Egyptian Armed Forces And Police Fighting Black Terrorism In North Sinai

For those who claim that the security status in Egypt is deteriorating, or those who claim that the Egyptian Armed Forces or the Police forces have failed in securing the country or the people, I’m telling them through this post, only semi-men claim this lie, but the real men are out there in the battle field all over the country fighting the black terrorism and defend the country with their own souls. I’m telling all semi-men in Egypt to learn about the achievements and the fierce battle the real men are fighting against the black terrorism in Egypt and specially Sinai, to know for certain that your place is not in the real men’s queue.

I’m also addressing the same message to the foreign reporters who claim that the military and the police in Egypt failed to secure the country and the people, the foreign reporters of lies and fabricated news, biased and support to terrorism.

Intense activity of the Egyptian Army against terrorist groups in northern Sinai. Thursday morning 02/01/2014, Army law enforcement elements and police raided the areas of of Sheikh Zuid section – the new ring road, resulted the arrest of terrorists elements:

Egyptian Armed Forces destroyed tunnels in North Sinai

– Captured [18] individuals elements related to terrorist groups including 5 elements had previous law provisions for committing terror attacks.
– Burning and destruction of [ 4 wagons – 6 motorcycles ] without license plates or official papers and used by terrorist elements in the attack on the security points. In addition to [ 1 wagon Verna – 1 Sonata wagon ] without official papers.
– Blew up and destroyed [ 5 ] smuggling tunnels in Rafah. In addition to the destruction of [1] tunnel found under terrorist element home.
– Burning and destruction of [3] stores large quantities of drug plants banjo estimated at around [4] tons. Destruction [2] acres of narcotic banjo .
– Military patrol dealt with a terrorist element and killed him while he was planting an explosive device on the Kawsar road in front of Sheikh Zuwaid General Hospital.

Egyptian Armed forced destroyed tunnels in Rafah city

Wednesday morning 01/01/2014, Army and police law enforcement elements  raided the areas [Abu Taweela -Alhamadeen in Sheikh Zuwaid – the tomb of Amir Al-Arish ] resulted the following:

– Captured [3] individuals suspected of carrying out improvised explosive devices on Arish International road / Rafah on Tuesday 31/12/2013.
– Captured [7]  individuals suspects related to terrorist groups.
– Burned and destructed [ 2 wagons Verna – 2 motorcycles ] without license plates or official papers and used by terrorist elements in the attack on the security points.
– Burned [11] huts used by terrorists elements to carry out terrorist attacks.
– This was preceded by the law enforcement on Tuesday  31/12/2013, Military and police forces raided areas: Al-Safa – Al-Salaima  -Al-Arish – Alnahahla in Rafah.

Raids resulted the arrest of [3] individuals suspects related to terrorist elements. Destruction of  4 tunnels in Alnahahla area.
– One of the patrols successfully defused an explosive device [ total weight of ” 25 ” kg ] placed next to equipped artillery with electric circuit bomb worked by remote device  “Motorola”, placed under Koraissa Al-Rayessa water tank.

Egyptian military adjusted explosive and weapons stores in North Sinai

Sunday 29/12/2013, Military and Police forces Adjusted stores contain big quantities of weapons, ammunition and explosives, and arrested [10] of terrorists elements during security raids in northern Sinai in the areas: Al-Abayda – Abu Arag in Sheikh Zuaid- Abu Taweel in Al-Arish, and the ring road. Raids resulted the following:

– Capture of [10] terrorists elements related to terrorist groups.

– Adjust of store weapons, ammunition and explosives in terrorist element’s home called  Ahmed Abu Shkerb, Al-Abayda, Sheikh Zuaid:

– Weapons and ammunition : [3 machine guns: “light – Multi – Clash ” – Backup pipe machine – 31 equipped artillery – 2  explosives full package belts –  4 caliber ammunition  14.5 mm total of  3,200 rounds –  440 caliber rounds 14.5 mm strips – a group model rocket launch ” SAM-7 – 2 Grad rocket – rocket 1.7 mm.

– Explosive materials and bombing tools: 150 kg of  TNT material and detonated machine explosives – mold material “C-4″ high explosive – 2 explosive grenades manufactured manually – grenades explosives –  6 explosives buttons – a group of bombing Batteries ” 9 Volt  – Combat missions : Bullet Protective jacket – Military uniforms.

