Documentation Of Muslim Brotherhood Crimes In Egypt

Hilary Clinton and Obama are war criminals

The following links to Muslim Brotherhood crimes in Egypt under sponsorship and support of USA and their allies:

Muslim Brotherhood official statement dated 28/5/2015 called for killing Egyptians who toppled Mohamed Morsi

Muslim Brotherhood Leaks part 1

Muslim Brotherhood leaks part 2, dirty deals with the white house

The criminal record of Mohamed Morsi, former head of Egypt

El-Etihadeya presidential massacre videos

Fatma Arabi Yusuf, Muslim Brotherhood member, confessed framing rape case charges against Egyptian police

Muslim Brotherhood calls for Islamic Jihad in Egypt

Muslim Brotherhood crimes in 2015, Egypt

Muslim Brotherhood raising ISIS flags in Cairo

Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists

Muslim Brotherhood announced Islamic Jihad against Egypt

Muslim Brotherhood Doctor refused to provide a 4 month old baby with subsidized milk because his name is Sisi

Muslim Brotherhood member raped a 6 years old child due to his family’s support to Marshal Sisi

Muslim Brotherhood admit torturing civilians and targeting police and military individuals and their families

Muslim Brotherhood admit spying and selling National security classified Docs to Qatar’s intelligence and Al-Jazeera

Turkey, Qatar and Obama are supporting what they called “Egyptian Liberation Army”, similar to Syrian liberation Army, to turn Egypt to another Syria. documented with videos.

Documented Report on Muslim Brotherhood crimes in Egypt from 30 June 2013 until 25 December 2013 issued by Ibn Khaldun center in Arabic language and translated by Hey Egypt website to English language.

Video contain collection of Muslim Brotherhood threats to the Egyptian community, before and after 30/6/2013 revolution.

Obama’s administration refused to deliver Apache Helicopters to Egypt in order to fight terrorism in Sinai, and provided terrorists in Syria with Anti tank weapons. Obama spends tax payers money on terrorists.

Documentation and eyewitnesses and victims of tortures testimony on Etihadeya massacre committed by Muslim Brotherhood against Egyptian citizens and peaceful protesters on 4 December 2012, and Mukatam crimes against Egyptian citizens and protesters dated 23/3/2013 committed by Muslim Brotherhood.

Muslim Brotherhood: A woman swimming is an adulteress and touching bananas is forbidden

Terrorism industry in the history of Muslim Brotherhood documented report about all Muslim Brotherhood crimes and terror acts from 24/2/1945 to 25/12/2013

Evidence on Mohamed Mursi’s direct link to terror acts in Egypt

Brotherhood crimes in Egypt sponsored by Obama’s administration 

Brotherhood Students burned Nasr City and Threw A Soldier From The Third Floor In Al-Azhar University

Terrorist Groups In Sinai Exploit Children In Terror Attacks

Mohamed Morsi threatens Egypt with Foreign countries interference

Egypt fighting terrorism

Videos Of Foreign Press Reporters Biased To Terrorism In Egypt

The great deception of Muslim Brotherhood and video shows the reality of Armed Rabaa Sit-In

Muslim Brotherhood Supporters Slaughtered A Taxi Driver And Burned His Car

Muslim Brotherhood: We Don’t Allow Christians Or Women To Run For Elections and they use women and children as human shields

Egyptian Intelligence Exposed Obama’s Administration Espionage Case With Muslim Brotherhood

Video of Muslim Brotherhood Leader: How To Destroy The sovereignty Of The Egyptian State

Muslim Brotherhood Calling Jan25 2011 Holy War

Video Muslim Brotherhood Supporters Torture Egyptian Officer To Death

America Incite And Support Terror Attacks Against Egypt

Classified Documents On The Espionage Case Between CIA and Muslim Brotherhood In Egypt

 Egypt Under Terror Attacks

Involvement Of Qatar, Hamas And Tunis In The Creation Of An Islamic Army

The First Egyptian President Who Betrayed His Country And Accused Of Spying For The CIA

Western Investigators: Muslim Brotherhood Assassinated The US Ambassador In Libya

Hilary Clinton supports terrorism in Egypt

Muslim Brotherhood Teachers Turn Schools To Slaughterhouses To Torture Students

Autopsy Report Reveals International News Agencies Faked News Of Brotherhood Casualties

