Our Dear Ignorant and Biased To Terrorism, Christiane Amanpour

Christiane Amanpour in the dust binChristiane,

Your statements dated 26/3/2014 is a reflection of your complete ignorance or intended undermining of Egypt.

Egypt is not divided. Egypt is united against terrorism. Egypt is united against the Muslim Brotherhood.

CNN is a big supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Amanpour, you have been nothing except a voice against what is happening in Egypt. You hyper ventilate as you keep condemning what is happening in Egypt. Whilst Egypt is a nation of 7000 years your words and CNN with Qatari backing will end in oblivion.

There is no decision that is a show decision by the Egyptian judiciary. This is a serious decision. A decision against 500 plus armed terrorists who broke into a police station slaughtered a police officer and shot and injured 16 policemen, released arrested convicted prisoners , broke into the armory and later in the same day attacked the hospital where the injured policemen were hospitalized so that witnesses would be eliminated. We the undersigned Egyptians wonder what the US justice system would have done if the same happened in the US?!

Re the journalists issue – have you forgotten about your colleague Judith Miller when she was arrested by your government because she broke the law !! Then you did not say a “peep” !!

Your double standard Amanpour is shameful.

Its ok for the US and Nato to bomb Libya and to practice regime change. You bless it when it works for you but not when it works against you (Egypt – Ukraine).

You call Egypt a coup and Ukraine a revolution. Who are you fooling!?

We the Egyptian people will eradicate terrorism from our lands. The terrorists (Moslem Brotherhood) that you support and continue to support have fallen and there is no reversal.

Egypt will build its future on the bases of its road map and the will of its people. We the Egyptians shall not be side tracked by your interventionist media that does not report news but creates it.

As a suggestion rather than bringing Shadi of Brookings (funded by Qatar) to ask him about Egypt !!ask the families of the Egyptian’s murdered by Brotherhood terrorists about what is happening on the ground in Egypt. The blood of Egyptian’s is being spilled by Brotherhood terrorists and you stand by them !!!

Amanpour soon you will be in the dust bin of history and with your viewers of 3 million within 7 billion people on this earth don’t let your voice get to your head.

Signatories and on behalf of the great free Egyptian people:

Ahmed Abdel Moniem
Shamel Kasrawy
Mohamed AlSharkawy
Layla Mossad
Hoda and Assem Morcos
Ayman Samir
Farid Elsanga
Lamia Ahmadain
Mohamed Ramez
Amr Kabil
Ramzy Mahmoud
Abdalla Seif
Karim Fanous
Saiid Albatal
Ragia A. Ghorab
Hala Yehyia
Manal Moussa
Botros Halim, PhD
Hussein Eleish, CPA
Ramy Hussam
Fouad Almasry
Khaled K. Hammad
Yasser Helmy,PhD
Hossam Galal
Ali Mabrouk
Habib and Fahmy Kolta
Abdel Aziz Azab
Violette Iskander
Ikbal Abdel Fattah
Sabry Zidan
Eman Nabih

One thought on “Our Dear Ignorant and Biased To Terrorism, Christiane Amanpour

  1. While I don’t like any of the MSM international stations, I happen to think CNN is worse than Al Jazeera and I think they should also be highly scrutinized and held accountable in Egypt like Al Jazeera. While I don’t like CNN, I did used to watch Amanpour, but the last 2 times I saw her reporting on Egypt, I saw her blatantly and openly lying and I know longer have any respect for her. She said the 529 MB given the death sentence was for the killing of ‘1’ (a single) police officer, and that this represents an imbalance of killing in Egypt, because more MB are being killed than police. I really could not believe my ears, and the trash spewing out of her mouth. She said that regarding the Al Jazeera journalists, that Egypt has provided no evidence or proof they have done anything wrong or violated any laws. I think if these journalists from Al-Jazeera had the required license and permits to set up a broadcasting studio from a hotel room, that they would have posted a copy of these documents all over the internet. So in this case it is not up to they Egyptian government to prove anything. It is Al-Jazeera who needs to answer a simple question, where is their license and permit to take 2 suites of a hotel and turn it into a broadcasting stuido? Why creating a secret broadcasting stuido and not operating from the local Al Jazeera office. Would this be allowed in Qatar, the US, the UK, or any other country?

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