherhood.

Subsequently, the question that poses itself is: Why do you deny us the right of  law enforcement, and you allow it for yourselves when it concerns the protection of the country and the society?!

Third, I also remind Mr. Lammert that West Germany before the reunification in 1990, did not succeed in containing the Red Army group, that was known as ” Baader-Meinhof Group” (or Baader-Meinhof Gang 1970 – 1998). In addition, West Germany was unable to stop the crimes committed by this group that was based on a political ideology believed in the eligibility of killing German policemen and judges.

The danger of this group grew in 1977, when they began a wave of terrorist attacks that traumatized the German society like no other events since World War II, dozens got killed and injured to the extent that West Germany at that time, called these terrorist attacks “the German Autumn“. (this is the same that Muslim Brotherhood and their followers are doing in Egypt.)

Since then, Germany is applying sentence for life on this group members. I wonder why Germany did not consider what happened at that time, that it was some kind of “freedom speech”, freedom of opinion and democracy, and why Germany did not consider to contain the “opposition”?!

It’s Odd that the creation and the development of the influence of this group in the German society, came in a similar circumstances to our situation now in Egypt.

This Red Army Group has been originated due to the revolutionary status among youth, and their rebellion on the the German chancellor Angela Merkel Christian democratic partycountry’s institutions and the family institution by the end of the 60’s. Which gave the Nazism the opportunity to penetrate the youth lines once again, and they were spreading doubts among them in all what the German country was doing for the economy advancement, and to regain strength after its collapse in world war II! Which made the German country to take all kinds of procedures against this group and against their supporters.

In addition to forbidden all kinds of their activities and chasing them to keep and to protect the German country that was seeking renaissance at that time.

Oh God! It’s like we are talking and describing our status, but Mr. Lammert sees that what we do is lessening  from the human rights and it is a wasting of democracy, despite that it is exactly what his government did four decades ago!

For this, Mr. Lammert doesn’t have the right to characterize our situation or to accuse us of whatever occurs in his mind, because we are the ones who are aware of our own affairs.

Mr. Lammert must concentrate in the terrorist groups who live out there in Germany, and the swarms of returnees to Germany from the combat in Syria, in order for him to know how he will protect his community by the Law that we are applying here in Egypt.


Journalist claiming to work for NBC supporting ISIS and the beheading of Christians

Ahmed M Abaza journalist at NBC NewsA young man called Ahmed M Abaza, he claims that he is a journalist working for NBC. Living in Cairo and London. He wrote on his twitter account: “Isis should have put the 21 Copts Egyptians in cages and burn them alive instead of slaughtering them, because they are dogs and pigs and they deserve to be killed”.

He also wrote another tweet, that he loved how ISIS beheaded the 21 Egyptian Copts in Libya, they deserve what happened to them and he incited on slaughtering the Egyptian pope.

He supports terrorists groups in Sinai and the beheading of Christians and inciting on killing the Egyptian Pope, and calls for ISIS to invade Egypt and slaughter any one who supported “the coup”, according to his own words on his twitter account.

All images and videos he is publishing on his account, are of hostages of ISIS who were slaughtered and he wrote how happy he was when he was watching ISIS beheading their hostages.

The following are screenshots from his tweets dated 15 and 16 Feb 2015 supporting the beheading of Christians.

Jouranlist works at NBC support ISIS
Whether this man is a journalist or not, working for NBC or not, I’m reporting him to whom it may concern, and I also reported him to the Egyptian Ministry of Interior through their official email. I also sent a message to NBC.

His link on twitter:


Ahmed Abaza on twitter support Beit Almakdess terrorists in Sinai

Greetings to Beit Almakdes Group in Sinai for slaughtering the spies. This is a great job.

Journalist in NBC supporting ISIS and the beheading of hostages Photos and videos by Freedom Fighter   AhmedMAbaza  twitter Journalist in NBC Photos and videos by Freedom Fighter   AhmedMAbaza on Twitter Photos and videos by Freedom Fighter  AhmedMAbaza on Twitter supporting the beheading of Egyptian Copts in Libya Photos and videos by Freedom Fighter AhmedMAbaza  Twitter supporting ISIS Photos and videos by Freedom Fighter AhmedMAbaza supporting Isis and the beheading of their hostages



The rented wailers of Muslim Brotherhood, Steven A. Cook and Amy Austin Holmes

The rented wailer of Muslim Brotherhood, Steven A. Cook

The rented wailer of Muslim Brotherhood, Steven A. Cook

Steven A. Cook is a Senior Fellow for Middle Eastern Studies at the Council of Foreign Relations. He wrote an article dated 19/9/2014 titled “Revisiting Rabaa” and he linked the Rabaa’s armed sit-in disengagement to Marshal Sisi’s attendance to the 69th session of United Nation general assembly. (Rabaa: Muslim Brotherhood armed Sit-In, disengaged by the Egyptian authorities on 14/8/2013).

The article of Mr. Steven is full of lies, contradictions and lacks credibility because he mainly cited as references in his post, the Human Rights Watch report and an article written by Amy Austin Holmes, assistant professor of sociology at the American University in Cairo, titled “Why Egypt’s Military Orchestrated a Massacre” in Rabaa’s square, published on 22/8/2014.

Amy Austin Holmes claimed that Egyptians and their media have framed their battle against the Muslim Brotherhood as a war on “terrorism”. She was not an eyewitness on the Rabaa’s disengagement, but she described what happened during the disengagement like a professional movie director in one of the American action movies. Despite that she did not attend the disengagement of Rabaa, but she said that  she was an eyewitness on the daylight massacres committed by Armed military and police forces against Muslim Brotherhood in both Rabaa and Nahda squares, which was constant 12 hours shooting against Muslim Brotherhood!!!

12 hours is a long time to watch a massacre, don’t you think Ms. Holmes…!?  I guess Ms Holmes was watching the “massacres” from a spaceship located on planet Mars!

Obviously Ms. Holmes is biased to a terrorist organization and she supports them and regrets that Egyptian people overthrew a regime that was dragging Egypt to the dark ages, and a regime that betrayed and killed their own people, as she accused all the Egyptian people of framing their battle against MB.

Ms Holmes, if you feel sorry for these terrorists, you are most welcome to host them in your country and feel free to enjoy the consequences of your warm welcoming hosting.

Both articles of Holmes and Cook, are just spreading lies and misleading the international public opinion to distort the trajectory of Egyptian politics in general, after the Egyptian revolution 30/6/2013 overthrew the Muslim Brotherhood fascist regime.

It doesn’t really need an expert to analyse Mr. Steven’s or Holmes articles. Both articles published to smear and damage the reputation of Marshal Sisi, the Egyptian armed forces and the Egyptian people free choices, especially after any positive steps Egypt is making towards reforms and development. The same boring smearing cheap campaign launched and financed by the Muslim Brotherhood since the 30th of June revolution.

Rabaa’s disengagement became an issue of disgusting cheap trading used by Muslim Brotherhood through their rented wailers and mercenaries of the working groups against Egypt like Mr. Steven A. Cook and Amy Austin Holmes.

Marshal SISI

Mr. Steven A. Cook wrote that President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry, and lesser officials are descending upon New York to spread the good word that everything in Egypt is just fine. They are hoping—in some cases demanding—that people don’t ask hard questions about what transpired last year of Rabaa’s Massacre. According to Steven claims.

Obviously, Mr. Steven is not following closely, Marshal Sisi’s performance as a president and his presidential statements addressed to the Egyptian people and the world community. Because if he did, he would have not claimed that Marshal Sisi and Egyptian officials are in New York to spread that everything is just fine in Egypt.

Marshal SISI is not a war criminal or afraid of confrontations of any kind. The war criminal is sleeping and snoring in the white house Mr. Brotherhood are a terrorist International Organization supported and financed by USASteven. Marshal Sisi is attending the UN assembly and he is going to make a direct speech to the entire world, listen to what he is going to say, maybe if you are smart enough, you will be able to learn something.

Before becoming the president of Egypt, Marshal Sisi was the first presidential candidate in Egypt, who did not give any promises or marketed illusions to the Egyptian people about any bright or prosperous future soon. He was totally honest from the beginning. Every time he was making a speech to the Egyptian people, he was actually telling the truth about how Egypt is facing problems and serious crisis  in all sectors, especially the economy, despite that this truth and facts were shocking to the majority of Egyptians, and many analysts claimed that it is a threat to his popularity.

Marshal Sisi said in one of his statements, that he has been advised by his counselors to just read what is written, and not to improvise when he is addressing his speech to the Egyptians! But Marshal Sisi confirmed publicly that he will never do as his counselors advised, he will state facts and the truth and he will never lie to the Egyptian people even if it’s going to be shocking and even if it will make him lose his popularity.

Marshal Sisi didn’t claim that life is rosy in Egypt, he admitted publicly that there is corruption, mistakes, terrorism, bureaucracy in Egypt and they are all priority tasks on his schedule.

Marshal Sisi challenged the entire world, when he responded to the Egyptian people’s great revolution 30/6.  Does Mr. Steven really thinks that a man like Marshal SISI is concerned about what the western countries leaders think or may address to him about what happened last year? When a president like Marshal Sisi is popular in his country Mr. Steven, he fears nothing. Actually, it is the superior countries leaders who fear his popularity and they are doing their utmost to smear the man’s reputation.

Superior countries stood against Egyptians free choices and still considering 30/6 a military coup, and still supporting the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization.

In the meantime, if what Mr. Steven and his mercenary sisterhood Holmes are claiming is right about Egypt’s politics trajectory in general, why superior countries like the States, are still having relations with Egypt? They can simply cut relations with Egypt, can’t they? Mr. Steven, Ms Holmes, this entire world depends on interests, and when interests speak, people like you guys should drink a big cup of shut the hell up.