The USA Report Revealed By The Russians To Turn Egypt & The Arab Region To A Civil War Zone

Ossama Bin Laden Was A Muslim Brotherhood Member

Judicial Source: Morsi’s Wealth Inflated To 2 Billion Pounds After He Became President Of Egypt

New Document Reveals Brotherhood And Ousted President Involved In Terror Acts In Egypt

Details Of First Trial Of Ousted Brotherhood President Charged Of Inciting Murder

The Dirty Deals Of The USA With Muslim Brotherhood And Al-Qaeda Terrorist Organization

Obama and Paterson support terrorism in Egypt

US Sponsor Terrorism And Egypt Is Waging A War Against It

Recordings Revealed Between Egyptian Ousted President & Alzawahiri AlQaeda Leader

Muslim Sisterhood Students In Egypt Caught Faking Death Scenes With Aljazeera News Agency

Report On Brotherhood Organization Crimes Against Christians In Egypt

Documents Evidence About MB And Ousted President Morsi’s Treason & Corruption

Obama supports Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists

Mohamed Morsi’s Trial will reveal Documents Could Put Barack Obama In Prison

Amnesty International Calls For Human Rights In Practicing Violence (Videos and screen shots of MB violence)

Aljazeera Network Caught Airing Fake News  and ignoring Muslim Brotherhood violence in Egypt

Documented Evidence 2012 Egypt Presidential Elections Fraud In Favor Of Mohamed Morsi

Egypt Fighting Terrorism

US administation support muslim brotherhood terrorists

Muslim Brotherhood crimes in Egypt part 1

Muslim Brotherhood crimes in Egypt part 2

Muslim Brotherhood crimes in Egypt part 3

Muslim Brotherhood crimes in Egypt part 4

Muslim Brotherhood crimes in Egypt part 5

The Egyptian Pharaohs Achievements In Fighting Terrorism

The MB Utter Failure In Mobilizing Their Supporters 30 Aug 2013 And The Ongoing Violence

America Lives On Shedding The Arab Blood

Wake Up America This Is Where Your Tax Money Goes

Egypt Is Saving The World From Pure Evil Terrorism

Christians In Egypt Challenge USA & EU’s Barefaced Support To MB Terror

Videos Evidence Brotherhood Hate Speech And Incitement To Kill

Hard Video Evidence Showing the Pure Evil of Muslim Brotherhood & Foreign Medias

Muslim Brotherhood trade in blood, women and children

Muslim Brotherhood two years reign of Egypt

Egyptian Blood Shedding By MB Under USA Sponsorship

Videos Egypt Under Brotherhood Militias Terror Attacks 14 Aug 2013

Video Evidence Of Muslim Brotherhood Shot Dead His Fellow In Alexandria

Muslim Brotherhood Militia Killed A Ten Years Old Child In Front Of A Church

Human Rights Organizations In Egypt declare 82 Killed 44 Tortured By Muslims Brotherhood

The Arrest Of Muslims Brotherhood Kidnapped Children From Orphanages

Torture Video Carried Out By Muslim Brotherhood Against 15 Years Old Kid

Amnesty International Evidence Points To Torture Carried Out By Morsi Supporters

Muslim Brotherhood International terrorist Organization

Muslim Brotherhood Massacres Against Christians In Egypt

Referral Of MB Snipers To Criminal Court For killing 9 Demonstrators During 30 of June 2013 Revolution

MB Forcing Children To Wear Shrouds Using Women And Children As Human Shields

Muslim Brotherhood Militia Terror Videos USA And Their Allies Don’t Want You To See

The Big Fat Lie Democracy And The Freedom Fries Of The USA And Muslim Brotherhood Crimes in Egypt

Video Evidence Of Brotherhood Crimes On the 26 Of July 2013

Mohamed Morsi

What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Obama’s Support To Al-Qaeda

Muslim Brotherhood Worst Massacres Videos Against Egyptian Civilians

The Worst Muslim Brotherhood Crimes Videos In Egypt Financed By Americans Tax Payers

USA Sponsor Of Brotherhood Terrorists Videos

Unbelievable Muslim Brotherhood Milishia Success Stories (Muslim Brotherhood beaten Children and Women)



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