Egyptian Intelligence Exposed Obama’s Administration Espionage Case With Muslim Brotherhood

The black box of Omar Suleiman Former Egyptian Chief Of Intelligency

Mohamed Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood leaders are facing serious charges of High treason and espionage with foreign elements and foreign Intelligence including the CIA earlier and during to the 25th 2011 events . Trial will be held on 28/1/2014.

Off Service Magazine published classified documents from the black box of the late former Intelligence Chief, Omar Suleiman written by Dr. Hisham Mahmoud Youness.


The documents contain secrets about events which took place since Obama‘s first and last visit to Egypt on 4/6/2009. Mubarak   knew that it wasn’t a normal visit, but it was a message from the United States addressed to Mubarak regime to leave, and this was the start of the removal scenario. (Mubarak former president stepped down after the 25th of Jan events).

These classified documents published by off service magazine, sparked in my mind the Egyptian National Officer Mohamed Mabrouk‘s investigations report, who was the main eyewitness on the espionage case of Former President Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood Organization with foreign Intelligence during the same period events stated in Omar Suleiman’s papers, but Suleiman papers contained more terrifying details.

Mabrouk reported many calls and meetings inside and outside Egypt Between Morsi and Brotherhood with different foreign Intelligence elements. Mabrouk was assassinated by terrorists elements hired by Muslim Brotherhood to do their dirty work. Like Omar Suleiman confirmed in his papers, Muslim Brotherhood Organization doesn’t do the confrontation on the real ground by themselves, but they use other Militants and Jihadist in violence, terror attacks and assassinations missions.

Before Obama’s visit to Egypt, Omar Suleiman provided a classified detailed report file to Mubarak revealed the big conspiracy threads against Egypt. After Obama’s visit to Egypt, Mubarak has totally given up on The idea of ​​his son’s inheritance of power in Egypt, and he also made a full perception of his retirement idea. In addition, he decided to assign Omar Suleiman as his deputy because at this stage he had a full trust and confidence in Suleiman, specially after he has put in his hands the threads of the big conspiracy against Egypt.

Muslim Brotherhood were scared from all what Omar Suleiman knew about them and they knew for definite that if Omar Suleiman reveals the content of his black box to the Egyptian people, this would definitely be the end of  the beginning in relation to Brotherhood organization.

But Omar Suleiman talked a lot during the 25th of Jan 2011 period and announced publicly a lot of information which were sending warning messages to Egyptians about the current and future serious dangers surrounded Egypt from the inside and the outside at this period. But unfortunately, no body listened to his warnings.

During the events of the 25th of Jan 2011, and despite Suleiman warnings to whom it may concern, he has been always accused of  his affiliation to Mubarak Regime. Many at this time, whether Media or press or revolutionaries and even the Egyptian opposition parties and what they call themselves the Elites, deliberately smeared Suleiman’s reputation through rumors which had nothing to do with facts and reality that the man’s hands were actually clean. No one managed to prove the opposite.

These different parties and currents in Egypt at this 25th Jan period, were doing their utmost through smearing campaigns against Suleiman and even against his family and personal life to convince the public opinion that the man was corrupted. When they didn’t manage to prove their claims and lies against Suleiman, they said that it was enough that he belonged to the old regime, even if his hands were clean! They tried to get the man in every dirty way, but they never succeeded in brain washing the Egyptian people.

Every Egyptian has the right now to know the truth about what really happened at this 25th of Jan period. This is the right time that every Egyptian and to whom it may concern to learn about the most dangerous classified intelligence information of the black box of the Mysterious Intelligence Former Chief Omar Suleiman.

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Egyptian woman carrying a photo of Omar Suleiman written on it  please General don't leave us for Muslim Brotherhood Save us from Muslim Brotherhood

Part 1 Mubarak knew that it was time to leave after Obama’s visit to Egypt

The 4th of June 2009 was a milestone point in the Egyptian History. At this day, Mubarak realized that Omar Suleiman’s previous warnings and his alerts to Mubarak in paying a serious attention to the development of the United States strategy in dealing with Egypt, was absolutely right and accurate.

Omar Suleiman warned Mubarak after Obama won the presidency post, that this event is a milestone point. Suleiman explained that a specific current in the States achieved victory and will direct the US to a certain direction.

Suleiman saw Obama as the black man who was placed by the American Solid Heart as the head of the States, in order to execute the black scenario in the whole Middle East area.

Suleiman believed that Barack Hussein Obama was representing the Solid Heart in America (Suleiman’s definition to the word “Solid Heart”, it’s the league who is ruling the United States which consist of Intelligence, Pentagon, that are not at all effected every time comes a new US president ). Suleiman added that Barack Hussein Obama was the right opportunity for this US administration, this is why there were great efforts to make Obama wins the Presidency. This is what his opponent candidate timidly declared during the presidential elections, without any further details. But Omar Suleiman had further details than this declaration.

Before Obama reached power in the US, America had gone through crucial period which was more than the US could handle, but for the US administration it was very necessary. But this crucial period has totally gone when Barack Hussein Obama reached power.

Obama had the tripartite which Henry Kissinger talked about in many occasions, when he was talking about who will manage to run the Middle East, he said: “The US President who will manage to run the Middle East as if  it was his own shop”.

Some in the Middle East think that Barack Hussein Obama is Muslim, or at least there was a will that wanted to spread this piece of information. Barack Hussein Obama is the only black president in the west. Mentioning the west here, means the whole west and not just USA. Which is giving Obama a privilege in relation to colored communities whether inside or outside the US.

Before wining the presidential elections, Obama was the closest presidential candidate in understanding the desires and the directions of the American solid heart. It was not just conclusions, but it was information based on previous ties between Obama the black university young man and the solid heart scout inside the university. They knew Obama very well and they were capable of having influence on him and also helped him. Omar Suleiman knew this.

Suleiman ran one of the most complicated information network which was functioning on the US ground, without being caught not even once. At the end, The Americans were ignoring some of what Suleiman was doing because the Chiefs of Intelligence and their officers in general, they are more closer to each other than they are close to their political leaders.