I guess Mr. Steven and Holmes consider about 87 million Egyptians are retards, because according to them, Egyptians accepted to be led by a military Marshal who committed crimes against humanity. I guess that Marshal SISI perhaps is doing some kind of black magic in magnetizing Egyptians, because they recently sent a message to the entire world that Egypt started its first steps not to depend on this twisting arms of foreign aid. Egyptians bought the investment certificates used to finance the new Suez Canal project and it exceeded 64 billion EGP, and that was the Egyptians hard slap on the face of those who are trying hard to smear Sisi’s reputation.

Muslim Brotherhood Rabaa armed sit-in disengaged 14/8/2013

Mr. Steven relied on Human rights watch report, which turned out to be a fake report and on Ms. Holmes, the eyewitness who saw nothing…I suggest that Mr. Steven gets in direct contact with Mr. Maged Atef, the correspondent of the US Newsweek network, who was one of the main eyewitnesses, human rights watch depended on his testimony in relation to Rabaa’s square disengagement.

Mr. Maged Atef confirmed that Human rights watch organization faked and forged his testimony in favor of Muslim Brotherhood. He also confirmed that he was an eyewitness on the first Egyptian police officer who got killed by Muslim Brotherhood, while he was warning them to leave the square peacefully through the safe exits. Mr. Maged  testified that the shooting started from the Muslim Brotherhood’s side and not the police.

Maged Atef said that he has met with Human rights representatives once and not twice like the organization claimed. and Heba Moraif, the political activist attended the meeting and heard his testimony that was forged by human rights watch organization. Mr. Maged filed a complaint against human rights for faking his testimony and announced publicly that his testimony was forged by HRW.

Despite the Egyptian forensic report about Rabaa’s square, and the fact that the entire disengagement was On air directly from Rabaa sqaure, and was attended by human rights and local and international press correspondents, but Mr . Steven and his likes are describing what happened in the square as a crime against humanity, while they were sitting in an air conditioners offices and getting their source of information from the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization.

Amy Holmes is an assistant professor of sociology at The American University in Cairo

The rented wailer of Muslim Brotherhood, Amy Holmes is an assistant professor of sociology at The American University in Cairo

The behavior of the Egyptian military in Tahrir 25th of January 2011 and in Rabaa in 2013

Mr. Steven and Ms Holmes, when you talk about mercenaries who get paid to kill people, like you get paid to spread lies and false reports in favor of a terrorist organization, you can call them names as much as you like. But when you talk about the Egyptian armed forces, you better be careful, because every word you say, will be taken against you, if you don’t show your readers any credibility or proofs on what you say.

You guys obviously don’t read what kind of comments you get from your coincidence very few readers. Read the comments, and please check how many poor likes and shares your posts are getting, and you will realize that what you are publishing is nothing but a trash.

Ms Holmes, you live in Egypt, you are eating from our food and you are breathing the same air we are breathing, if the air is so polluted here in Cairo, why don’t you go and inhale the American spring! It doesn’t make any sense that you Ms Holmes distort the reputation of the Egyptian Armed forces, while you are living under their protection! Just go and make your living somewhere else. Unless, you believe that you live here like a Queen and in your own country, you won’t make enough to survive.

Ms Holmes is accusing the Egyptian armed forces and the Senior officials in Egypt and the Egyptian people of serious accusations, meantime she and Steven Cook are claiming that Egypt is not on the right path of democracy. This is a barefaced lie and hypocrisy, because if what Holmes said was true, how come the Egyptian new butcher and dictator regime is allowing Holmes to write what she is writing, while she lives in Egypt???!!! Shame on you Ms Holmes, you are enjoying our military and police protection, you are enjoying our democracy and freedom of speech and you are making money in Egypt, while you are spreading lies about our country and people.

Mr. Steven said in his article, that the Egyptian officials admitted that the Rabaa’s massacre was deliberately planned against MB. Mr. Steven, I didn’t see any link or any proof about such confession! Can you provide one? If you can’t, you are a LIAR about this statement. And like I said, you got bribed by Muslim Brotherhood to publish lies. Haven’t they taught you that you must provide at least one trusted source link to any claim you are saying, especially when you are shooting accusations against an entire state!

Mr. Steven and Holmes based their proofs on “what a lot of people told other people in Egypt”.  I’m not even going to comment on this. It’s really a silliness to comment on such garbage of Mr. Steven and his likes.

The Egyptian people trust their military institution and they have chosen Marshal Sisi for presidency to lead the country and to save it from falling into the abyss and clutches of Muslim Brotherhood and their armed militias, and this actually saved Egypt from facing the same disastrous scenario of Libya, Iraq and Syria.

If Mr. Steven and Holmes consider the Egyptian Armed forces and the military generals as mercenaries, perhaps they should move to Libya, Syria or Iraq, and there they will be able to make a comparison on the real ground between the Egyptian Army and any other armed forces in these countries, if there are any left.

The Egyptian armed forces have proven on the 25th of Jan and on the 30th of June that they belong to the Egyptian people and they only serve Egypt. Their loyalty is not to a regime or a president, not even to Mubarak who ruled for 30 years. There were no games nor interests, there were no liking or disliking or disputes between the  armed forces generals and the senior leaders of the ministry of interior, like Holmes and Steven claimed.

Egypt was on the edge of falling and collapsing since the 25th of Jan 2011 conspiracy till Muslim Brotherhood raped the power through forged elections and threatened to burn the entire country if they don’t reach power. The Arab Spring was not just against Egypt, but against the entire middle East area and it started to spread like a cancer, and the goal was not reforms or democracy, but to execute the creative chaos project of the US and their allies. Do you need any further explanations Mr. Steven? Just look around you and talk to me about the US and NTAO invasion to Iraq, Libya, and now Syria and Yemen is working remotely. And who knows, who’s next!

The 25th of Jan was not peaceful like Holmes and Steven claimed. It started by excluding others, actually it excluded the majority of the Egyptian people who decided to stay home and watch what was happening through the Tv channels. Actually their silence was a message that something serious was happening that they didn’t understand and were scared of, this is why the majority of Egyptians stayed home and didn’t participate, because there was really many things wrong in there. Especially, when political activists together with Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, opened prisons for dangerous elements and broke into the National security buildings and have stolen classified national security documents, and tried to burn National security buildings.

The 25th of Jan took the form of using arms and violence, divided the Egyptian people on two lists one for the honorable Egyptians and one for the shameful Egyptians, which included any one who just disagreed with the 25th or was just asking questions, spreading rumors and lies and called for toppling all the state’s institutions including the Egyptian Army and opened prisons and let very dangerous terrorists elements free from prisons. The people who got killed in Tahrir square, were not political bribed activists, all of them are safe and alive, not even one scratch, but the ones who got killed were the poor people who believed that the 25th of Jan was about reforms and a decent living. Who killed them? The same ones who opened the prisons.

There was never a dispute on power between the Egyptian military and the Muslim Brotherhood like Steven and Holmes claimed. But there was an armed underground movement called the secret armed MB organization who wanted to overthrow the regime and reach power by the force of arms. An armed militia who wanted to reach power by terrorizing an entire population and topple all the state’s institutions. I suggest that you both read history because your ignorance is unbearable and unforgivable.

We lived history in Egypt, we lived all events in Egypt since the 25th of Jan till this minute, so don’t use your wide imagination in spreading lies when you talk about what happened in Egypt, we are the Egyptians who eye-witnessed all events, minute by minute.

Steven A. Cook and Amy Austin Holmes, I really don’t have a clue of whatever is eating you, but it must be suffering horribly!



To Washington Post: Americans respect the press but don’t respect misinformation

Abigail Hauslohner Cairo Bureau Chief for The Washington Post Cairo EgyptAbigail Hauslohner, Cairo Bureau Chief for The Washington Post published an article on 3/5/2014 titled ” A town of rutted roads is one of Egypt’s most troublesome flashpoints“.

Hey Abigail, Americans respect the press but do not respect misinformation.

We the undersigned Americans find your article misinformed and false in its content and message. We are worried this is intentional.

We all have lived or visited Egypt during the past 5 years and three of us were in Egypt for the past 90 plus days.

Your shopkeeper with the beard quoted in your article, is a Brotherhood member. Why did you not ask one of hundreds of cab drivers in Cairo or Alexandria how happy they are, the Brotherhood has gone!

The other couple you interviewed with the cloaked black veil, are they secularists?

The Islamists Abigail, are not locked out of politics. 6 parties so called Islamist and are very active including the Salafi’s. The ones locked are the terrorists – the Brotherhood whom have a history of blood on their hands having killed 3 prime ministers, a speaker of parliament, late President Sadat and scores of police, military and secularists.

Abigail, The Muslim Brotherhood has a long history of terror, obviously you don’t relate to history or reality, but you relate to the only source of information you are biased to, which is your Muslim Brothers!`

You claimed  in your article ” the more moderate Muslim Brotherhood “!!!!!! Who are you fooling Abigail? You are attacking and ruining Egypt’s reputation based on false information. Check the following video Abigail, then come and discuss Muslim Brotherhood’s moderation!

Have you received Qatari money? are you a fascist supporter? What kind of moral compass do you have to make such a Statement?

The future of Egypt is for the Egyptian people to decide and your false reporting has no impact except to lie to the west – there is no doubt the majority of the Egyptians shall not vote for a fascist cult using religion as a cover. That is what you should be exposing, but who knows what hidden agenda do you have!?

You guys are just a temporarily status, that will vanish one day soon, because Egyptians are moving forward with elections and the road map, despite all challenges. Keep on talking and spreading lies and mislead your readers as much as you like. Egyptians will slap you hard on the face, because nothing will stop them from achieving the goals of the road map.

We don’t need to work hard on exposing your lies, it comes out directly from your own mouth. Not for one single poor time, we have read any article or a report published by WP that interviewed any Egyptian citizen, unless they were Muslim Brothers or their supporters. Even when we comment or addressing letters to WP, our opinion and comments are totally ignored.

