From Progressive to Reactionary: Memoirs of an Arab Woman in the Age of Disillusion

In many ways I saw myself as a progressive person. I believed in absolute freedom, fought for human rights, spoke constantly against social taboos and double standards, sometimes, in fact often, shocked and embarassed those around me with my views, and above all sincerely ached for human misery as if it were my very own.
I owe much of my values but not exclusively to my western education and the indoctrination of the first twenty years of my life.

Democracy is good “authoritarianism” is bad
Human rights are good, infringement of those rights is bad
America, the big apple is good, the Arab world is sad. The list goes on…

Are you Calling me Reductionist? Perhaps. I ask you kindly to think twice as to what you are being bombarded with every second before accusing me of reductionism.

Alas, like a good two year old who seeks approval I spent the first half of my existence repeating the mantras and earning As and Honors. What a good girl… Parents proud, teachers proud, and what a shame.

What a shame that we fall into the trap of become as fanatical as the jihadists and brothers in the name of Good.

Suddenly, you are either with Us or Against Us! We uphold the moral highgroud! We, are the truth! We are, the Crusadors of Humanity.

That is when you need to take a LONG look at your mirror and go through a serious reality check. Ask yourself: really? Do I seriously and honestly believe that?

Welcome felow citizens of Earth to the age of Disillusion. Post 9/11.

My Dearest America,

Sadly, you have lost your moral highground and thus you’ve lost my heart.

And that is the subject of my next blog.



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