Omar Suleiman informed Mubarak that President Obama doesn’t look to Egypt as his predecessors did. Obama has more guts in relation to perception and he is more balanced to measure issues with its natural measurements and Obama considers Egypt as the guarantee for stability. It is true that This was proven during Mubarak’s Era whether during the Gulf war or during interference between Hamas and Israel. But Obama looks to Egypt differently, Obama thinks that the best he can offer America is to complete what he has already found mature and ready the minute he became the President of the US.  Which is, New Middle East just waiting to be inaugurated and someone to cut the tape.

Obama believed that all circumstances were suitable for him to become the US President who will impose the New Middle East borders. And Far away from going through a long conversation inside the frame of the conspiracy theory, it is a fact that many Arab countries including Egypt have disappeared from the borders of the new Middle East.

About the details, a complete set of papers is explaining accurately the details in each country. The whole issue just required to specify the weakest scope inside the circle in order to execute only the first step. And these were just one part of the total papers of Omar Suleiman the former Chief of the Egyptian Intelligence. These were part of the papers that Suleiman tried to put the whole set of his papers in the hands of Mubarak.

But Mubarak preferred to read the outlines in the form of titles, nothing more nothing less. It is an acceptable way in running countries affairs because not all presidents indulge in complicated details, but they leave these details to the Competent and to the head of the state bodies. But in this specific status, the suggestions of the chiefs of the state bodies are taken into consideration.

The problem in relation to Egypt, was that Mubarak have only read the outlines of Omar Suleiman and when Mubarak decided to take some actions towards what he realized, he decided to handed the whole issue to the Former Interior Minister.

The CIA knew that Omar Suleiman reached these information through documentations. And immediately the CIA suggested to Obama to delay his visit to Egypt for his own security and safety. But politically that was not possible and instead, they have increased many security procedures and measures which have never taken place before in any of the previous visits of the previous US presidents to the Middle East.

Obama and Hilary Clinton were supposed to go to the Cairo University by cars, (Obama insisted to make a speech in Cairo University and he didn’t want Mubarak to attend it) but instead of reaching the University by cars, the whole security plans have totally changed and they took the presidential helicopter which was not taken into account. Obama, Hilary and the delegate who accompanied  them reached the University by the presidential helicopter and entered the university hall without any warning or previous preparation or necessary announcement.

Obama also cancelled his previous settled appointment with the Israeli Ambassador in Cairo, Shalom Cohen and the embassy employees which was supposed to take place after his speech at the University, and was supposed to be at the embassy residence that was close to the Cairo University. But the meeting was cancelled due to security measures and the Israeli Embassy was closed and Israeli Diplomats were instead, given the day off.

Obama realized that he was actually in Egypt as a man who was declaring a war on Egypt from inside the Egyptian Territory and at the presence of the legitimate State’s President, but Obama was acting out of the president of a country ruling the world who got so bored and fed up from these small entities which getting US AID from the United States of America, while they are not showing obedience nor accepting orders, but they were objecting the US orders and not acting according to what is required from them.

Specifically, Obama whispered in Hilary’s ears that this is going to be the last visit of an American President to Egypt. Because Egypt is not going to exist for long.

Mubarak from his part realized that the whole issue is about to have an end and he totally dropped the idea of his son inheritance to the presidency, he also dropped the idea of being re-elected for presidency. Mubarak saw that the ideal solution was to prepare Omar Suleiman to become the next President of Egypt, at the end Suleiman knew all the details about the future plans.

Omar Suleiman didn’t want to be assigned for presidency. Omar Suleiman believed that Egypt was being pushed towards armed confrontation on its own territory and against enemies from the inside. He also knew that a civil President to rule Egypt at this critical period, was not really suitable to lead this stage. Despite that he was for a civil president to rule the country, but not at this stage.

Omar Suleiman expected during this period of  Egypt’s History and based on a lot of  dangerous information that he has, there will be an armed confrontation with all the literal sense of the word which will take place and it will necessitate the interference of security in general and may be punctuated by Military operations, he personally saw that it will be necessary to control some borders from certain axis like Sinai, western desert and the south side through mounted light forces.

Mubarak’s point of view was not to give Brotherhood a second chance and not to participate in the next Egyptian Parliament  and to monitor all their funding and the National Democratic Party to do their best in communicating more with citizens.

Omar Suleiman point’s of view was different than Mubarak’s. His opinion was to give Brotherhood seats in the next Egyptian Parliament that can match with the size of their popularity in the street at this period, he also saw that it was ok to let them handle  some Ministerial posts.

This special perception of Omar Suleiman was to get the Muslim Brotherhood to light and meantime to put them in a confrontation with the Egyptian people so the people discover the reality of Muslim Brotherhood on the real ground. Suleiman also saw that this issue of National Democratic Party to communicate further with citizens, was just a waste of time. Suleiman also saw that the communication with the students currents was very important and it might be even a lot better but he was worried and very concerned about the available time to do so, before everything  just explode in this period.

Mubarak was putting a vague perception to the exit scenario and the withdrawal from the political scene, and he was declaring to his Chief of Staff Zakariya Azmy in this period, that specifying a time for the warrior to take a break is much more important than the possibility of staying on the scene.

Mubarak was talking a lot to Omar Suleiman and he was telling him that the suitable time for him to leave the political scene  should have been the same minute his grandson died.  Omar Suleiman agreed with Mubarak on what he said, and Suleiman thought that if Mubarak  made this decision at that period when his grandson died, he could have been closer to the normal Egyptian man in the Street no matter what happens later.

Omar Suleiman was aware at this period of the Muslim Brotherhood direct contacts and meetings with foreign intelligence. He was monitoring every move Muslim Brotherhood were making, every meeting Brotherhood held in Turkey between Brotherhood leaders and strategic planners from the American CIA. Suleiman knew about all their meetings including the meetings of other foreign intelligence elements like Qatar and Turkey, whether to discuss issues concerning financing or preparations. Suleiman got all documentations of the conspiracy threads in his hand.

Suleiman knew and recognized the full names of the American Intelligence who had meetings with Muslim Brotherhood, and this was enough for him to realize that the Zero hour was approaching. And there is a green light which will be On soon and it will illuminates right from across the ocean. The only thing left for Suleiman to find out, was  to know what was the time of the zero hour?

The way Suleiman estimated things, he didn’t think that the Islamist groups were really qualified on the real ground to effectively move to the extent degree to get down the Regime and they were not able at this period even to cause a total chaos. And he started many and different scenarios which were under study. one of the studies has put the possibility that there is a big chance that Islamist movements elements get smuggled from outside the country to the inside in order to set fire and incite people against some situations in order to reach the required results. But Suleiman stayed up to date for every single detail accurately till the last minute.