You accuse Egypt of oppressing freedom of speech and excluding Muslim Brothers, while you guys are ignoring the majority of Egyptians who revolted on 30/6 against religious fascism, you don’t allow their voice to be heard, but you only allow Muslim Brothers Terrorists.

What have you learned about the free press, Abigail? Did you learn to be biased or neutral?

This is the real voice of Egypt, Abigail Hauslohner.

Foreign reporters and journalists in Egypt, including you Abigail,  are like Mollie Z. Hemingway said, How to Be a Really Lousy Journalist for Fun and Profit:

Lousy reporters when covering terrorists bombing, what’s most important for them is getting the story first, not getting the story right, particularly under the pressure of a 24-hour news cycle.

They remember that their job is to Advance Narratives, and not to Report Facts.

They Quote Directly from Press Releases.

Lousy reporters Pick Sides, promote sympathy for one side and hostility for the other.

They Don’t Describe People, they Label Them.

They Hype the Issues they Personally Care about and Downplay Those they Don’t.

Reporters Listen to the Insects of the Hour, get story ideas by following the lead of other journalists or replaying or responding to whatever is on famous media. Another good technique is to build stories just around people who solicit media coverage.

They use Language Tricks to Obfuscate.

These are the nice easy terms reporters learn and fall back on. Whether  they use them because of confirmation bias, laziness, or outright ideological agendas, they are in good company and have a bright future ahead of them!


Ralph Younger

Larry Corabi

Jen Bloomfield

Rusty E. Roushdi

Al Carden

Victor Barber

Saul Finch

V. Rosenberg

Marie Vitale

Sam Ahmadain

Paul Stringer

Bob Sills

Steve and Nadia Virtue


Report on Muslim Brotherhood crimes 30 June until 25 December 2013

Ibn Khaldun Center’s report on Muslim Brotherhood violence, violations and terror attacks in Egypt from 30/6/2013 until 25/12/2013 the date Muslim Brotherhood organization was declared terrorist organization by the Egyptian government. (

Ibn Khaldun center documentation on Muslim Brotherhood crimes in Egypt from 30/6/2013 until 25/12/2013 (pdf file)  Ibn Khaldun Center confirmed that they were not able to report all crimes committed by Muslim Brotherhood and violent acts because they were unable to gather enough documentation to add it to their report. Translation as follows:(

Before the disengagement of Muslim Brotherhood sits-in Rabaa and Nahda squares

Victims of killing and torture committed by Muslim Brotherhood members in Egypt

The disengagement of MB sits-in Rabaa and Nahda squares

Muslim Brotherhood assaults from 14 to 20 August 2013

After the disengagement of MB sits-in started from 20/8/2013

Victims of muslim Brothers violence and assaults

Total victims due to Muslim Brotherhood violence and terror attacks from 30/6/2013 to 25/12/2013

Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization in Egypt

11 bodies found in Rabaa square MB armed sit in died from severe torture

11 bodies found in Rabaa square MB armed sit in died from severe torture

On 14/11/2013The final autopsy report exposed the Muslim Brothers, foreign press and human rights organizations fabricated stories about the Brotherhood victims which resulted from the disengagement of the armed sits-in. It also exposed the forged photos that MB and Aljazeera Channel of Qatar used to convince the world opinion that the disengagement was a massacre, using images of victims from Syria, Libya and south Africa. It also exposed Muslim Brotherhood faked interviews through Alzajeera, using women and children to address false stories to the world. 11 bodies were found buried in Rabaa’s mosque with severe torture marks.

Details and documentation (Ibn Khaldun center provided in their pdf report MB crimes documentation references of videos, images, reports, investigations, trials and testimonies of the eyewitnesses, injured and tortured victims, names, dates, places…etc) the following is translation for the details of each violent event. All documentations are available for every single event in Ibn Khaldun report’s link. The original report issued in Arabic contain 62 pages documented with evidences at the bottom of each page)

Brotherhood shooting randomly at people in the streets 16/8/2013

Brotherhood shooting randomly at people in the streets 16/8/2013

 30/6/2013, Muslim Brotherhood snipers used the roof of MB headquarter in Mukatam area, Cairo and killed 12 protesters and seriously injured 48 others.

2/7/2013 MB protesters in Rabaa square attacked first lieutenant police forces Karim Emad Abd El-Hamid with white arms and wooden sticks, resulted with concussion and serious injuries in the left side of his stomach and in the rest of his body. The police lieutenant got attacked by MB protesters next to Rabaa square because he had the badge of the police on his car. They smashed his car and dragged him on the ground and stabbed him.

2/7/2013, Al-Sarayat area violent events. Hundreds of Morsi’s supporters burned two private cars for having a sign “Morsi get out of Egypt”. Attacked cars owners. Clashes started between citizens and Brotherhood supporters who started to shoot randomly at the people in the street. 3000 of MB supporters appeared later on the scene and used machine guns against the people in the area resulted 23 dead, 220 injuries. Most of the bodies were shot in the head and chest.

In addition to the journalist Tamer Fayez who got brutally beaten by MB supporters resulted with broken ribs and blood clots, and a police officer got a shot in the head.

Muslim Brotherhood supporters carrying osama bin laden image in egypt during their demonstrations

Muslim Brotherhood supporters carrying osama bin laden image in egypt during their demonstrations

5/7/2013, Sidi Gaber Alexandria city. Muslim Brotherhood leaders and their supporters used white arms, firearms and Molotov against civilians in the area, resulted 22 dead, 180 seriously injured and 800 with minor injuries.

5/7/2013, the chief of Ambulance announced officially that the result of violent clashes all over the country was 36 dead and 1138 injured.

5/7/2013 Al-Manial Area, Cairo. After Muslim Brotherhood supporters failed to attack Anti-Muslim Brotherhood protesters in Tahrir square, they headed to Al-Manial area and started to shoot randomly on people in the neighborhood, which resulted 6 dead and 30 injured. The majority of victims were shot in the head, one got shot in the back and a rescue officer was shot in his stomach.

7 July 2013, Muslim Brotherhood Militia threw Children off Roof building in Alexandria city

Abu Shakra National security officer who arrested Kairat Alshater the second man in the Brotherhood Organization and was in charge of guarding him and he was assassinated on June 2013

Abu Shakra National security officer who arrested Kairat Alshater the second man in the Brotherhood Organization and was in charge of guarding him and he was assassinated on June 2013

9/7/2013, Abu Shakra, National security officer assassinated because he was handling one of the dangerous national security’s file in Egypt which is fighting the International Terrorist. He was in charge of a certain case which relates terrorists Groups in Sinai to Muslim Brotherhood. Abu Shakra was about to reveal evidences which prove Khairat Al-Shater  Involvement with these terrorists groups, when masked gunmen cut the road in front of his car and shot him dead. ( Khairat Al-Shater is the 2nd man in Brotherhood Organization and deputy of MB Chief)

12/7/2013, Muslim Brotherhood supporters kidnapped Mastour Al-Gebaly (member in the popular trend), he got tortured in Rabaa square (MB sit-in).

13/7/2013, Al-Hag Fathy and another eyewitness who were in Rabaa square, testified that they eye-witnessed torturing tools inside Rabaa sit-in and some police individuals were kidnapped and tortured inside Rabaa Sit-in. One of the victims they eye-witnessed was brutally tortured by MB in the square, Ahmed Zulaifah who was found dead later on with severe marks of torture all over his body.

15/7/2013, MB kidnapped a civilian and tortured him to confess that he was a police individual, then they threw him in the street.

22/7/2013Ahmed Abd Elhamid Mustafa (paramedic) 23 years old resident of Alsharkia city, found the dead body of Amr Magdy Kamal Aly Samak 33 years old, labor, was found outside Rabaa square with severe bruises and torture marks all over his body and especially on the chest and stomach, his fingernails and toenails were removed.

22/7/2013, two police individuals Mohamed Amin and Hany were kidnapped by Muslim brotherhood supporters to Rabaa square, beaten and tortured, they got rescued by some of their colleagues who managed to get to the square and saved them.

Brotherhood teacher torture a student because he wanted to play a national song while students salute the flag

Brotherhood teacher torture a student because he wanted to play a national song while students salute the flag

24/7/2013, two dead bodies and three others were seriously injured, found close to Nahda square (MB sit-in in Giza). The two bodies had torture marks. Investigations revealed that they were attacked and tortured inside Orman garden by MB protesters and were thrown close to Nahda square.

25/7/2013Arafa Ahmed Gouda was kidnapped and dragged to Nahda square for carrying CC’s picture, testified that he was brutally tortured by MB protesters, then they put him in a big carton and threw him next to Faisal bridge in Giza.

26/7/2013M.S. was walking home, close to Rabaa square, kidnapped by sisterhood and taken to Rabaa square. they accused her of working for the Intelligence to spy on them. She got beaten and kept in Rabaa square for more than 15 hours, She managed to escape and reported to the police. (Click here for Videos and images for MB terror attacks on 26/7/2013)

26/7/2013Al-Kaed Ibrahim Mosque clashes, Alexandria city. Clashes started between Anti-Muslim Brotherhood protesters and Muslim Brotherhood supporters. People managed to disperse MB supporters. Muslim Brothers got to the roof of the mosque and started to shoot randomly at the people in the street. Resulted 5 dead and 72 injured. Muslim Brothers kept 16 men hostages inside the mosque, and were using white arms, firearms, whips and handcuffs in torturing them.

27/7/2013, Five of MB supporters held a man inside Rabaa square, accused him of theft and spying on them. They tortured him

20/10/2013 the recent terror attack by gunmen opened fire on the Church of the Virgin in Cairo AlWarrak Area, 18 got seriously injured and 4 got killed including Children and Women

20/10/2013 the recent terror attack by gunmen opened fire on the Church of the Virgin in Cairo AlWarrak Area, 18 got seriously injured and 4 got killed including Children and Women

with boiled water and electricity and cut his left hand finger. They threw him in the fifth settlement area in a deserted street.

