CBS News Provoked Hostility Between Christians And The Egyptian Army

CBS News Did Not publish the truth about Christians Massacre In Egypt

I know that this article is going to make many Christians angry, but I also know that in order to get cured and recovered from a deep wound like this one, we need to clean it first, so the wound is totally cured. The only way this wound will be cured, is that we admit what went wrong and it is not going to be by publishing half of the truth or hiding part of the truth to suit what we want to address to the International Public Opinion.

This specific issue, I mainly care for Egyptians whether Muslims or Christians to be honest to themselves first, more than I care for the Foreign News Agencies or what they are spreading based on half of the truth which they always address and mislead their public opinion with.

Hossam Bahgat human rights defender and political activist claimed that the Egyptian Military deliberately killed Christians in maspero on CBS News 60 minutes program

Hossam Bahgat human rights defender and political activist claimed that the Egyptian Military deliberately killed Christians in Maspero on CBS News 60 minutes program

On the 15th of December 2013, CBS News (60 minutes program) had an interview with Hossam Bahgat Egyptian Activist and Human Rights Defender who talked about the Maspero violence events which took place in Cairo Egypt about two years ago in October 2011 in relation to Christians protests.

Hossam Bahgat said that he did not attend the whole massacre against Christians when it happened, he did not see the killing of any protester because he arrived after the killing took place. He added that he went to the morgue and saw the bodies that the military chased and ran over them and shot them dead! Based on this testimony, Mr. Activist and human rights defender Hossam Bahgat saw the event on TV just like many of us did!

CBS News said that not only Christians were killed by the hands of Muslims Mobs but they were also killed deliberately by the Egyptian Military! Declaring such a statement means that there is an enmity between the Egyptian military and Christians in Egypt! And this enmity based on Hossam Bahgat and CBS News statement really needs to be clarified:

Why would the Egyptian Military deliberately kill Christians and for what purpose? And what are the reasons for this hostility? 

Why would the military chased or attacked peaceful demonstration, if the demonstration was really peaceful?  Did Hossam Bahgat tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, or just a part of it? We deserve to know the truth here, don’t we? The only way to learn the truth, is to open the wound even if it will hurt, I’m really sorry but this is the only way.

I pay condolences for all Christians who lost their beloved and I’m not denying that something went wrong in this Maspero event, and I’m certainly not defending any military individual who committed something wrong in this specific violent event. I just want to publish all the event’s details as it happened on the real ground.

I saw the violent event of Maspero on TV just like the activist Hossam Bahgat did! But Hossam Bahgat did not reveal what happened as it really happened, did he?

I know that many Christians are going to hate me and attack me for this article, but the way I see it even if many are going to hate me for this, is that I want that we clean the wound, especially that we always claim that the unity between Muslims and Christians is unbreakable. And if this unity statement of ours is true, then we must be honest with ourselves first and this also include to empty our hearts so when we claim that we do love each other and care for each other, it will be based on solid ground and facts and not based on lies and Hypocrisy!

I felt so sad to hear that the Egyptian Military killed Christians protesters deliberately in the Maspero event, as claimed by the activist Hossam Bahgat and CBS News.

Before showing the videos of Maspero events as it happened which was totally ignored by CBS and the activist Hossam Bahgat, let me first translate the Maspero court case verdict in order to have all details in hands, then we see the videos to decide if the verdict was fair and based on evidences or was not fair and based on forged evidences.

Court Case verdict dated 4/2/2013, ref number 2121 for 2011, two Christians were 3 years jailed sentenced for each, charged of stealing military Weaponry.

Micheal Adel Naguib Farag and Micheal Mossad Shaker were charged in this case based on the testimony of 3 eyewitnesses, both defendants confessed of stealing military weapon and their illegal possession of the weapon:

Sayed Anwar Ibrahim taxi driver testified that Micheal Naguib stopped him and rode the taxi at Maspero area same evening of the events and he was carrying a big weapon wrapped up in an advertising cloth and he learned further details from Michael about how he got the weapon and they exchanged mobiles numbers.