The black box of Omar Suleiman

Part 2 The details of Muslim Brotherhood Organization agreement with the American CIA on Brotherhood taking over the power in Egypt, just few months before the 25th of January 2011

Omar Suleiman was not just a military Officer who turned by coincidence to an Intelligence man, but he was one of those who practiced their work exclusively, and due to this and after things became more clearer to him, he decided to move The Egyptian Intelligence Gravity Center to Turkey. This was not understood at this time even from the cadres who did exactly what they were told based on the new destination of Omar Suleiman.

Omar Suleiman decided to take this step of moving the Intelligence gravity center to Turkey, because he was after something he realized but he was unable to see, and he felt it but he couldn’t  hold it or catch it, and for this, he put  many new programs  from the red words for Internet communications. The red words in the concept of Intelligence men, are the words that if get pronounced, or written, then the eavesdropping devices start to record everything till there is a need for it or a need to get back to it.

On the opposite to what may anyone think, these programs were not including security agreements between Egypt and the States, but a group of Egyptian experts worked on the development of these devices.

Suleiman did not trust much to deal with USA in an open agreed way and he used to say that Israel deal with the USA in a different way than what the world actually see. And he was right about this because despite that Israel had and still have very strong relations with the CIA, but Israel doesn’t mind to take precautions against the States and practice some espionage acts and anti espionage in the American territory.

It was also the same inside the Egyptian Intelligence System, but after 2009 things started to be more severe. The American security bodies sent back the semesters envoys to Egypt, and they tightened control and monitor the Egyptian Embassy correspondences and also the diplomats meetings in The States.

The fruitful results that the Egyptian Intelligence gained form the intensive work on the Turkish territories was really a surprise even to Omar Suleiman himself. During 2010 and specifically in February, the Egyptian surveillance elements spotted constant meetings for 3 days in one of the secured houses in Ankara. The elements who attended these meeting were from the US Intelligence CIA, three brotherhood leaders who reached Ankara a day earlier before the first day of the meeting.

The first meeting was a closed one and included only the three Brotherhood leaders and two US intelligence elements from the CIA, then in the evening a Turkish Intelligent Officer joined them and the meeting lasted till the the first hours of the next day.

In the second day, another meeting was held and included The leader of the Qatari Intelligence and security body who left to Doha at the end of the day and was accompanied by one of the US Intelligence elements.

In the third day, a meeting was held included all the previous mentioned parties including The leader of the Qatari Intelligence and security body and also the US Intelligence element who left with him to Doha the previous night. In the evening, Brotherhood leaders left to Doha, then two days later they went to Ankara after they have met with one of the Turkish President Assistants before they finally went to Egypt through Doha in the next day.

The Egyptian Intelligence knew all what have been discussed in these 3 days meeting.

In brief, The three Brotherhood elements first reached Ankara through Doha, they entered under cover of working among the special Medical team in medical support field of Gaza Strip, under an Islamic sign. And then in Doha, they were given Qatari Passports which they used to leave Doha headed to Ankara. Then after the meetings were over, the Brotherhood elements after they traveled from Turkey to Doha, they used their Egyptian Passports in their way back to Egypt.

Recordings of Meetings between the three Brotherhood elements and the CIA Intelligence elements, they discussed the Scenario of  after Mubarak leaves his post. The US Intelligence elements were insisting that Muslim Brotherhood leaders to provide them with information about their sleeping cells elements in the Egyptian Military. But the Brotherhood insisted that this was out of the question and can’t be revealed even to their friends in Washington. But they confirmed to CIA elements that their sleeping cells inside the Egyptian Army do exist and they are very effective and capable of making a difference when it is necessary and needed.

After Brotherhood left the meeting, The US Intelligence elements estimated that Muslim Brotherhood were exaggerating about their real power and they evaluated their elements power more than what it is in reality. Whether by ignorance or because of their desire to offer themselves as the right safe replacement of Mubarak Regime.

The attendance of the Turkish Intelligence in the meetings was the representation of the Middle East cell in the Turkish Intelligence, which started to be active couple of years earlier and Turkey’s participation in forming the new Middle East map.The Turkish CIA element presence in the meetings was more to a communications Officer with the Turkish Political Leadership than any other thing.

In the meetings they also discussed the form of movement during the next period and the type of support and finance and the possibility that Qatar provides a safe haven to the Brotherhood Organization, in case the arrangements and the plan fail. One of the Brotherhood leaders said in one of the meetings, that Muslim Brotherhood Organization are not willing to go through this stage again, like the stage of  Nasser. (Muslim Brotherhood failed attempt to assassinate Nasser Late President of Egypt)

The Qatari Chief of Intelligence and security adopted particular amounts of money to finance all movements on the real ground during the next stage, and Qatar contributed with 3 Billion Dollars cash and the transfer was outside the scope of the banking system.

At this stage, Omar Suleiman had in hands all the conspiracy threads proofs which involved many parties from the inside and the outside. Suleiman informed Mubarak of all what he had in hands, but Mubarak’s comment was surprising to Suleiman. Mubarak confirmed to Suleiman that Qatar doesn’t know how to operate in Egypt. This was the exact words of Mubarak.

Suleiman explained to Mubarak that there is only to ways to get out of this swamp, either to get Muslim Brotherhood Organization involved in the political life and put their organization under the microscope then explode the whole case. Or, Omar Suleiman to provide the Egyptian Concerned Authorities with all the documentations and proofs of this conspiracy and he insisted that the civil Judiciary to handle the whole case and not the Military Judiciary.

Suleiman was against that Military Judiciary handle the case against Brotherhood, because his point of view was that the procedures of Civil Judiciary takes a long time and this is suitable for this specific case of MB because it will put the Muslim Brotherhood Organization under the microscope and reveal their reality in front of the Egyptian People.

But Mubarak had another point of view which was totally different than what Suleiman suggested. Mubarak said to Suleiman:” Do you want Egypt to admit that we violated the sovereignty of three friendly countries? United States of  America, Qatar and Turkey and to admit that we practiced intelligence acts on the territories of these countries? If we do as you suggested, the Americans will go crazy and at this moment, they might do something in this regard.”  Mubarak didn’t mention what was this something that the US may do to Egypt.