28/7/2013Four bodies were found behind Rabaa Mosque and in two different areas in Nasr city with torture marks, bruises and deep wounds in the head. The people who lived around the MB sit-in in Rabaa accused the Muslim Brotherhood leaders and their supporters of torturing and killing these victims inside the square.

Sinai and Al-Arish cities terror attacks and assassinations

29/6/2013Al-ArishBrigadier Mohamed Hany was assassinated in his car and his driver got injured by masked gunmen.

4/7/2013, armed attack against a police ambush in north Sinai resulted the death of Yehia Moamed Abu Al-Magd 22 years old shot in the head. Captain Omar Abd ElRahman 29 years old, injured with a gunshot. Soldier Ossama Alsaid Fath Allah 22 years old shot in the head.

5/7/2013, gunmen opened fire on 5 security points close to Al-Arish Airport. No injuries or casualties were reported.

13/7/2013, RBJ missiles were launched at Al-Arish international airport, military ambush and police tank resulted the death of brigadier Mohamed Abu Elenen and one soldier injured. In addition to gas lines blown-up and armed attacks against police stations and military establishments.

21/7/2013, Former Investments Minister in Morsi’s Government Filmed Beating Young Boy during Cairo Muslim Brotherhood violent protest 

Children’s Psychological torture

children forced to wear shrouds and kept in armed sit-in

children forced to wear shrouds and kept in armed sit-in

Muslim Brotherhood violated Children’s rights using them as human shields in their both armed sits-in, forced them to wear shrouds and carried signs “Egyptian children martyrs project”, ” I don’t want chocolate or candy, I want a bullet between my eyes”. Local and international human rights organizations condemned Muslim Brotherhood violations against children’s rights. Muslim Brotherhood kidnapped children from orphanages and forced them to stay in an armed sit-in and exposed their lives to danger.

Muslim Brotherhood kidnaped children from orphanages to Rabaa Square

Muslim Brotherhood kidnapped children from orphanages to Rabaa Square

29 and 31 July 2013, Muslim Brotherhood announced on Rabaa and Nahda stages that elements from Al Qaeda organization and Jihadi Salafi joined their sits-in and declared the formation of a war council against all MB’s opponents and the Egyptian military and police forces.

Muslim Brotherhood raised Al Qaeda flag in Rabaa and told their supporters to burn the Egyptian flag and replace it with Al Qaeda flag

Muslim Brotherhood raised Al Qaeda flag in Rabaa and told their supporters to burn the Egyptian flag and replace it with Al Qaeda flag

 Muslim Brotherhood leaders announced that there won’t be any peace or peaceful protests in Egypt, and that Al Qaeda and Jihadi Salafi elements joined their war council against anti-Muslim Brothers, military and police forces. They sent threats messages to the armed forces of withdrawing from Sinai, otherwise Sinai will turn to blood bath. Black flags of Al Qaeda and Bin laden images were raised and carried in both squares. In the following video, Ahmed Amer, Brotherhood member asked MB supporters to burn the Egyptian flag and replace it with Al Qaeda black flag.

29/7/2013, The ministry of Interior announced the total bodies found in Rabaa and Nahda squares carrying torture marks led to death were 11 bodies. The total official statements the ministry received from citizens accusing Muslim Brotherhood of kidnapping and torturing them were 10.

29/7/2013, Islam Rashad Ramadan resident in Algalaa street Mansoura city, got killed by Muslim Brotherhood supporters in front of the Olympic village. Islam was sitting on the fence of the Olympic village, Brotherhood suspected that he was a police individual or spying on them, they got him down and hit him with a marble on his head and stabbed him many times till he died.

30/7/2013, Omar Mohamed Salem Ibrahim. His body was found after being missing for two days. The body was found with severe torture marks. Investigations revealed that he was working inside Rabaa square serving tea and coffee. His father accused Muslim Brotherhood of torturing his son to death inside Rabaa square.

Hany Moussa Abd El Aziz brutally tortured by Muslim Brotherhood in Rabaa Square

Hany Moussa Abd El Aziz brutally tortured by Muslim Brotherhood in Rabaa Square

30/7/2013, Hany Musa Abd El-Aziz from shatanof village Ashmun center, Munufia city, He worked in one of the Armed forces hotels in Nasr city. Muslim brotherhood kidnapped him and took him to Rabaa square. This young man got so brutally tortured which resulted: deafening, muteness, he lost his awareness, lost memory, 6 deep wounds caused cracks in his skull caused by sharp tools, penetrating wounds in the neck and abdomen led to internal bleeding caused the immiscible of urine with blood. In addition to more than 45 stitches in his head. He lost consciousness and speech and lost memory and was not able to remember even his parent.

Confession by MB leader Beltagy that terrorism in Sinai is in retaliation to mursi’s ouster. He said that all operations in Sinai will stop, the minute Mursi is back to power, otherwise it will continue.

1/8/2013, a 15 years old boy got tortured by two Muslim Brotherhood leaders, They shaved the boy’s head and removed his nailtoes and caused some burns all over his body and face. Used electric zapper in torturing him. He was waiting for a bus close to Rabaa square and MB supporters suspected him and took him inside the square.

August 2013Alfayoum CityMuslim Brotherhood supporters brutally tortured Egyptian Police officer to death. The following video contain very violent scenes and not appropriate to watch for some ages. Muslim Brotherhood supporters attacked Tamia Police station in Fayoum City and started to beat the police officer with sticks on his head and different parts of his body till he died.

1/8/2013, Muslim Brotherhood activist Ahmed El-Mugheer and other MB members kidnapped a photographer of Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper Tarek Wagih, beaten him brutally and took his camera then threw him out the square after a couple of hours.

1/8/2013, MB supporters in Nahda square grabbed a 20 years old young man from the street took him inside the square for 15 minutes, got him out with his eyes covered and his hands tied behind his back and attached him to a tree for long hours.

1/8/2013, Muslim Brotherhood supporters killed a boy in Ismailia city, after MB announced the formation of war council against the Egyptian society and military, MB supporters used firearms and started to shoot randomly and killed the boy.

Egyptian Police Martyrs slaughtered by Brotherhood terrorists 14 August 2013 Kirdassa police station attacked by Brotherhood supporters and they tortured and killed 12 Police officers and soldiers

Egyptian Police Martyrs slaughtered by Brotherhood terrorists 14 August 2013 Kirdassa police station attacked by Brotherhood supporters and they tortured and killed 12 Police officers and soldiers

14/8/2013 to 18/8/2013. 14/8 the day of the disengagement of both Rabaa and Nahda armed sits-in of

14/8/2013 Brotherhood elements shot an Egyptian Military individual in the head.

14/8/2013 Brotherhood elements shot an Egyptian Military individual in the head.

Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters. Churches and police stations had the biggest share of damages, burning, looting and terror acts. 73 churches and its establishments got looted, burned and damaged, in addition to catholic schools burned and damaged. Many Christians got killed, terrorized and forced to leave their homes. Muslim Brotherhood terrorized citizens, burned public and private properties and massacred many police individuals in this day and burned their police stations. This day Egypt was under terror attacks launched by Muslim Brotherhood in association with Al Qaeda and Gamaa Islamia “council of war against the Egyptian society” announced by Muslim Brotherhood. (videos and images provided in the above two links covering terror attacks from 14/8 to 18/8).

Images of the 25 soldiers bodies after the have been shot dead by Muslim Brotherhood terrorists 19 Aug 2013 Rafah AlArish Sinai

19/8/2013Rafah AlArish Sinai, 25 Egyptian soldiers of central police, dragged from the bus and were shot in the back and head. 11 armed terrorists elements executed the massacre. The leader of the terror attack is Adel Habara “his nick name”. One of the terrorists elements given presidential pardon by Mohamed Mursi.

Adel Mohammed Ibrahim and nick name is Adel Habara 40 years old Extremist terrorist and Al-Qaeda member in Sinai arrested and charged of terrorists acts and massacres against Military and Police individuals

Adel Mohammed Ibrahim and nick name is Adel Habara 40 years old Extremist terrorist and Al-Qaeda member in Sinai arrested and charged of terrorists acts and massacres against Military and Police individuals

20/8/2013, Aswan, Muslim Brotherhood members and supporters held the chief of police security in Aswan with other soldiers and officers and tortured them. Chief of police had heart and breathing problems, but MB had no mercy in torturing him. (the following video, MB dragging, beating and torturing police soldiers and chief of police security in Aswan)

Nasr Elghezlany a muslim Brotherhood member who prepared and led the attack and massacre of Kirdassa Police officers on 14/8/2013. Mursi is rewarding him in the teacher's day.

Nasr Elghezlany a muslim Brotherhood member who prepared and led the attack and massacre of Kirdassa Police officers on 14/8/2013. Mursi was rewarding him in the teacher’s day.

21 August 2013 – Sidi Gaber, Alexandria. two Muslim Brotherhood members and a totally covered sisterhood opened fire on police security forces. Resulted Police soldier shot in the stomach and a citizen shot in his legs. Police arrested the attackers and seized mechanism shots and 2 riffles, and badges typed: We are “backing Mursi”. Names of the arrested attackers: Zeyad Bassiony – Islam Mursi – Atteyat Abd Elmohsen. They confessed in front of investigators that they were charged of this mission to get revenge from those who are stopping them from supporting Islamic Sharia.

23/8/2013, Behera – Delengat city. violent clashes started by Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters against civilians, resulted 3 injured and public and private properties damages.

23/8/2013Sharkia – koren city. Muslim Brotherhood supporters burned a police station and started clashes with Zeid family, resulted 15 injured from Muslim Brothers members and 3 injured from Zeid family.

23/8/2013, Gharbia city, Tanta, Albahr street. Clashes started between MB and civilians, resulted Momen restaurant damages, 1 dead and 26 injured.

Terrorist element of Ansar Beit Elmakdes declared rsponsibility for recent terror attacks in Egypt with Head of Muslim Brothers Mohamed Badie.