Second and third eyewitnesses Ahmed Mahmoud Hamza and Ahmed Saiid Aabd Elmegid Alharany Military investigators who found the weapon at the second defendant’s residence based on the testimony of the taxi driver and the first defendant who admitted before the concerned authorities that he stole the weapon and hid it in the house of the second defendant, but he had the intention of giving it back to the authorities.

The weapon was valid for direct use and it is 7.62 – 52 mm Belgium made. A sort of Machine gun.

The court released 29 defendants due to the non-existence of enough evidences against them of inciting protesters or their direct participation in violence acts.

Military case verdict ref. number 5441/2011 dated 14/9/2012, One military soldier got 3 years sentenced to military prison and 2 years military prison sentence for 2 other soldiers charged of Unintentionally killing protesters by error:

Mahmoud Sayed Abdel Hamid Suleiman military soldier 21 years old, and the soldier Karam Hamed Mohamed Hamed, 21 years old and Mahmoud Jamal Taha Mahmoud 22 years old.

Whether Christians accepted or rejected both verdicts, let’s clean the wound and confront with courage what happened, if we really want to cure this deep wound. And please put into consideration that I’m not defending here the soldiers who killed protesters by mistake or unintentionally. I’m against that half of the truth get published and is used to serve some Egyptian currents  and foreign agendas to spread that there is hostility between Military and Christians which really doesn’t make any sense.

Meantime, I’m not afraid to say that I believe that it is not true that the military killed Christians due to deliberate hostility or enmity as claimed by Hossam Bahgat, CBS News or whoever think the same. The whole maspero event was a big mess and it was directed by three factors: incitement on violence, violence on the real ground and panic, which Disastrously and sadly caused the death and injuries of many victims.

I also don’t have any doubts that Muslim Brotherhood and their Islamist extremists supporters have played a big role in this Maspero events.

The following video was filmed by The German TV. It was the only channel who filmed that part which was deliberately ignored by  most of Foreign News Agencies including CBS News and Mr. Activist and human rights defender Hossam Bahgat.

The following is a translation of what the videos contain and part of this translation was what has been declared and published by the German TV Channel: Tagesschau German tv channel reporter Thomas Stephan in Cairo Egypt dated 9/10/2011.

The video show first how the demonstrations started, it looked peaceful at the beginning. Protesters were walking, chanting…etc

Then the protests turned to violence from protesters side: damaging private and public properties, carrying metal, wooden rods  and swords, burning military tanks, and chasing and attacking military individuals and vehicles, protesters beaten to death one soldier as the video show and some of the protesters were screaming at each other that this was a poor soldier and he was dying from the brutal beating. Another soldier was in his vehicle, one protester carried a big stone and hit the soldier on his head several times and then went on beating him more on his head.

Random reactions from the military individuals who were driving the vehicles trying to escape from the area and the big mass of protesters surrounding them:

The claim that the military haven’t lost any soldiers or officers in this Maspero event is totally wrong. They actually had martyrs and injuries in this event. They did not announce the numbers of their casualties or injuries because if it was announced publicly, it could have turned the whole country to a civil sectarian war between Muslims and Christians. In this specific period, Egypt was living in a great mess and the State’s status didn’t need to add more mess to what we already had!

The following video show the truth of false claims that the military ran over Christians deliberately: In the video, that specific part was played in normal speed and slow motion. You will see it first in normal speed, which looked like  two military jeeps ran over people.

While when You see it in slow motion, actually the two jeeps were empty! with no drivers in both jeeps! Both jeeps were pushed from behind against protesters in the front. The doors of both jeeps were opened and no one inside them! Then all news agencies claimed that the military ran over protesters deliberately for this specific scene.