After what Mubarak said to Suleiman, Suleiman had his hands tied up. Mubarak asked Suleiman to keep him up to date about all information that may occurs in the future in this regard.

But despite that Omar Suleiman had his hands tied up, he continued working without a presidential Authorization and turned his Intelligence missions and Operations to an International hunting across Europe. And not only across Europe, but the International hunting was extended and spread by mid 2010 to England and from England to the rest of the European countries, where Suleiman monitored meetings which took place between Muslim Brotherhood Representatives and Israeli Representatives.

These meetings between Brotherhood representatives and Israeli representatives were eight long meetings during the rest of mid summer in the following countries with the same order: England, Belgium, France, Holland, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, then Australia.

Omar Suleiman most worries and fears concentrated on The Israeli Mossad’s special interest by the end of the year, towards Khaled Said case. (Khaled Said case was the young man who died before 25th of Jan 2011, he was arrested by two informers, suspected to have drugs while walking in the street. The minute he saw the informers, he swallowed the drugs and the two informers dealt with him in a brutal way. The final verdict of the court case number 15438 for year 2010, was 7 years jail sentence to both informers and the verdict put into consideration the friends of the victim testimonies who confirmed that he was a drug addict and he was practicing thugs acts and he had previous criminal records of thugs charges and drugs possession prior to his death. Also the court based its verdict on the autopsy report that stated the victim died from swallowing the drugs which got stuck in his throat).

Omar Suleiman monitored The activity of the Israeli Mossad through some of  the Israeli diplomats elements inside Egypt who were sending reports to Israel about the possibility of developing the Egyptian Middle Class Sector’s capabilities on overthrowing Mubarak Regime according to intensive incitement.

Omar Suleiman had then a clear vision of what the Israeli Mossad was participating in. At this specific stage, Omar Suleiman had confirmed information that the Israeli Mossad presented an Intelligence report to the Israeli Ministers council warning Israel from making any commercial or trading contracts with Mubarak Regime during the next period, and to consider accurate confirmed information that Mubarak Regime will be taken down before the end of 2011.

Beside the Israeli Mossad report, an Israeli element of the Mossad explained verbally to the Israeli Minsters Council in addition to their report, that Mubarak is not that smart, and if Mubarak’s reaction to what is happening in Egypt is based on that he counts and depend mainly on the non-active huge Egyptian Middle Class who fear everything and anything that may happen and they prefer to keep things as they are because they fear what it is Unknown to them; Then Mubarak is mistaken.

Because according to the Israeli Intelligence elements, the wheel has already moved and nothing else really matters, specially that Israel got definite confirmations from inside the Muslim Brotherhood Organization, that what the Mossad is confirming match with Brotherhood confirmations, after they both (Mossad and Brotherhood) had intensive communications during the previous days before the Mossad issued their report. In addition, the Israeli Intelligence element referred to other previous communications with Rabbi Marc Schneier.

This Mossad Report was totally the Opposite to the US fears and worries. The Americans were worried at this stage that Mubarak’s Overthrown fails in case Mubarak meet with the demands of his people and the people accept Mubarak’s steps for reforms. The Americans also thought that maybe Mubarak will sacrifice his minister of Interior or others to satisfy his people. But these were just the Americans speculations which caused their fears, but it was totally different than what the Israeli confirmed in their Intelligence report.

The different visions of the Israeli Administration and the American Administration on how things will turn in Egypt, were just this difference between Intelligence schools, each was  dealing with the Egyptian affair in his own particular way and dealing with the Middle East affair in general way But they both knew that the change is definitely coming at the end.

For many times The American school was putting their bet on the wrong horse, but this time they were not in a position to deal with the situation as an adventure. But the strange thing is that at this specific time, the US have put their bet on the right horse as they thought they were, or at least what was offered to them as an insurance and a guarantee from the Israelis’s side.

Omar Suleiman exposed the dirty conspiracy of Muslim Brotherhood and the USA and their Allies against Egypt

Part 3 The Americans refused that Khairat Alshater (Brotherhood chief’s deputy) or Mohamed Abu Elfotuh (Ex Brotherhood leader who was a jihadi fighting with Al-Qaeda and was giving them religious lectures) to take over the Presidency post. Instead, USA imposed on Brotherhood Organization and insisted that Mohamed Morsi takes over the Presidency post in Egypt.

The Israeli Mossad was not a magical solution and the man who realized this very well, was Omar Suleiman. Suleiman had many rounds with the Mossad. But Suleiman realized also that what distinguishes the Israeli Mossad is the competency. Despite that Israel is interested in other parts of the world, but their major case was the countries located on their borders and the most important Country with further extensions was Egypt.

The Americans did n’t want that Egypt becomes another new Iran that they don’t recognize. There, all parties involved in the conspiracy against Egypt had to reveal their cards so they will be known to the brains which were running both Intelligence bodies. (Americans and Israelis).

After many rounds and conversations between Americans and Israelis Intelligence which were sponsored and followed up by both countries administrations, they both agreed to let the Mossad handles the big part of Egypt’s issue and to continue the coordination. Specially that Israel at this stage explained that they were moving on the real ground on the Egyptian Scene and they had many tools and the secret name of these tools wasMarc Schneier or Rabbi Marc Schneier.

Marc Schneier or Rabbi Marc Schneier is the man who made Israel owns just one year prior to 2011 events, a direct relation between Israel and the Muslim Brotherhood Organization. The surprise was that Rabbi Schneier prepared, invited and supervised the 8 meetings between Muslim Brotherhood and the Israelis under the cover of the Jews Muslim Conference before year 2011.

Mubarak knew about these 8 meetings which were held between Israel and Brotherhood, after Omar Suleiman informed him of the details of these meetings. But Mubarak decided to deal with the issue that now that he knew about it, it didn’t mean anything, specially that he confirmed to Suleiman that he got confirmations from His Minister Of Interior that the Interior Ministry was having a full control on the Muslim Brotherhood Organization!

Omar Suleiman always considered the Minister of Interior Habib Aladly, the wrong man in the wrong time and place. But Mubarak had a strange confidence and thoughts that his Minister of Interior manged for many years to protect the Country and the regime, specially from the severe and aggressive terror acts which took place during his era.