– The destruction of farm plant banjo drug area “200 × 600 m ” in Abu Araj And the execution of  [ 50 ] roll of the same material.

– Destroyed and burned [ Mitsubishi black wagon – 2 motorcycles without license plates or official papers, which are used by extremist groups in terror attacks.

– Burned [17] huts in Al-Arish and Sheikh Zowaid areas, which used as bases to launch terrorist attacks against police and military forces in northern Sinai.

Egyptian Army forces destroyed smuggling tunnels in Rafah City

26/12/2013, Border guards destroyed [8] smuggling tunnels in Rafah.

– Border guards arrested [175] individuals attempted illegal immigration in the Western Region, Salloum area (135 Egyptian – 36 Sudanese – 4 Syrian ). legal procedures taken by the concerned authority.

Egyptian Army fighting illegal immigration in the western area of Egypt

the arrest of Ossama Ahmed Ashur Badawy, one of the financiers of terrorists elements in North Sinai 25/12/2013, the arrest of Ossama Ahmed Ashur Badawy, one of the financiers The arrest of Gomaa Khamis a member of Hamas terrorists groupof terrorists elements in North Sinai.

The arrest of Gomaa Khamis a member of Hamas terrorists group, without legal residence in Egypt, caught in white Mercedes Car carried North Sinai plate license. The terrorist element admitted that he was hired to use the car in exploding one of the State’s vital security sites.

The raid carried out by elements of the army and the police resulted the burning and destruction [ 28 huts used as starting points by terrorists to implement their terrorist operations, as well as the vehicles destroyed , ” Hunday – Verna ” without license plates or official papers .

Raids carried out by the military in coordination with civil police succeeded in the west of Canal and Al-Arish areas to arrest [ 60 ] terrorists elements: [ 34 Muslim Brotherhood terrorists  – 22 Misdemeanors – 4 escaped from judicial provisions. In addition, the forces succeeded in discovering a bag next to Aldawahy Police station, contained [ 7 equipped missile launcher – RPG -7 – 5 smoke bomb and shot signals ].

Egyptian military and police forces fighting borders smugglersEgyptian border guards fighting smugglers and terrorists24/12/2013, Border guards in coordination with the Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces destroyed [6] tunnels in Rafah. Adjusted [ 1850 ] mobile phones and a large amount of mobiles accessories and [ 300 ] cartons of cigarettes contained carcinogen.
– In Ras Sidr area border guards adjusted [13] Mobiles and [ 350 ] rolls of  banjo plant with a total weight of drug [ 700 ] kg.
-border guards adjusted smugglers and illegal immigration attempt in the region of south port Salloum: [ 153 ] individual [ 113 Egyptian – 30 Palestinians – 8 Sudanese – 2 Bangladeshi ].  All presented to the prosecution authorities to take the necessary legal procedures.

Egyptian Army fighting smugglers on the Gaza strip border23/12/2013, The border guards and Army Engineering destroyed tunnels of smugglers on the border with the Gaza Strip.

– Destroyed  [7] tunnels in Rafah, seized inside a store inside courtyards contain [62] PC,  Laptops  Hewandy,  Elantra cars intended for smuggling through tunnels.

– In  Zafranah area, adjusted:  fishing boat equipped with linear induction motor – [43] Mobiles – [ 875 ] a roll of the plant banjo drug with a total weight of an estimated [ 1750 ] kg.

– In the region north of port Salloum, adjusted the attempt to smuggle members of illegal immigration [69] individual [ 59 Egyptian – Sudanese 10 ] .

– In the region East of El Alamein [ 80 ] sets of  [ 12000 ] packets of cigarettes contain carcinogenic.
All  presented to the prosecution authorities to take the necessary legal action.

20/12/2013, in northern Sinai, the elements of the army and police forces raided the area west of Mahdia in Rafah , after receiving information indicating the presence of  [ Shady Almniei – Kamal Allam ] the most dangerous leaders of terrorist elements in northern Sinai. The forces reached the target and engaged with terrorists. Resulted clashes after troops came under dense fire from all directions and the martyrdom of [2] army soldiers and wounded [8 ] others [ 1 officer and 7 soldiers, and killing [3] terrorists. Armed helicopters dealt with the targets.

– The Armed forces mourns the martyrs of duty and those who gave their lives in a just cause to fight black terrorism, and in defense of Egypt and its national security.