Then another scene for a Military tank which was making many turns and instead of continuing to drive forward, the driver decided to cross to the other side of the street and drove even on the pavement in the middle of the road. If this Military tank was driven by a military individual, and the military according to Mr. Activist Hossam Bahgat deliberately ran over Christians protesters, why the professional driver didn’t just continue his road forward as the video showed instead of taking many hard turns?!

This tank is called “Fahd” and it weighs 15 tons. If this tank was driven by a military driver, why the driver made that turn, while he could just continued driving forward and leave the place?

Hossam Bahgat also said that the military was chasing protesters. I saw totally the opposite to his statement. Both previous video and the following video showed that Protesters were chasing military and police vehicles! The video also showed protesters burning military vehicles.

Another scene of three police vehicles. These police vehicles were really in panic, were trying to find a way out away from protesters, one of them hit the side walk and then tried to leave the place, when protesters attacked the vehicle and opened the drivers doors to get the police soldiers out from the vehicle and beat them. But they managed to escape from the place. Again, why haven’t the police individuals in the 3 vehicles used their weapons to disperse demonstrators or to kill them deliberately or even to just run over them deliberately, like Mr. Activist Hossam Bahgat claimed!?

Then, here comes Mr. another activist Alaa Abd Elfatah who was actually in the Maspero event and he was interviewed at the scene, when the host asked him, why he was there and what was he planning to do? His reply was that him and others are there that day because he realized that Egyptians and the military are one hand, and he is there with others to make sure to cut the other hand of the Egyptian Military!

6 of April movement  and Revolutionary socialists were also involved in inciting people in the Maspero event. In addition to Bossaina Kamel a program host and she was a former presidential candidate. At this period she said that she saw the military with her own eyes saying God is great while they were killing Christians! This is the same woman who went to the USA and in a conference she asked the United States Administration to take military actions against the Egyptian Military and to save her and other political activists because when they were going back to Egypt, the Egyptian Military were going to assassinate them!

After Muslim Brotherhood were overthrown by the 30th of June Revolution, this same woman apologized to the military and the Egyptian people and said publicly that she was wrong and realized that it was the Muslim Brotherhood who actually were inciting people to commit violence and they were the ones who killed and deceived all activists and many Egyptians to incite them against the military from the Beginning.

In this period the whole country was living under chaos, why would the military increase the chaos and destabilize a country that was already living in a great chaos? Why would the military want to kill Christians? These questions need some answers from Hossam Bahgat and CBS News!

Now at least from my part, I know that I opened the wound and I cleaned it, not sure though about Christians who are going to attack me for this honest confrontation. I don’t accept that anyone claim that the military deliberately killed Christians because honestly this is nonsense!  

If CBS have any credibility in whatever they publish, I believe they either correct the news they published and apologize for misleading their fans and audience, and publish the whole truth as it happened on the real ground, say that military committed mistakes and so did the protesters. And if they don’t have enough courage to admit that they have made a mistake in publishing half of the truth, then they are considered in this case spreading false news.

If I’m gonna lose Christians friends because of this article, I won’t feel sad and I will know for definite that they were not really friends as I thought they are.

Source of information for this article court case verdict and case details, click here masress news.

Source of information for this article military court case against military soldiers defendants, click here dostor asly newspaper.

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  1. How can anyone trust what is reported by CBS? Most of the news about atrocities committed against Christians by the Brotherhood is suppressed in the US- there are very few reports. So the one time CBS decides to report on what is happening to Christians, it so happens that the Military is blamed? Not buying it- our US media are the mouthpiece for the Administration’s agenda. So much bias to any reports! Reporting on Egypt STILL calls the uprising against Morsi by the Egyptian people a “military coup against the first democratically elected president”…as if the people in the US don’t have eyes and didn’t see for themselves the masses of Egyptian peoples in the street during the uprising against Morsi. No matter what the US media or US administrations might say, the majority of ordinary US citizens are on the side of the Egyptian people!

  2. When we look at hossam bahgat’s history it comes at no surprise ….. His interview is a continuim to a long anti government saga

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