Sometimes Mubarak was trusting his Police System more than he dealt with his intelligence system, and it continued like this. Mubarak was confused between both systems, till he got overthrown at the end.

There are some coming details that are going to be totally shocking for many about the 25th of Jan 2011 and even more shocking than what have been published above from Omar Suleiman’s papers. But no matter how shocking it will be, this is what happened and how it happened.

A meeting was held during the events of the 25th of  Jan 2011 in Egypt between the US Representatives of The American Administration and one Israeli Mossad Element and Muslim Brotherhood. In this meeting they agreed on the outlines which were conditioned by guaranteeing the security of Israel and also to guarantee some form of Gas Exportation with American assurance on US practicing influence on Gulf countries to provide big financial facilities and the US commitment to drop a big part of the Egyptian debts to the States and Europe.

They also discussed in this meeting a group of terms that the Muslim Brotherhood must follow before they actually reach power and start ruling Egypt. The Israeli side insisted that the security of Israel was the only guarantee for Muslim Brotherhood to stay in power in Egypt, and Israel and America are investing in Muslim Brotherhood and they are not ready to see Brotherhood regime overthrown some time soon and if this will happen one day, it won’t be before a long period of time.

This meeting was putting all details and terms in a very clear direct way without any compliments and according to the following scenario which was mainly suggested by Israel:

The Muslim Brotherhood refrain the candidacy of any of their members or leaders for the Presidency elections.

The Muslim Brotherhood refrain from appearing as a ruling authority during the very difficult years which will follow the 25th of Jan 2011 Revolution

Muslim Brotherhood must agree on the above mentioned scenario in order to stay away and prevent facing very hard and difficult confrontations that the Americans and the Israelis were expecting to take place in Egypt.

The big difficulties that the next president and the next Regime are going to face won’t give them any space or any chance to finish their ruling period, and this is why Muslim Brotherhood must have their hands totally clean when they climb to the governance platform.

When the right moment comes for Brotherhood to take over the power in Egypt, only then financial supports will start appearing so people would link these financial supports and the Egyptian economy refreshing  to the Muslim Brotherhood regime. This economy improvement will be followed by a remarkable security stability in the whole country. And only then, the picture would seem like Muslim Brotherhood have reached power in Egypt by  the people’s will and general acceptance. It will be very hard on Brotherhood’s opponents who are in the meantime very hostile to the United States, to overthrow the Muslim Brotherhood from power.

This closed tight circle who held the above mentioned meeting, excluded many Muslim Brotherhood names from inside the organization and also excluded Mohamed Abu Elfotuh’s name.

It is not correct nor accurate what some thought about Abu Elfotuh‘s resignation from the Muslim Brotherhood Organization on March 2011. Many thought and even believed that Abu Elfotuh resigned from MB organization because some kind of conspiracy or whatever. The truth is, It was mainly because his name was not suggested in this meeting and he was not included in this closed tight circle.

But as it is known about Muslim Brotherhood, they never commit to any promises or agreements all over their history.

The minute some news leaks about The Military pushing a candidate for the presidency, the Muslim Brotherhood called for an urgent meeting and they discussed that if they find out for definite that the United States had the intentions to allow any military background candidate related to the Military, they were going to handle the situation in their own particular way to stop it from happening.

This particular way of stopping any military candidacy by the Brotherhood, was to spread more chaos in Egypt and it would be enough to destabilize not only Egypt but also the Middle East Area. The Brotherhood knew that the Americans wanted Egypt to be stabilized before Obama finishes his presidency period.

When EL-Selmy’s document appeared on the scene, the Muslim Brotherhood were severely shocked to the point that made them believe this would not happened unless there was a parallel agreement between the Americans and the Military. But at the end, Omar Suleiman exploded the whole issue in his own particular way. (Ali El-Selmy was the former Deputy of  Prime Minister for Political Affairs at this period)

Ahmed Shafik‘s candidacy for the presidency was not disturbing the Brotherhood Organization like many thought. In a specific meeting held between all concerned Brotherhood leaders and decisions makers seniors in the organization, they all agreed that if Shafik wins the Presidency which was not likely to happen, he will be forced to cooperate with Muslim Brotherhood one way or another.

Some opinions from inside the MB organization suggested that if Shafik wins, it would be more damaging than if Hamdeen wins.

But what Khairat Alshater said at the end of the meeting was actually the decisiveness Word. Alshater said that Brotherhood are not going to be committed to their agreement with the US and Israel. He confirmed that Brotherhood candidate for the Presidency is going to win the elections and then the US and Israel will be forced to face the fait accompli policy and then they will support the Brotherhood President.

(Ahmed Shafik is a politician and was a former candidate for the presidency of Egypt. He was a senior commander in the Egyptian Air Force and later served as Prime Minister of Egypt from 31 January 2011 to 3 March 2011.) (Hamdeen Sabahi an Egyptian politician and  journalist)

Just a short period after what the Brotherhood agreed on, Omar Suleiman announced Officially his candidacy for presidential elections. This announcement of Suleiman terrified the Brotherhood and it was more than they can handle. Brotherhood realized that all the relations and ties that they were counting on with the United States Of America won’t really be enough to face or confront what Suleiman owned of pressure cards.

Suleiman knew that he might not become the President of Egypt, but he certainly trusted that he can ruin the deals and the agreements which took place between Brotherhood, Israel and the United States.

Khairat Alshater did what he wanted from the beginning and went for the presidency. He had a stormy meeting with the Brotherhood Organisation for this decision of his, but at the end, Brotherhood announced that Alshater is their candidate for the presidency.

Israel was surprised and angry from Brotherhood breaking their agreement and despite all their warnings, they just acted totally the opposite. Brotherhood didn’t care much for Israel reaction because they were counting on the US support and promises and also the US capability of facilitating their mission in taking over the authority and power in Egypt and the financial support from some of the Gulf countries and International Banking. After all, Muslim Brotherhood were essentially based on the support of a specific wing in the States.

The American Administration addressed a very severe tone warning to the Brotherhood through the US Ambassador in Egypt who visited the Chief of  MB and told him that Al-shater won’t be the President of Egypt for many reasons and even if this is the will of the Organization, Alshater is not going to be the next President.