18 December 2013, The Egyptian armed forces in cooperation with civilian police managed of killing [2] of the dangerous Terrorists elements in Arish city, after they threw [2] hand grenades at the military troops and found in possession of a wireless device for Motorola and a pistol Helwan caliber 9 mm.

[12] terrorists elements arrested in possession of 2 wireless device model “Motorola”, in addition to the burning and destruction of  [ 7 motorcycles without license plates – 2 semitrailer transport ] without license plates or official papers which were used in carrying out terrorist attacks. The destruction of [10] huts of terrorists elements used in attacking military and police forces near Sheikh Zuwaid and Rafah cities.

Egyptian border guards seized machine guns in Salloum area17 December 2013, Alakhwar Salloum Area, borders guards seized [14] Mobile Egyptian Army and Police destroyed smuggling tunnels in Rafah citydevices,  [13 automatic rifle caliber “7.62 × 39” mm – 5 safe automatic rifle – multi machine guns  – 2 machine guns pipes along with  [1100]  carcinogenic cigarettes boxes.

6 November 2013, Armed forces and police continue to uproot terrorism and organized crime from northern Sinai. During a successful security operation carried out by elements of the second field army backed with civilian police and resulted of hitting terrorists spots in Rafah, El-Arish, Sheikh Zuwaid [ Alzoarah – Alphytate – Alsakaskah – green Valley and Yamit ]

Egyptian military fighting terrorists elements in North SinaiEliminated [3] terrorists elements during an exchange of fire with troops raid and seized weapons of  [ automatic rifle – multi machine guns – Launcher RPG – 2 grenades and burned and destructed of terrorists vehicles.

Adjusted [2] store weapons and ammunition in Alzoarah and phytate areas, and seized 8 homemade rockets – Grad rocket  – 3 grenades – 2 attack bombs – F1 and 3 launchers RPG – belt vest – 6 ammunition caliber half-inch – ammo caliber 51 mm strips  – 3 kg of TNT explosives – detonators mines – electrical circuits used for the processing of improvised explosive devices – 11 Radio small size used for the processing of an explosive device against individuals – chemical plant with quantity of chemicals used to manufacture improvised explosive devices and lab tools.

2 fire extinguisher intended for use as explosive devices –  7 automatic rifles – 2 Agricultural uniform along with a collection of books and references for the training of individuals on the use of weapons and improvised explosive devices processing – as well as the amount of medical instruments and unity “CD Rom” and  2  national ID card.

Captured Nagy Ahmed Obaid very dangerous terrorist elementof a high-risk in the area of Alskaskah.

Burned and destructed  [4] vehicles without license plates in the village of Phytate and Alskaskah and used in carrying out terror attacks against the army and the police forces. Vehicles also had a fitted tank of fuel smuggling. Burned and destructed of a [3] motorcycles in Yamit area.

Removed [61] homes of terrorists elements and criminals used as starting points for the implementation of their terrorism.

The destruction and burning of orchard and a total fuel [2] tons of diesel in Yamit area.

Adjusted the guide of the General Information Administration and group of communication and secret codes, in addition to National Security device contain 43 pages of the guide belonged to Martyr Mohamed Abu Shakra National Security Officer assassinated in El-Arish on Sunday 9/6/2013 and his work phone number and his mobile.

4 November 2013, The law enforcement elements continued strikes security to uproot terrorism and organized crime from northern Egyptian Army and Police fighting terrorists elements in different areas in North SinaiSinai , a successful security operation carried out by the police and the military, which resulted the following:

– Removed [64] huts, and seized [ 16 wagon types – 7 tricycles ] without papers or metal plates, were used by terrorist elements  as starting points to carry out their attacks against the army and police individuals.

– Adjusted and executed amount of white powder suspected to be a narcotic substance. Burned [6] tons of dope Banjo “dryer”. Burned  [62] anesthetic banjo farm .

– Destruction of  [3] fuel tanks without papers or metal plates. Destruction of  [10] orchard with a total [ 20 ] tons of diesel and [10] tons gasoline.

Tunnels for smuggling fuel from Sinai to Gaza strip– Captured  [2] Palestinians individuals entered the State’s borders through the Smuggling tunnels to Gazatunnels without papers, their names:  Musa Nassar Oudah Al-Tarabin and Ahmed Ramadan Hassan Zourob.

– Eliminated [3] an individuals riding a motorcycle while planting explosives. Arrested [15] African American elements inside a house during the raid and entered the borders without papers ” illegal immigration .”


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