From Deception to Self-Deception. Memoirs of an Arab woman in the Age of Disillusion.

The Most Honest Three Minutes in Television History???

Cleverly executed, well rehearsed, nice camera, lights, set up and above all excellent script. I could not help putting myself in the shoes of my twelve year old niece who shared the video with her grandma on Facebook. Indeed those were the days when we did not see beyond the well crafted propaganda that feeds the world.

America the big apple, the land of opportunity, the land of FREEDOM, the melting pot, the place where justice is for all, but more importantly the land where the Humanity of the human being is celebrated with every deed and every sense of the meaning.
Images, words, textbooks, news feeds, films, novels, music and art all cleverly crafted to create a false aura of truth believed by the artisans and most of us.

That’s exactly how I spent the first twenty and so years of my life being duped and happy.

After all why not? isn’t history written by the winners? the strong? the greatest nations in the world?

well… NOT.

NOT because you do not uphold the truth.
Not because you have used and abused these principles to the point where the the word humanity has become devoid of its meaning.
Not because of the arrogance of your leaders!

Dear America, you are no longer the greatest nation in the world, but NOT for the fact that you are 7th in literacy, 27th in math, 22nd in science, 49th in life expectancy, etc. as stated in the video script. In reality, Probably three quarters of the world population would love to have your living standards and quality of life… You my friends are at the top echelons but only at the expense of human suffering and the depletion of the world’s environment and energy.

The honest video is nicely underlined with soft music exactly where it matters. With the tune that penetrates your soul, you’ll swallow self-deception wholeheartedly.
“We stood up for what was right, fought for moral reasons (…) we waged wars on poverty not on poor people” so it says…
Ironically, The one missing image is that of the flag nicely dissolving in the background. On second thought, may be not. That would be too much, don’t you think? Better keep it simple, succinct, let it slide in without too much drama. Just the right touch.
That’s how the most honest three minutes are no more than a deception or self deception directed at You and for you.

I have news for you. You do not fight wars to save innocent women or children, nor did you fight wars for justice.
Democracy and Freedom perhaps?
Excuse me? what does that mean?
Define please. Or perhaps refine the concept please?

Kindly tell me where was justice administered in all the US wars of the last century? Let’s not go so far, after all some of us are still twelve, Let us take a look the last forty years. Afghanistan? Iraq? Libya? OH! I forgot! may be Palestine or is it Israel? I am not sure which is which…
Is your war on terror against or for terror? Images of abou gharib and guantanamo can hardly be erased. Ms. Clinton’s herself admited US funding of mujahedin when Mr. Zbigniew Brzezinski made helicopter trips to unlikely friends in Northern Pakistan.

Forget about direct involvement may be if we look at direct support we would come to different conclusions.
Yes Direct support out of the hard working tax payers money. The honest people of America who are not responsible yet still accountable for the criminal deeds of their administrations. The people who won my heart with their spirit, their kindness, hard work and dedication. The people who venerate freedom and are yet subject to the patriot act.
You tell me, has direct support of the international muslim brotherhood mafia brought about any freedom or democracy? May be Erdogan of Turkey or Ghanoushi of Tunisia did? Perhaps the Morsi of Egypt emancipated copts and women while churches were being burned and family laws changed. If not then it must be the so called freedom fighters of Syria, who eat the livers and hearts of their victims in battle, the ones who will bring about Freedom and/or Democracy to our nations.

Forget that Middle East, set it aside, it is too complicated. What about the direct support to the color revolutions in Eastern Europe? Has it brought stability? democracy? justice?
Ask, but honestly ask, the regular man in the street if He or She want your direct support. The answer may save much sweat and dollars better spent on healthcare, education or the homeless.

Is it enough? Perhaps not. There is still Africa and Cental America but It is I who needs the fresh air after the mental re-run of images of human suffering while writing these words.

I will therefore restrain from going any further, I rest my case as clearily, Self deception is not only repulsive but sad.

Sad indeed because if you want to be the greatest nation in the world, the first thing to do is to admit that you have a problem as correctly stated in the most honest three minutes in television history. Retrospect please since allowing for self deception will not make you the greatest nation in the world. Regaining the moral high ground, in deed and action, Will. My American friends, who taught me about the humanity of the human being seem to have lost the fine thread that connects morality to action. They are also the same people capable of being the greatest nation yet again. If only they regain their essence, they will recapture our hearts. It is a choice…

Can you? YES You Can! In all faith you can, not in deception.

Here, in the beloved sacred land of our ancestors, we look in the mirror.

and that is the subject of my next blog.

With Love & Serenity,
May peace be with you,


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