The Brotherhood Chief said that Muslim Brotherhood cannot afford to lose their friends in the States and they will discuss the issue again and will try to suggest another name to satisfy and meet the US desire. Then he suggested Saad Alkatatny (he was the president of the Egyptian Parliament and he is an MB leader). But the US Ambassador was ready to leave and said that the decision of Alshater withdrawing back his papers from the candidacy has been already taken and the names Brotherhood are suggesting are not suitable.

Alshater was excluded from the candidacy of presidency due to his illegal position as announced in the news later on. The Chief  of MB got a phone call from the US Embassy that Alshater’s issue was over and to forget about Alkatatny’s name because he might join him too.

The Muslim Brotherhood decision makers didn’t really have a clear vision of what the US actually wanted. After two days from the meeting between the US Ambassador and the Chief of MB, Essam Alerian, Brotherhood leader tried many times to get a personal appointment with the US Ambassador and he did not specify the purpose of the appointment, anyway the meeting did not take place.

Instead, Cairo was on a meeting with some news announced from inside the main Headquarter of the Brotherhood Organization, Mohamed Morsi was the new candidate for the presidency as a spare one.

Alshater and Mohamed Morsi had mutual disliking towards each other. Morsi saw Alshater as a smart trader. While Alshater saw that Morsi was actually imposed on the Brotherhood Organization by the United States, and he was supported one way or another by the US and this support made Morsi climb inside the Organization faster than it was expected for a guy like him.

Before Mohamed Morsi travel to the United States, he actually had no relation with the MB Organization, even after he went to the States, the Brotherhood Organization didn’t recognize any activity for Morsi among the other Brotherhood members. When Morsi was in The States he only made a few visits to an Islamic center in the US, that Mostafa Mashhour visited during the events of September 1981, Mashhour flee from Egypt just 1 month before Late President Sadat was assassinated.

(Mostafa Mashhour was the fifth General leader of the Muslim Brotherhood. He was the official head of the Egyptian Islamist organization and he has a long history of terror acts and was considered the under ground secret wing who was inclined to violence and armed Gihad in the Brotherhood Organization)

Omar Suleiman Knew a lot of information regarding Mohamed Morsi

Suleiman knew a lot about Mohamed Morsi even when he was studying in the United States. During Mashhour’s visit to the US, he was in contact with some elements of the Islamic Center in the States. He also got in contact with some FBI and CIA officers who led him to Mohamed Morsi, the smart student who was kind to his brothers and he was a friend to many good Americans.

At that period Mohamed Morsi was suffering in his studies in the States because of his poor English language. This part was really weird. Morsi was so weak in English but despite that fact, he never failed in his studies! the reasons remain a mystery.

Morsi was coming from a very poor family and was obliged to join the university’s city during studying in order to be able to save expenses. Despite his poverty he managed to host Mashour in his home which was no difference than the American Middle Class homes.

During that time, Mashhour informed Morsi that he was working on a list to revive the Private and the International Muslim Brotherhood Organization. Before Mashhour finished his list, Morsi actually became a member in the Brotherhood Organization.

After Morsi returned to Egypt, He climbed so fast and in no time and became all of a sudden the political department responsible of Brotherhood Organization in Sharqia City. Then he was pushed in the 2000 elections and he became mysteriously the Chief of the Brotherhood members in the Egyptian Parliament and also a member of the Brotherhood Headquarter Organization.

While year 2000 has witnessed the arrest of many Brotherhood leaders and members and they were put on trials, Mohamed Morsi was never arrested or caught in that period. Omar Suleiman knew that Alshater asked Morsi many times, how come he was not caught or got arrested like the other Brotherhood leaders and members?! 

The case of Alazar University and Muslim Brotherhood Militias in 2006, the majority of Brotherhood leaders got arrested including Alshater, but Morsi was the only Brotherhood leader who was never been arrested or put on trials. Morsi was always coming up with excuses every time the Muslim Brotherhood were going to have secret regulatory meetings. He only got arrested in the events of Judges movement and was jailed for 7 months in Tora prison but he didn’t stay in prison as an ordinary prisoner, he stayed in the prison farm and during the 7 month jail he seemed like someone who was taking a vacation.

In 2005, Mohamed Morsi supported Gamal Mubarak to inherit the presidency from Mubarak the father. Mohamed Morsi had a meeting in the presidential palace with Zakaria Azmy, the Chief of Presidential Cabinet at that period in order to make a plan for the Muslim Brotherhood Organization to support Gamal Mubarak for the presidency. And In return, Brotherhood to get Parliament seats and a number of Ministerial Posts.

But an element inside the Presidential Palace leaked the details of the meeting to one of the Kuwaitis Newspaper. Since then, the distance diverged between Brotherhood and the presidential palace.

Hilary Clinton Threatened Marshal Tantawy before the Final announcement of the Presidential Elections

At the end, it was Mohamed Morsi and not anyone else that USA wanted and supported to become the President of Egypt. US support to Mohamed Morsi was not normal, but it was to the extent that Hilary Clinton personally came specially to Egypt and had a meeting with Marshal Tantawy, Former Minister of Defense just to discuss one matter.

Hilary warned Marshal Tantawy of the serious and bad consequences if any of the other candidates for the presidency won this elections. Hilary confirmed to Tantawy that the United States of America are not ready and won’t accept to deal with symbols from the old regime.

Finally, all the presidential elections forgery and serious violations were totally ignored despite that these violations were directly effecting the final result of the Presidential elections and the whole election process and operation. There were also serious violations in counting the votes.

One of the farces and serious violations of the presidential elections, when the official committee declared that Omar Suleiman was out of the presidential candidacy because his agencies were lacking 31 agency! The employees who worked inside the committee took over 31 agency from inside the committee and smuggled the agencies outside the committee by hiding them in their socks! That was Brotherhood bribes to the employees, to get Suleiman out of the elections!

The result got delayed more than one time and it was also delayed the day of the final result announcement for more than three hours. The elections committee announced the result with a shaking voice and all what matters was just to declare that Mohamed Morsi was the winner and became the president of Egypt. Despite all glaring details and facts of elections violations, it was shameful and very brief and they simply declared it as file closed.

That was actually the most terrifying part that Egypt got pushed and dragged into, not by Egypt’s free will or own choice, but by other foreign Countries, foreign Intelligence and a secret Organization. All these involved combined parties cooperated and coordinated with each other and decided whatever matched and fit their interests. All these involved parties were dividing the big cake, and decided who will take what?! As if Egypt was just a deserted land that had no owner, the Egyptians were always the owner of the land, but who cares for 87 million Egyptian? Henry Kissinger was right, I guess this is the stage of a US president who is running the Middle East as it is his own shop! This is how US dealt with Egypt and the Middle East!