Terrorist element of Ansar Beit Elmakdes declared responsibility for recent terror attacks in Egypt with Head of Muslim Brothers Mohamed Badie.

5/9/2013, Cairo – Nasr City. Egyptian interior minister narrowly escaped assassination attempt when a car bomb tore through his convoy, wounding 22 people. 4 police cars of his guards, many shops and private cars were destroyed due to the explosion. Many of his guards were injured. 12 police individuals were injured. Ansar Beit El-Makdes announced their responsibility for the assassination.

6/9/2013, Tanta city. Muslim Brothers supporters damaged private and public properties, and tens of civilians injured.

11/9/2013, Damietta. Muslim Brothers members burned Mohamed Elhefnawy’s home after they stole all his house’s contents. 

13/9/2013, Cairo – Gisr El-Suez street, Muslim Brothers destroyed and damaged Mobinil branch owned to Sawiris a wealthy christian businessman, MB wrote on the shop’s wall that they will slaughter the Christian businessman.

Brotherhood supporters carrying AlQaeda Flag in Egypt 12/10/2013

Brotherhood supporters carrying AlQaeda Flag in Egypt 12/10/2013

13/9/2013Cairo Nasr city, Youssef Abbas street, Muslim Brothers attacked and beaten Omar Alsayed the photographer of Yakeen network, and broke his camera, while he was covering Muslim Brothers attack against a military vehicle that was passing by.

13/9/2013Abu Kebir city, Muslim Brotherhood supporters attacked civilians, used white arms and firearms, resulted injuries of : Islam Sayed Zaky 19 years old, Mohamed Elbaz Eldessouky 20 years old residents of Damietta city. Ahmed Mohamed Ibrahim 17 years old resident of village Awlad Fadl in Abu Kebir center, Mohamed Ahmed Elsayed 18 years old resident in Manshia street in Abu kebir city,  Mohamed Mohamed Abd Elatif 27 years old, Mohamed Ismail Abd Elkhaleq 21 years old residents in Abu Kebir city.

Alexandria,On the 26 of July 2013 Brotherhood shooting live bullets randomly at civilians, police and military forces

Alexandria,On the 26 of July 2013 Brotherhood shooting live bullets randomly at civilians, police and military forces

17/9/2013, Damietta. The police arrested Muslim Brotherhood member Ayman K. H. 24 years old in Meit Abu Ghaleb center Kafr Saad, who had an explosion in his house while he was making and preparing explosives and grenades to use them in terror attacks. Police found in his possession, military and police uniforms, Chemicals, wires, Carbon potassium, sulfuric acid, highly flammable materials and electric circles.

19/9/2013, Giza. The Police and the national security arrested Muslim Brotherhood leader Fares Ibrahim Ossman Alkahwagy 56 years old, merchant of motorcycles spare parts. Wanted for lawsuit ref. number 2013/4481 Alwarak Police station. He is convicted of theft, and burning the police station of Warak.

27/9/2013Cairo – Giza. Muslim Brotherhood attacked and damaged public transportation and drivers in Nasr city. Blocked Gamet Eldowal street in Mohandessin. Used Children as human shields in front of of police forces. Blocked Youssef Akad street in Nasr city. Damaged and destroyed police vehicles in Mohandessin – Abused and offended Christians in Maadi – Removed the Eagle from the Egyptian flag and replaced it with the word “Monotheism”.

Martyr Lieutenant Ahmed Ibrahim Ismailia Killed By MB Militias on 7 October 2013

Martyr Lieutenant Ahmed Ibrahim Ismailia Killed By MB Militias on 7 October 2013

4/10/2013, Al-Qasr Eleiny street Cairo. Khaled Dawood the official spokesman of El-Dostour Party, was attacked by Muslim Brotherhood supporters, when he was driving by coincidence next to Brotherhood protests, they dragged him out of the car, smashed it and stabbed him many times in the chest with a sharp tool.  In addition, He was stabbed twice in the face and got a cut in his hands by white arms.

6 October 2013, The ministry of interior arrested 180 of the Muslim Brotherhood members and their supporters who committed violence and terror attacks. Damaged public and private properties in different areas in Cairo  and Giza. Burned and destroyed public buses and private cars. Destroyed the entrance of the Agricultural center for researches. Destroyed private shops and terrorized citizens. Possessed firearms. Also 243 of MB elements were arrested for violence acts and terrorizing citizens with firearms in Ramsis and Glalaa street in Down town Cairo.

11/10/2013In Giza, Muslim Brothers elements attacked 2 police individuals work in Giza security governorate, while they were checking security status in Alharam street, resulted both policemen injured with bruises and wounds in different parts of their bodies.

Brotherhood supporters attacked Police truck transferring prisoners Cairo Egypt Nasr City Area

Brotherhood supporters attacked Police truck transferring prisoners Cairo Egypt Nasr City Area

In Cairo, Abbas Alakad street Nasr city, Muslim Brothers elements attacked police truck transporting prisoners and tried to release prisoners, security forces dealt with MB elements and arrested them.

In Sharkia City, Aldaydamoun village, Fakus. Muslim Brotherhood elements attacked Abd ElAziz Elsayed, nick name Elbaz, 54 years old, he was suffering for diabetes and died right away after MB attacked him. Other clashes started between MB and Anti-MB protesters in the village.

18/10/2013, Clashes between MB and Anti Brotherhood protesters in different cities: Sharqia, Alexandria, port said, Fayoum resulted one serious injury, Fathy Abd El Aziz by a gunshot in the neck, he accused MB supporters of killing attempt.

1/11/2013, Mahala city Shubra-Beel village. One of MB elements shot a peasant with a firearm because he was supporting the armed forces. Peasant name Farag A. Reported the crime under police reference number 19487 Mahala center 

13 NOV 2013 Al-Arish City Abd ElMoneim Sayed Ahmed Police Sergeant was shot by masked gunmen in front of his kids and wife with 12 bullets

13 NOV 2013 Al-Arish City Abd ElMoneim Sayed Ahmed Police Sergeant was shot by masked gunmen in front of his kids and wife with 12 bullets

8/11/2013, Omrania, Giza. MB supporters  started clashes with citizens, resulted 1 got shot in the chest by firearms, others got injured. In addition to damages to 25 cars and 1 garage got burned and 3 shops got destroyed in Omrania Alzahraa area. In Dakahlia, Matarya city4 persons injured by firearms, after MB elements started shooting randomly at the people in the area who rejected MB violent protests and their enmity to the armed forces.

15/11/2013Alawayed areas in Alexandria. Muslim brothers started clashes with citizens and shot in the chest a 16 years old student Ihab Ahmed Selim, the boy died right after he reached the hospital.

On 17/11/2013 Nasr City CairoEgyptian National Security Officer Mohamed Mabrouk 34 years old, was assassinated by masked gunmen who opened fire on the Officer’s car and shot him dead with 12 bullets. Mabrouk was the main eyewitness on the espionage case between Mursi, MB, and foreign intelligence from Qatar, Turkey, US and Hamas.

Mohamed Mabrouk Egyptian National Security Officer assassinated on 17/11/2013

Mohamed Mabrouk Egyptian National Security Officer assassinated on 17/11/2013

20/11/2013, Abd El Rahman Ezz Muslim Brotherhood activist admitted on his twitter account that killing 11 Egyptian Military Soldiers and injured 37 Soldiers on 20 Nov 2013 Sinai, is the Muslim Brotherhood Gift to General Sisi on his Birthday – Brotherhood were honored to kill the Pharaoh’s Soldiers and Rabaa’s Revolution continues!.

Abd El Rahman Muslim Brotherhood Leader admitting on twitter that killing 11 Egyptian Military Soldiers and injured 37 Soldiers on 20 Nov 2013 Sinai, is the Muslim Brotherhood Gift to General Sisi on his Birthday - Brotherhood are honored by killing the Pharaoh's Soldiers and Rabaa's Revolution is continuing

20/11/2013, Muslim Brothers elements targeted a military bus from the front and committed a suicidal attack, resulted 11 soldiers killed and 37 soldiers injured.

22/11/2013, Suez city. Muslim Brotherhood elements killed a 10 years old child Samir Ahmed Mohamed Mostafa with firearms. 4 others injured with deep wounds. 1 injured with a gunshot in the hand. Name of injured: Saiid Munir Abu Bakr 60 years old – Mostafa Fathy Atta Allah – Alsayed Zaky Attia 54 years old and Mahmoud Mohamed Abd Elaziz.

22/11/2013 Behera Kafr Eldawar city, Clashes between Brotherhood supporters and citizens, 9 injured, public properties damages: cars and shops.

Muslim Brotherhood killed a 10 years old boy in Suez city - Samir Ahmed Mohamed Mostafa - Suez 22/11/2013

Muslim Brotherhood killed a 10 years old boy in Suez city – Samir Ahmed Mohamed Mostafa – Suez 22/11/2013

22/11/2013, Nozha Cairo, Muslim Brothers elements set fire in the middle of the roads, destroyed and burned Ads signs, damaged gardens and fences and blocked the traffic. Shot a young man with firearms in the chest.

22/11/2013, Nissan car stopped in front of Kaed Ibrahim Mosque and randomly started to shoot at citizens in the street. 3 citizens injured with gunshots.

6/12/2013, Fayoum governorate. MB violence resulted the injury of lieutenant Karim Ibrahim from the special forces.

6/12/2013Alf Maskan Cairo, MB violence resulted, burned and damaged public and private properties. 2 citizens injured with gunshots in their legs.

13/12/2013 Suez violent events, clashes between MB elements and citizens resulted 1 young man  Khaled Saleh Mousa 23 years old got killed with firearms, 4 injured with firearms, 6 others injured with different wounds. 10 others had different injuries, details as follows: 2 police individuals Ahmed Asaad, Karam Abd Eldafi – Ahmed Sukar Mohamed injured with cut in the head – Ahmed Khalifa a gunshot in the knee – Mohamed Sabry 14 years old injured with gunshot in the neck. 4 other injuries unknown were moved to the general hospital.

