Egypt Condemns British Police Brutality Against Students Of University Of London

United Kingdom double standard

On the 24th of December 2013, World Socialist Web Site published that around 70 students occupied part of the University of London headquarters, Senate House. Police forces armed with batons violently beaten and threw out the occupiers without a court order and arrested some students.

The following video show a police officer punching a student in the face and knocking him to the ground, another woman was filmed dragged by police officers to the ground.

The next day, about 200 students protested against Police brutality. The police dispersed the protest by force. Students started to chant :”Who killed Mark Duggan? (Duggan is the young man whose murder by police provoked the 2011 UK youth riots).

A Metropolitan Police spokesman claimed a further 36 students were arrested. More footage of Police brutality emerged, including police striking students with batons.

Egypt condemns the brutality and the savageness of the British Police and Egypt is asking the British police forces of self restraint. In addition, Egypt asks the British Government and the Police forces to respect Human Rights and protesters freedom of speech.

England is supposed to be one of the big sponsors of Human Rights in the world beside mommy America the good Policeman of the world who fight all the bad guys worldwide. Now, how Egypt is going to follow England as a good example in applying Human Rights, while England is using double standard in this regard!?

This is very confusing for Egyptians, to see the United Kingdom the strongest ally of USA, deviates away from democracy and human rights respect!

Egypt expects the United Kingdom to get back on the right track of Democracy again, and another reminder to the British Forces, don’t do anything that Egypt wouldn’t do, and we urge you to follow the policy of Self restraint, whatever that is!

The United States Of America barefaced double standards


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