Omar Suleiman Funeral

 Part 4 Obama gave the Green Light for the operation ” The Egyptian Swamp ” after his last visit to Israel

In his last visit to the region, Obama visited Israel, Palestinian Authority and Jordan. Omar Suleiman not only predicted the purpose behind this visit, but he also confirmed it. He just died before living the events he expected to happen.

Omar Suleiman said that this visit of Obama to Israel wont be  for the purpose of discussing security development or the capabilities of The Israelis Army or whatever, this visit as Suleiman confirmed is going to be the green light for the operation “Egyptian Swamp

The innocents from the Egyptian people who believed in the 25th of Jan 2011 and that it was a revolution for social justice, freedom and decent life, were the ones who paid their lives for nothing but the US strategy and new policy for the new Middle East map. It was from the first minute a deliberate pushing to a totally different direction than these innocents thought.

The Egyptian Swamp was the executive form which contained:

Names, individuals, Groups and logistic facilities.

Economy part consist of: specific inflation rate, the amount of deficit in the provisions of basic services.

Real tests conducted by specific trained individuals to test the speed of security bodies response to different stimuli and the time of response according to the status of roads and traffic, etc…

Incitement of hatred among people against the regime to the extent that a cooperation with the representatives of the regime is totally excluded.

Preparations and readiness of the people to practice violence against the local security forces.

Realizing the capability of getting away from punishment according to the various and multiple Militias supporting an individual or a group or certain currents.

The Egyptian Military in the middle of all these events was not able to interfere, otherwise the Military would be accused of a military coup and turning against the Regime legitimacy and would be the direct cause of applying international punishments on Egypt by the United Nations.

Omar Suleiman reached the conclusion that Egypt is going to be dragged into the swamp and it will be just a matter of time before a foreign power interferes in word and deed inside the Egyptian territories.

Omar Suleiman former Chief of Egyptian Intelligence reveals Muslim Brotherhood conspiracy against Egypt

Part 5  US AFRICOM Task to attack Egypt under the banner and the cover of ” Protected Areas “.

USACOM OR AFRICOM is related to the 6th US leadership which is specialized in observing Africa. In 2003,  26 countries had a meeting in Istanbul under the frame of the Middle East conversation development. The US had at the beginning an American based called “Ashton” which was established among the Moroccan Borders. This base was not a US Military one, but it was just a communications base and it had a major role in directing, administrating and jamming communications signals during the events of Jan 25, 2011 in Egypt.

On 7/2/2007 a major development happened to the AFRICOM. George Bush Junior declared the Official formation of the 6th US military leadership AFRICOM or the United Military Leadership in Africa. Bush Junior confirmed that the purpose of this leadership formation was to develop the Military cooperation with the African countries and to conduct Military Operations when it is necessary and needed. Bush added that these military operations will be authorized by the United States Government. ( Bush did not mention by the United Nations, he said the United States). He also mentioned that the military operations will target the capability of Armed Extremists against innocents and civilians who get killed by Extremists.

Here we must ask a very important question: what is the definition of Armed Extremists? And what is the definition of Innocents Civilians? And if the concept of Bush Junior will be applied on the Egyptian status, would Egypt then need a declaration from anybody out there for the interference of AFRICOM Power inside the Egyptian Borders or even that Egypt will be forced to cooperate with this US power in the first place?

AFRICOM is much bigger than being an operations Base, that’s what the following figures confirm:

– The annual Budget of AFRICOM started by about 90 Million USD.

– The annual spending on AFRICOM is 392 Million USD for the leadership center which is composed of 500 experts in Intelligence, communications, analysis and reports. Experts from foreign affairs, financial, security, commerce, energy, agriculture and FBI Department.

– The numbers of permanent employees are 1300 employee.

– The leadership in AFRICOM is not only limited on the military side, but it also include structures, civil employees from the American agency for the International cooperation “USAID” and the Relief Institutions, Humanitarian work and Non-Governmental Organizations.

Based on all the above figures, AFRICOM can cover any military presence under the cover of Humanitarian work, like Minorities Protection or Relief works…etc. And the most important factor is that it possess strong communications with the Civil Community Organizations inside Egypt.

According to last updating that Omar Suleiman had in this regard during the events of the 25th of Jan 2011, the training operations conducted by AFRICOM in the African continent, makes it capable of mobilizing 45 thousands soldiers from different Africans nationalities, were previously trained under AFRICOM leadership and led by 3200 African Officers leaders.

All these forces can be mobilized and moved during max one week from the date of  orders issuance, wherever their final destination is located.  Even if this huge force is obliged to go through hostile deserts to reach its final destination, which became an existing factor, specifically after the fall of Libya.

AFRICOM have the capability of making locals accept their presence and also to cooperate and communicate with civilians and locals through the local relief organizations by providing medical supports and care, and electricity generators units…etc of different services which can help AFRICOM to get locals positive response in accepting their presence on locals territories.

What Omar Suleiman possessed of information and documentations was not just related to the conspiracy of destroying and taking over Mubarak Regime, but it was beyond that. It was the fall and collapse of the Egyptian State.

The Information is power, and the one who possess the information is always capable and able to change the track of events. But this was not really possible to take place during the events of the 25th of Jan, because anybody and everybody who belonged to Mubarak Regime even if his hands were clean and he was not involved in any corruption, he was totally rejected, attacked and threatened whether on the Media level or in general.

It was really enough to frame anyone so easily even on Air, by claiming that this person was involved in the killing of that victim. or just to declare that this person was hostile to the 25th revolution!

Omar Suleiman did what he was authorized and allowed to do in the middle of all this big mess and chaos that were taking place in Egypt. Can anyone really blame him now for not exposing all these terrifying details to the public? 

Whether we agree or disagree with Omar Suleiman on how he handled matters, and in order to be fair to the man, perhaps we need to ask ourselves these important questions:

What would we do, if we were in his shoes at that period? Would we expose the whole thing and risk the future and lives  of 87 million Egyptian and admit that Egypt was spying on major countries in the region, despite all facts and proofs that Omar Suleiman had in hands against these countries?