Brotherhood firing live ammunitions in their armed demonstrations Cairo Egypt - 6 October Bridge

Brotherhood firing live ammunition in their armed demonstrations Cairo Egypt – 6 October Bridge

20/12/2013 Fayoum Governorate. Brotherhood members used firearms against citizens and shot a 15 years old boy, Abd Elrahman Mohamed Elsayed and a 20 years old man Mahmoud Osama fikri with gunshots in the face.

24/12/2013, Dakahlia. Car bomb Explosion at Dakahlia security governorate Killed 13 and 134 injured. The explosion caused damages to many buildings and shops close to the security building.

Muslim Brotherhood students violent events and terror acts in the universities.

9/1/2014 Brotherhood students of Ain Shams University tried to release prisoners from a police vehicle

9/1/2014 Brotherhood students of Ain Shams University tried to release prisoners from a police vehicle

Cairo University 27/10/2013. Muslim brotherhood students used violence against other independent students, university employees, administrative security, professors and the chancellor of the university. MB students violent acts resulted, 3 students got brutally beaten. 2 employees were beaten and locked in one of the public relations rooms. 5 administrative security employees injured with deep wound in their heads.  Muslim Brothers students smashed the plants pots and used the broken pieces in attacking other students.

27/10/2013, Bussat Karim Village – Dakahlia. Muslim Brotherhood supporters violent acts resulted: 4 citizens got injured with white arms used by MB elements. Names of the victims and injuries: Aldossuky Ibrahim Eldin deep wounds in the neck and head – Bassem Mohamed Elbaz deep wound in the left hand – Adham Sabry Hegazy deep wound in the right hand – Mohamed Salah Mohamed deep wound in the head.

Al-Zakazik University 28/10/2013. Brotherhood students locked Dr. Hamdy Shehab, the chancellor of the university in his office for 3 hours.

Cairo university 29/10/2013. MB students attacked 2 independent students, resulted bruises and wounds in their faces. The administrative security rescued the two students and managed to stop clashes between MB and other students.

Al-Mansoura university 30/10/2013. MB students held 15 hostages of the administrative security inside their office after they closed the university’s gates with locks. 18 students including 6 from the security got injured.

Military troop carriers burned by Muslim brotherhood terrorists 9/1/2014

Military troop carriers burned by Muslim brotherhood terrorists 9/1/2014

Alexandria university 30/10/2013. MB students used white arms, gunshots, sticks against other students. Resulted, 28 students injured with bruises, deep wounds, and private and public properties damages.

4/11/2013Cairo, a Muslim Brotherhood supporter slapped an old woman on her face when she was standing outside the court, attending the first trial of Mursi. She was calling for justice from MB terrorists, The MB supporter abused her with MB 4 fingers symbol, she pushed his hands away from her, so he slapped her on her face.

4/11/2013. Alexandria. Muslim Brotherhood elements blocked the traffic and threw Molotov and used gunshots against civilians and police individuals, and destroyed and burned a public bus. Violent acts resulted: 3 injured from police forces. Names: Corporal Adel Ibrahim Elsayed injured with gunshot in his feet – Corporal Saadawy Abd Elsalam Awad injured with gunshot in his right foot – Corporal Hassan Mohamed Mussa had bruises in his face. In addition to 10 citizens with different injuries.

Police forces arrested 27 attackers and seized 17 bottles of Molotov,  Chemicals, a bag filled with stones.

Brotherhood supporters damaging public properties and practicing violence in the Universities

Brotherhood supporters damaging public properties and practicing violence in the Universities

6 November 2013, Munufia City. Muslim Brothers violent acts against citizens in Arab Elraml in Kuwessna city resulted different injuries of 4 citizens and were moved to the Kuwessna central hospital.

Almansoura university 8/12/2013. Muslim Brothers students burned a police vehicle and central police tank in front of Al-Baron Gate. Police captain Ahmed Samir Hemeda 28 years old had severe burns in the face, hands and neck resulted from MB students use of Molotov and gasoline against security forces. 3 soldiers had different injuries including Osama Zaher police soldier who had severe injuries in his head.

Al-Azhar University violent events and terror acts committed by Muslim Brothers students and foreign elements arrested inside the university from 8/12/2013 to January 2014

Muslim Brothers and sisterhood students of Al-Azhar university in association with masked foreign elements arrested inside the university from 8/12/2013 to Jan 2014, committed terror acts, burned and damaged public and private properties inside the university. Attacked, beaten professors and other students and stopped them from entering the university. Burned mid terms exams of other students from different faculties and sections. MB students threw a police soldier from the roof of one of the university’s  building. They also burned and damaged kiosks and shops in Nasr city and terrorized citizens. All videos and images of these terror acts are provided in these following links:

Brotherhood Students Threw A Soldier From The Third Floor In Al-Azhar University

Muslim Brotherhood and sisterhood students of Alazhar university in association with foreign elements committed terror acts inside Al-Azhar university.

Muslim Brotherhood slaughtered a taxi driver in ansoura city and burned his taxi on 16 december 201316 December 2013, Almansoura city, Muslim Brotherhood supporters attacked a taxi driver by stabbing him in different parts of his body, dragged him on the ground then slaughtered him and burned his taxi.The arrest of 4 Muslim Brothers supporters slaughtered a taxi driver in Mansoura city on 16 december 2013

Mohamed Gamal 33 years old, taxi driver was asking Brotherhood protesters to move from the middle of the road to let the cars pass, after they blocked Elgeish street and paralyzed the traffic. Muslim Brotherhood attacked him with knives, dragged him and slaughtered him and then burned his taxi. The victim was working hard to support his family. He worked as an employee in one of the companies, and in the evening he had a part time job as a taxi driver.

Brotherhood students break into the Chancellor of Pharmacy college in zakazik Dr. Abdallah Alshanawany attacked him and caused him a heart attack

Al-Zakazik university, 23/12/2013. About 30 Brotherhood students break into the Chancellor of Pharmacy college, Dr.  Abdallah Alshanawany, attacked the chancellor and threw a cup of tea in his face, wrote on his clothes offended words, punched him in the face  and caused him a heart attack.

Muslim Brotherhood terror attacks in the subway

29/8/2013, At 7.30 in the morning, about 300 Muslim Brothers elements terrorized passengers in the subway, they carried white arms and tried to attack passengers. The police forces arrested them and concerned authorities took necessary legal procedures.

Muslim Brotherhood burned a Metro in Alnozha heliopolis Cairo on 22 November 2013

Muslim Brotherhood burned a Metro in Alnozha heliopolis Cairo on 22 November 2013

30 & 31 August 2013, Muslim Brothers elements broke into the ladies carriages and tried to terrorize them. Police security arrested them. 300 others of MB elements failed is starting a chaos inside the subway, by damaging public properties and terrorizing passengers. They also have been arrested and legal procedures were taken against them.

18 September 2013, Al-Sahel DA office, Counselor Khaled Elatreby ordered imprisoning of 5 Brotherhood suspects for 4 days, accused of terrorizing passengers and blocking the roads in the subway.

6 October 2013, Muslim Brothers supporters terrorized passengers in Hadaek Alkuba subway station, damaged and sabotaged furniture and metro trains. Used gunshots against citizens. Security forces arrested 12 attackers and legal procedures taken against them. The name of the arrested attackers: Hatem Gamal Mohamed Saber – Ahmed Saber Ahmed – Ahmed Sayed Mohamed – Mohamed Mahmoud Ahmed – Mahmoud Ramadan Negm – Abdullah Zakaria Mostafa – Ahmed Mohamed Elsayed Abd Elal – Mostafa Mohamed Ahmed Aly – Abdullah Ahmed Mohamed Hussein – Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Abbas – Fouad Fouad Hussein – Mursi Sayed Mohamed Ibrahim.

When Muslim Brotherhood were in power

“The Flag of Islam Soon to Fly over White House. All Egyptians Institutions including the Armed forces will be replaced by Jihadist Gamaa Islamia and other institutions will be replaced by Muslim Brotherhood and Salafist!” See the video in the following link:

Boston Bombing Was Meant to Deliver a Message; Similar Attacks Expected in France. The same cleric who announced publicly that if he will have the authority one day, he will destroy the Pyramids and all Pharaohs history and statues!

Click here to watch Pro-Morsi Demonstration at Al-Aqsa Mosque: USA, France, Britain to Be Destroyed, Rome to Be Conquered

Rabaa armed sit-in in Nasr city, the truth about Rabaa’s square armed sit-in

Kamilia Al-Sadat, daughter of late president Sadat: “My father is responsible for all the blood shedding in Egypt, because he believed that Muslim Brotherhood will give up violence and terror, so he released them from jails, but he was wrong and unfortunately, he realized his mistake when he paid his own life for it. They assassinated him”

Threats of Muslim Brotherhood to the Egyptian community before and after 30/6/2013. Translated on English


Our Dear Ignorant and Biased To Terrorism, Christiane Amanpour

Christiane Amanpour in the dust binChristiane,

Your statements dated 26/3/2014 is a reflection of your complete ignorance or intended undermining of Egypt.

Egypt is not divided. Egypt is united against terrorism. Egypt is united against the Muslim Brotherhood.

CNN is a big supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Amanpour, you have been nothing except a voice against what is happening in Egypt. You hyper ventilate as you keep condemning what is happening in Egypt. Whilst Egypt is a nation of 7000 years your words and CNN with Qatari backing will end in oblivion.

There is no decision that is a show decision by the Egyptian judiciary. This is a serious decision. A decision against 500 plus armed terrorists who broke into a police station slaughtered a police officer and shot and injured 16 policemen, released arrested convicted prisoners , broke into the armory and later in the same day attacked the hospital where the injured policemen were hospitalized so that witnesses would be eliminated. We the undersigned Egyptians wonder what the US justice system would have done if the same happened in the US?!

Re the journalists issue – have you forgotten about your colleague Judith Miller when she was arrested by your government because she broke the law !! Then you did not say a “peep” !!

Your double standard Amanpour is shameful.

Its ok for the US and Nato to bomb Libya and to practice regime change. You bless it when it works for you but not when it works against you (Egypt – Ukraine).

You call Egypt a coup and Ukraine a revolution. Who are you fooling!?

We the Egyptian people will eradicate terrorism from our lands. The terrorists (Moslem Brotherhood) that you support and continue to support have fallen and there is no reversal.

Egypt will build its future on the bases of its road map and the will of its people. We the Egyptians shall not be side tracked by your interventionist media that does not report news but creates it.

As a suggestion rather than bringing Shadi of Brookings (funded by Qatar) to ask him about Egypt !!ask the families of the Egyptian’s murdered by Brotherhood terrorists about what is happening on the ground in Egypt. The blood of Egyptian’s is being spilled by Brotherhood terrorists and you stand by them !!!

Amanpour soon you will be in the dust bin of history and with your viewers of 3 million within 7 billion people on this earth don’t let your voice get to your head.

Signatories and on behalf of the great free Egyptian people:

Ahmed Abdel Moniem
Shamel Kasrawy
Mohamed AlSharkawy
Layla Mossad
Hoda and Assem Morcos
Ayman Samir
Farid Elsanga
Lamia Ahmadain
Mohamed Ramez
Amr Kabil
Ramzy Mahmoud
Abdalla Seif
Karim Fanous
Saiid Albatal
Ragia A. Ghorab
Hala Yehyia
Manal Moussa
Botros Halim, PhD
Hussein Eleish, CPA
Ramy Hussam
Fouad Almasry
Khaled K. Hammad
Yasser Helmy,PhD
Hossam Galal
Ali Mabrouk
Habib and Fahmy Kolta
Abdel Aziz Azab
Violette Iskander
Ikbal Abdel Fattah
Sabry Zidan
Eman Nabih


Is Muslim Brotherhood Sharia Law Coming To UK and US?

Sharia lawsHey “free world” – Remember This: Harboring Terrorists Begets TerrorismRemember it, As the Brotherhood shall come back to bite the countries that harbor it.

In Egypt when Muslim Brothers reached power by deception and forgery, they first controlled all country’s joints, then they used terrorizing, oppression and committed crimes to force their own Sharia laws on the whole society specially on women and children.

They had power, influence, legislative and executive authorities above the law and it was expected that they force their own Sharia laws.

In the Arab countries all they need to do once they reach power is to carry swords, and behead their opponents.

Sharia Law coming to UK and US 

The status of Islamist in Europe and USA is totally different. Despite that there are big Islamist communities in what you call “free world”, but these communities don’t have the authority or the power to force their own Sharia laws in your countries.

Also the liberals laws in these countries do not permit Islamist to practice violence or terrorize the society to force their own rules. So, they misuse and take advantage of freedom of speech and human rights in this free world and use western tools in applying their own Sharia laws through publicity, incitement, Fridays prayers, coalitions and deals with retroactive, religious communities, Islamist organisations for rescue and charity in Europe and US.

In Europe and in US they can not carry swords to force their sharia laws, but they sneak to power and authority in order to dominate and be able to force their own laws.

Freedom of religion means that any one believe in whatever they want as long as they don’t violate others rights, not to apply their own rules on others. Islamist decided to live in a totally different culture and civilization than theirs, and they must respect the laws and the cultures of western countries otherwise they leave. This is like someone object that there are porn sites on the internet and want to shut the internet down, while it is so easy and simple not to watch these sites, because no one forced him or her to watch these sites. (Muslim Brothers tried to shut down internet in Egypt for the same reason)

Why foreign governments are allowing those Islamist to have their own laws? Do they really think that giving them more freedom will make them good citizens instead of extremists? If you give them inheritance Islamic law today, tomorrow they will tell you to cut the thieves hands and force women to wear an Islamic costumes. They will never accept to apply one law of sharia and leave many others.

People, you need to wake up before it is too late. We are fighting them in Egypt and your governments are accusing us of being oppressors and violators of human rights!

By the way, I’m a Muslim and I’m proud of my religion because I’m not a wrong interpreter of my religion. And like the majority of moderate Muslims in Egypt, I’m fighting extremism and terrorism which is a real bad ugly image and they are smearing Islam ‘s image with their sick minded thoughts.

Putting into consideration that those Islamist do not represent the real Islam, they use it as a cover and the whole issue is about domination and power to create an Islamic empire based on their own rules which has nothing to do with religion.

People are the government, never allow any one to change your entity or believes. Condemning and blaming your governments is not going to stop this extremism cancer which is growing in the free world.

If you believe that applying sharia laws is a real threat to your civilization, you must stand against it before it is too late.

God brought us to this earth to get to know each other, to have peace and love rules and not to hate or kill each other or to force our own believes on others.

Men corrupted the earth, let’s not let any extremism or terrorism or their supporters win this battle. I’m so proud of being Egyptian, I’m proud of our armed forces who are paying precious price from their own blood daily, so we can live safely. I participated in revolting against those who wanted to build their fascist empire on our dead bodies, and depended on US administration and Europe’s support and finance. Please support all free people in the world to get rid of all kinds of terrorism and extremism by peaceful protests and revolts against your governments and stop them from participating in terrorism, Egyptians did it and so can you.


Participate in fighting hunger in Egypt

participate in fighting hunger and stop wating food in egypt

A group of Egyptian youth started a noble national initiative, and their goal is to fight hunger in Egypt.

There are many Egyptian families who just throw their left over in the trash, and waste big quantities of food on a daily basis.

The idea is very simple, as suggested by the Egyptian youth group. Each family can put their proper left over food in a box, close to their home buildings, or/and restaurants too. Instead of wasting food.

Many have responded to the initiative, and I’m calling whoever read this post, to help in spreading the word.

For further details, the following is the website of the food box

Page Account on Facebook

Contact details:

Alexandria city: :01127688044 – 01270569967 – 01146603824

Cairo: 01276605650 – 01117702376

Locations provided so far in Alexandria city:

Abou Rabea’ Restaurant: Address: 202 Ahmed Shawky Street, Bolkly

Abu Rabea restaurant branches: Smouha branch, Zahran, smouha, Alexanria.

Shots branch, Trame shots station, Alexandria

Ebad Al-Rahman Mosque: 21 Ibrahim El-attar Streer, Zezenya

Kilo 21: Address: The street of school Shreeen, in front of Al-Hamd Market& Dr. Aly Hamad Pharmacy

El Agamay: Address: Al-Hadid Wal Solb Street in front of Shahr-Zad Village

Maiamy: Address: Khalil Hamada Street, Building 58

Mekka / Gad , Sidi Gaber next to the train station, Alexandria

Benni Marawan street, Moharrem Bek, Alexandria

Asafra bahry, nour mosque street next to nour mosque, Alexandria

Box Specification : Blue wooden box that has “Clean Food” written clearly on it.

Approximate dimensions: Length: 45 Cm – Width: 45 Cm – Height: 25 Cm – Which means it has a Square base and a 25 Cm height.

The box opens from the top in order to make it impossible for street cats and dogs to open it.participate in fighting hunger in egypt

blue food box to fight hunger in egypt

initiative to fight hunger in egypt

fight hunger in Egypt

Egyptian youth initiative to fight hunger in egypt

Egyptian youth to fight hunger


Michele Dunne Biased To Terrorism And Contempt Egyptians Free Will

michele dunne biased to terrorism insult and contempt Egyptians

Michele Dunne is an expert on political and economic change in Arab countries, particularly Egypt, as well as U.S. policy in the Middle East.

Dunne’s recent articles about Egypt not only reflects a core misrepresentation of facts that we the signatories would like to bring to her attention, but she directly contempt and challenge the free will of the Egyptian People.

Dunne, neither you or the US administration have the right to lecture Egyptians about what they should do and what they shouldn’t do, especially when it comes to democracy and human rights. You guys are the last reference on earth, Egyptians can refer to. Kindly keep your brilliant genius advice to yourself and your colleague sister Susan Rice and your administration.

Dunne wrote on 9/1/2014: Legitimizing an Undemocratic Process in Egypt. What do you know about Egypt Ms. Dunne except what the Muslim Brothers inspired you with? Do you think millions of Egyptians went and vote on the constitution because they were forced or perhaps magnetized?!

Who are you Ms doom and gloom to talk on behalf of the US government and European governments and international Organizations in relation to the Egyptian State’s internal affairs?!

The US Government should mind their big messy internal affairs instead of messing up and interfering in the Egyptian internal affairs. No foreign government is allowed to interfere in the Egyptians affairs. Which part you did not understand?

You keep on repeating this breaking so boring record of yours “Egypt’s coup”. I don”t think it is Egypt’s problem that you need to check with an Ophthalmologist what is exactly wrong with your eyes! From 21/6 to 3/7/2013 more than 33 million Egyptians revolted against Your favorite fascist terrorist Muslim Brotherhood Regime. What is your problem Ms Dunne? Why all this anger against Egyptians? Why all this hatred, challenge and contempt of yours against  the Egyptians free will?! We are not kids in your kinder garden to lecture and educate us either!

Egypt is fighting terrorism and those you described as protesters, they are not. They are terrorists. Terrorists who burn and damage private and public properties and commit violence and terror attacks against civilians, military and police individuals and establishments.

The current situation you mentioned Ms Dunne, did not stop millions of Egyptians to go and vote on the referendum. And despite that Egypt is fighting terrorism, women took their kids and the whole family and they did not just go to vote for the referendum but they were celebrating, chanting and dancing too. Do you know why Ms dunne? Because after we overthrew the Terrorist regime, we feel that Egypt is our country. Egypt is back to all Egyptians again from the Brotherhood occupation. And things went for the referendum totally different than  what you described in this imaginary article of yours.