Who exactly in the world would support Egypt if Egypt admitted all these intelligence details? Haven’t we learned through history, that the superior and major countries in the world committed horrible violations and war crimes against humanity and they always use insane crazy unforgivable double standards and every time they just get away with it? It happened just yesterday and recently that the United States of America was spying on other countries, what happened then? Did they get punished? At all, this issue now is just history!

Omar Suleiman

Part 6 The Last Chance for the Survival Of The Egyptian State. 

What Omar Suleiman left behind was not unknown or mysterious, it was facts, proofs and evidences, meetings and recordings which were not at all based on Conspiracy theory like they always claim that Egyptians are living and drowning in their own imaginary Conspiracy theory!

Egypt was actually occupied by a secret armed terrorist International Organization supported and financed by the United States of America and their allies, and Egypt had to be saved from this swamp which was the introduction to a new form of colonial nations occupation.

There was a historical disagreement between Omar Suleiman and Marshal Tantawy (former defense minister). It was not a conflict but just two different schools.

Marshal Tantawy didn’t listen to other military leaders in the Military council. It is not a secret to mention that Tantawy had a very organized and disciplined Army under any circumstances, but many in the Egyptian Military did not want Marshal Tantawy to continue in his post and neither they wanted the Chief of Staff at that period Samy Anan to continue in his post.

Many inside the Military Councils tried to assure and convince Marshal Tantawy not to pay attention and to totally disregard Obama’s administration direct threatens. The US made it clear that they won’t allow any candidate from Mubarak Regime to win this presidential elections. And they made it clear that they want and accept Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi to become the next President of Egypt.

Leaders inside the Military council in this period assured Marshal Tantawy that the Egyptian Military is capable of protecting Egypt against any National Security threatens. Muslim Brotherhood on the other hands threatened publicly that they will burn the whole country if Mohamed Morsi Brotherhood candidate doesn’t win the presidential elections.

The US and the Muslim Brotherhood threatens exceeded all red lines and limits to the extent that Muslim Brotherhood have terrorized the elections committee and put them under severe pressures to announce the presidential results by declaring Mohamed Morsi’s name is the next president of Egypt. And they did n’t allow any investigations on all the presidential elections violations.

Just a few hours before the declarations of the elections results, someone swarmed the elections result with the correct figures of voting to Ahmed Shafik the competitor of the Brotherhood candidate. Then the elections committee were more than 3 hours late in declaring the result and without any given reasons for this big delay or any explanation.

During the last hours before declaring the result, there were hard attempts from many whether from inside the military council or outside the council who knew about all the US and Muslim Brotherhood serious threatens and pressures, tried to convince Marshal Tantawy not to surrender to inside or outside threatens. But it was in vain, Marshal Tantawy gave himself up to fears circle and these circles were not based on emptiness; these fears were based on real serious threatens.

A previous conversation between Hilary Clinton and Marshal Tantawy, who was at this period representing the American National Security Body and the interests of Arms companies and what is beyond and deeper than this. What enhanced Hilary’s abilities on putting pressures on Marshal Tantawy, that she made it clear to him that Obama decided to leave the whole file to her, and whatever decisions she will make, Obama is not going to have any comments on it.

The documents Omar Suleiman left behind, as much as they contained serious and terrifying information and details which explained and answered many questions, in a part of these same documents Suleiman indicated the weakest points in the whole conspiracy swamp plan, in order to show us the safe way out of it, which are as follows:

– The swamp plan need  many elements which were mentioned previously. There are already fears from the plan failure which will be based on unexpected changes.

– Fears that Israel in a recklessness moment may invade Sinai, or start small operations on the borders. Israel wants to get rid of the bigger neighbor that they fear even in their weakest moments.

– Fears that Mohamed Morsi will step down. But he is not going to step down because he will realize that stepping down means the signal to start many operations that won’t be neither in favor of his Organization nor in favor of Brotherhood supporters. Morsi will hold strongly to the authority after he will commit a lot of bloodshed even until the end of the state itself.

– Fears that the Oppositions will manage to adopt popular situations and practice the same pressures that Islamist were already practicing against them. But this possibility have vaporized on the real ground because the Egyptian opposition is nothing but a jarred entity against each other and it doesn’t really care for anything except its own safety.

– Fears that Egypt will get big amounts of funding and financing which will contribute in calming down the situations before they explode. These funding won’t be from Qatar nor loans from IMF and not even businessmen reconciliations money, but it will be funding that the normal man in the street may feel. This amount of money is going to be equal to Egypt’s deficit budget. But maybe it won’t happen at all!

– Fears that the Egyptian Military move in the suitable moment. They feared this moment that the military move because this move will cause the collapse of the whole conspiracy.

This move moment will only come right before the collapse of the Egyptian State and it will be enough for the Military to save the country.

But this moment will never come unless the great majority of the Egyptian people have their own desire and own will to remove the Muslim Brotherhood Regime and their Brotherhood President.

This moment if it comes, Egyptians will need to see justice taking place, because not only Muslim Brotherhood and their president will face fair trials for all the crimes they have committed in Egypt, but also for more crimes which they will commit against the people.

That was Omar Suleiman way out and safety before the collapse of Egypt, he realized that only the military can save the country but at the right moment and based only on the Egyptians will and desire.

Omar Suleiman had accurate visualization based on the reality of concerned operations rooms to all the proceedings of the 25th of Jan 2011, minute by minute, with full names, specific locations and places and specific timing. Omar Suleiman was planning to use this base of visualize reality if he would reach the presidency or to cooperate with the one who should have been the legitimate President, so Suleiman would present all what he owned of evidences and documentations to the Egyptian Judiciary and to the Egyptian people. Suleiman was certain that once the Egyptian people will learn the truth, they are the only ones who would correct the track which went sidetrack.

Omar Suleiman decided to leave Egypt before he faces the destiny that someone like him possessed this kind of black box would definitely face.

Omar Suleiman died on 19/7/2012 in Cleveland Hospital in the States after he suffered in his last days from lung and heart problems and he died of a heart attack while he was having medical tests!

God bless his soul.

Click here the original source of this translation: Off service magazine, the black box of Omar Suleiman Former Chief of Egyptian Intelligence exposed the espionage case between Obama’s administration and Muslim Brotherhood Organization.

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