We don’t have poor security conditions Ms policewoman of the world, the referendum voting went just great and was totally secured, despite the Muslim Brothers attempts to ruin it, but it went well.

There was an attempt of bursting the Imbaba court in Cairo on 14/1/2014, close to voting areas, at the same minute it happened Egyptians went and set down in the cafe right in front of the Court and were smoking hubbly bubbly and asking when is going to be the next burst! YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT EGYPTIANS, MS Dunne!

Do you know why we are calling you Ms. Doom and Gloom?! Because that’s what you are. You are so boring! For instance You wrote, Egypt has poor security condition. Then you wrote, but even if security conditions will go well, the international observers won’t be able to totally do their job in surveying, and even if they did, they would still count on domestic observers. But 6 of April Movement can not observe the voting and so is Muslim Brothers. But even if they do, Egypt in not going on the right path of Democracy. And if the voting passes, this observing will be considering admitting the coup and denying the legitimacy of former elected Morsi! God how can you stand yourself! You are so Boooooooooooooooooooring and a blatant liar!

You Ms Dunne, are lecturing and directing International observers on how to write their reports about the referendum and what to write?! The only legitimacy I can remember here, Is That you, Michele Bin Dunne don’t have any legitimacy to interfere in observers jobs neither in our internal affairs.

Paid democracy doesn’t work in Egypt Ms. Doom and Gloom. I’m afraid freedom house money and other NGO’S  funds have gone with the wind. Check the National Security case trial number 250 for year 2011, in relation to National security building storming by Political activists and the theft of National Security classified documents which were sold in the US.

Check also recordings calls after DA’s permission, between political activists who deceived and betrayed their own country and their own people. Everything is official, legal and according to the law Ms Dunne, no one can destroy the Egyptian’s state official institutions and just get away with it.

Ms. Doom, The Forum of the Future was a US created initiative without even simple consultation with the countries it involved.

The US fixation that by supporting civil society with money, training in Serbia and loads of political support that Michele Dunne can have “instant democracy” is a myth and blatant interference in other countries internal affairs bringing increased hatred to the US which is neither needed nor constructive.

US police raids banks and organisations when they break the law. So you don’t expect that Egyptian police Not raid a Center when it breaks the law ! A “human rights” label does not give any one a “pass” from the judiciary .

Of course we know Ms Gloom why you have been “down” on Egypt for some time ! Your personal reasons are known and you should publicly admit them and rescue yourself from writing about Egypt once and for all as you are not an objective observer nor writer but wield your pen for criticizing Egypt non stop.

The Arab world march towards democracy Ms Dunne will only occur  if you care to know, when proper institutions are built and education levels are improved. This advice was given to the G8 in New York and in Bahrain but fell on deaf ears as the US can continue to roll with its mistakes.

Your mentioning Qatar without talking about its despicable record – no political parties, no trade unions, no chambers of commerce, no elections, no nothing is shameful!! When can you criticize Qatar  Ms Dunne!!

Interestingly you had no mention of Morsi’s atrocities, crimes and violations of human rights in Egypt, women rights and children rights violations and Christians violations rights in Egypt:

Banning 25000 Egyptian’s from travelling because of their opinion.

Arresting 9700 Egyptian’s without charge for a year.

Pardoning convicted terrorists helter skelter!

Blackmailing business leaders.

Allowing terrorists into Sinai

You are right about one thing, the US must withdraw from the Forum of the Future and rethink its strategy completely.

Also let us close that it is not the US’ role to press Arab governments towards US democracy as much as the US don’t press Israel towards ending a 60 years occupation for a land belongs to Arabs. This so called “pressing” back fires.

Ms Doom and Gloom you really don’t understand the region except in your narrative Alice in wonderland story and it does not work in the reality we are living.

What is needed is decided and determined by Egyptians and Egyptians only, and not you Ms Dunne, you are either ignorant or idiot. On any case, you really made an imbecile of yourself at least in the eyes of every Egyptian who reads the crap you are writing.

What is needed?

US to end its chaotic policies across the Middle East region.

Stabilize relations based on mutual interest.

Work on institutional building and education

Strengthen America’s soft power and values which made America great and enough of your “in face” action and criticism which will cost the US dearly.

You can write thousands of articles Ms Gloom about the coup and the legitimacy and the undemocratic path and oppression and Muslim Brotherhood Angels of yours as much as you like, but none of your barking articles in which you expressed how you underestimate and undermine and contempt Egyptians free choices, will ever stop the great Pharaohs from chanting, dancing with joy, the safe return of Egypt from the Brotherhood occupation, and we didn’t actually go mainly to vote on a referendum, we went with our kids and families to celebrate our first step to build our country even if it is a big challenge while we fight terrorism. These national feelings, someone like you, will never be able to understand because you are not one of us, and will never be!

We want you to watch specially Egyptian women in the following videos, if we tell them about what you are writing about their country and Great Armed forces, they will teach you a hard lesson, you won’t be able to forget for the rest of life.

Egyptians dancing and chanting while voting, and celebrating the voting while standing in Queues

Rush Morgan

Al and Susan Rogers

Ahmed Almasri

Raouf Mishriki

Abeer and Hoda

Farghaly family

Morgan Sullivan

Botros Sidhoum

Ralph Touma

Shamai Marakby

Hosna and Fouad Abdel Fattah

Asmahan Rasheed

Ghada and Ahmed Faramawi

Hani Morcos

Magdy Aboul Fettouh

Sam and Jim Ralston

Soha Moussa

Bodour Moussa

Riham Ramzy

Samer Sobhy

Bjorn Solstad

Nadine Farouk

Hesham Alhagag

Beshoy Sobhy

Youssef Sobhy

Abd Elrehim Alabd

Mohamed Refaat

Mahmoud Mansour

Eman Nabih


The World Will Pay A Heavy Price If Egypt Fails In Crushing Muslim Brothers Terrorist Organization

Peter Oborne the Daily Telegraph’s chief political commentator wrote on 8/1/2014 an article titled: ” We may all pay a price for the crushing of democracy in Egypt “!

Peter Oborne the Daily Telegraph's chief political commentatorThe following is the message addressed by many Egyptians to the Daily Telegraph among many messages sent to their Editorial Board and totally ignored!

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: BKK434 <>
Date: Thu, Jan 9, 2014 at 10:15 PM
Subject: The Daily Telegraph Jan 9,2014

Editors of the Telegraph

The opinion piece by Peter Oborne is so skewed it deserves immediate correction due to its importance.

Let us those living in Egypt highlight the following for your readers:

It is most difficult for Mr Oborne to understand Egypt and what is going on in a brief visit. Mr Oborne was wrong in the summer of 2011 when he hailed the “Arab Spring”,  which never materialized and wrong now by claiming that what Egypt is doing will cost the west a price.

Mr Oborne weaves a story which is not only based on fiction but misleads the reader by omitting important facts such as:

– Al Qaeda was born by the direct support of the US for Osama bin Laden and his mujaheddin in their directed fight in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union. Zawahiri broke the law in Egypt and when released left to join Al Qaeda.

– Protesting is not punishable by jail. Breaking the law is punishable by jail. A big difference. In the UK to protest you need to get approval by the concerned authorities. In Egypt you need to notify the authorities. If you don’t and protest, throw Molotov bombs and destroy public and private properties, you go to jail just as you would in the UK!

– Interesting that Mr Oborne makes no mention of Morsi and his gang of fascist brotherhood usurping power by a fabricated constitution, banning 17000 Egyptian’s from travelling during their rule, arresting 7200 Egyptian’s and holding them without trial, pardoning 1300 convicted terrorists, denying women and minorities their rights and blackmailing the business community.

– Ansar Beit Al Maqdas is a front for the Brotherhood Mr Oborne. Please check your facts as we assume this is an innocent slip, is n’t?.

Brotherhood meetings now take place in London where the Brotherhood HQ is and remains giving an organisation that has a secret para military arm, secret funding and has assassinated 5 political figures before including President Sadat – a legitimacy they do not deserve!

– “Trumped up charges“!! Well well Mr Oborne, judge and jury you may claim. Have patience and allow the course of justice take place.

– We wonder what would London police do if for 44 days a group of violent protesters camped in Trafalgar Square and in bull horns incited violence, hate and sectarian killing plus destroyed public and private property in addition to accumulating weapons.
Your story telling about Zawahiri is so fictional, it deserves an Alice in Wonderland script. Never did the Zawahiri’s of this world nor the Brotherhood want democracy, otherwise they would not have followed the policy of ” if you are not one of us you are not to be with us” during their rule of one vote one man one time.

Britain and the US need to realize that Egypt’s battle with the Brotherhood is an existential battle. The Brotherhood had 88 seats in Parliament in 2005-10. But their goal was fascist autocratic rule under the umbrella of religion. In one year they turned the vast majority of the Egyptian people against them something even Mubarak did not achieve in 30 years of rule!

Lastly Mr Oborne, if you really believe what you said “since the Brotherhood continues to demonstrate its faith in western concepts of justice and democracy” Britain should support them. We believe you are better served to go and spend time with Zawahiri Chief of Al Qaeda and his terrorist (a word you avoided to use) colleagues to learn about their democratic ways.

In conclusion, we wish you to know that your articles title should have changed a bit from “We may all pay a price for the crushing of democracy in Egypt” to a realistic one based on facts ” We will pay a heavy price if Egypt fails in crushing the terrorist Brotherhood organisation”.

Are these the terrorists you are supporting and calling peaceful protesters? Are you challenging  33 million Egyptian uprising from 21/6 to 3/7/2013 revolted against a fascist regime Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization?

Signed by:

Kenneth Target
Sam Schluter
James Hill
Ahmed and Nadine Rustom
Harry Bridgewater
Darren MacDonald
Barbara Hewitt
Samir and Abeer Farid
Walter Row
Arthur Blake
Fouad Abdel Hamed