Full Text Of The Memorandum Included Muslim Brotherhood To Terror Camp

Obama supports Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization

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The memorandum contains 7 pages, prepared by Boraie commissioned by the Council of Ministers. The memorandum is based on examples, terror acts and violence occurred after the fall of the Brotherhood, pointing out that it was settled in the minds of the Egyptian people that they are facing a terrorist group.

According to the memorandum, Boraie was based on the latest terror acts in front of the Security Directorate of Mansoura, and the penalties provided in Article 86 of the  Code Penal for terrorism crimes along with international and regional agreements which are struggling terrorism.

The minister devoted a page of the memorandum contained Court sentence in the case of the prohibition of the Muslim Brotherhood organization and emanating activities. It also included the opinion issued by the state’s commissioners on the lawsuit to resolve the Muslim Brotherhood, which was described as a group «exercised acts of violence prohibited by law».

The memo pointed out to referral decisions issued against the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, such as the case of Ismailia related to prison stormed during the revolution in January, and the case of the events of the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood, and the espionage case charges which included many brotherhood leaders.

Boraie ended his note by the decisions taken by the Board, a «Brotherhood considered a terrorist group legally and politically», and the Council of Ministers entrusted the police and armed forces to «protect universities students installations and to warn the danger of all types of demonstrations without prior permission».

In addition, the document stated that «since the fall of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, down to the will of sweeping popular, the government embarked in achieving the road map which was approved by the people, terrorist groups refused the Egyptian people’s march forward to continue in peace and security, and resorted to the use of acts of terrorism and violence».

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Then came the latest incident (the bombing of the Security Directorate of Mansoura) Tuesday, 24.12.2013 confirms that acts of terrorism and violence have become the only way that extremists are directing to the masses of the Egyptian people, which is witnessing day after day martyrs loss of the police and armed forces and civilians. As well as deliberate damages to public and private facilities and properties which cost the country and its citizens heavy losses, the least disable the daily work and study in universities and the interests of citizens and the impact on economic conditions and particularly on the tourist traffic.

The use of violence, threats and intimidation, as well as disturbing public order and endanger the safety of the community and the interests at stake and the killing of innocent people and spread terror among them and put their lives and liberties and rights of the public and private at risk, which is one of the acts of terrorism, in accordance with Egyptian law and international and regional treaties.

Terms of Article 86 of the Penal Code: «intended to terrorism in the application of the provisions of this law, every use of force or violence, threats or intimidation, the offender is turned to in implementation of individual or collective criminal project in order to disturb public order or endanger the safety and security of society at risk. If this would harm people or terrorize them or spread terror among them or endanger their lives or freedom or security risk or harm the environment or communications or transportation or money or buildings or own Proprietary and occupying or seizing them, or to prevent or obstruct the exercise of public authority, or houses of worship or science institutes work or disabled the application of the Constitution or laws or regulations ».

[symple_highlight color=”blue”]This sense was confirmed in several international and regional conventions:[/symple_highlight]

International conventions:

1. The Geneva Convention for Terrorism Criminalization in 1937, which defined acts of terrorism as criminal acts committed against the state and have an objective or of a nature to spread terror among specific figures or specific groups of people or the public, but the Convention did not enter into practice.

2. Geneva Convention, the establishment of an international tribunal in November 1937.

3. Tokyo Convention in 1963.

4. Hague Convention of 1970 and on combating crimes of Unlawful Seizure of Aircraft.

5. Montreal Convention 1971 with the aim of combating acts against the safety of civil aviation.

6. The International Convention for the Prevention and Punishment of Crimes against Internationally Protected Persons, 1973.

7. International Convention against the Taking of Hostages in 1979.

8. The International Convention for the Suppression of legitimate Acts against the Safety of Maritime Navigation of 1988.

9. International Convention for the Suppression of Terrorist Bombings of 1997 approved by the United Nations Organization in 15/12/1997 and signed by Egypt in the 14/12/1999 was ratified in 16/6/2005.

10. International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism signed in New York in 1999, which was signed by Egypt in 4/2/2005.

Regional conventions:

1. Organization of the Islamic Conference’s treaty to combat terrorism in 1990.

2. Arab Convention to combat terrorism concluded in Cairo on 04.22.1998 and ratified on 25/11/1998.

3. OAU Convention on the Prevention and Combating of Terrorism in Algeria concluded in 14/07/1999 and signed by Egypt the same date.

4. Cooperation Treaty between the members of the Commonwealth of Independent States to combat terrorism in 1999.

The Egyptian judiciary and the investigation agencies confirmed that the Muslim Brotherhood (known and reported since it was established (1928) using the bombings, assassinations as a way to express their demands), continues to use the means and the transgressors acts as indicated per the above-mentioned.

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In its judgment in the Case No. 2315 (Cairo) dated 23/09/2013, the Court emphasized:

And based on what have been presented and the court is guided by, the Muslim Brotherhood was established by Hassan al-Banna in 1928 and organization and Assembly have taken Islam a «cover» till it has taken control of the country.

The Muslim Brotherhood reversed the rights of Egyptian citizens and the citizen lacked to the most basic rights, which is his sense of security and peace of mind.

It also worsened his living conditions and made him lose his freedom and social justice, which he struggled so much to obtain since the revolution of the twenty-fifth of January. But he bumped into his dire reality, didn’t obtain anything from the regime but abuse, skimp, exclusion, threats and arrogance.

The Muslim Brotherhood and its leaders have tyrannized over, dominated and singled out posts in the state to themselves and increased citizens conditions worse.

People rose up in the Glorious day of June 30, 2013 revolution, holed up with their pen, masses and peaceful which was unprecedented in the history of the world, and rejected this unjust entity, rebellious against it, bursting its injustice, ending the regime reign with the assistance of the state’s sword and shield, its valiant armed forces which is a part of this nation and is inseparable from the people, and they don’t support any other but the people in confronting the face of this unjust regime.

This regime deaf his ears to meet the demands and the appeals of his people. And blinded his eyes from seeing the truth and the reality.

This revolution has been devoted to the State’s rule of law and founded the modern democratic state, which necessitated to have held the Social rightful represented in the constitution that reflects the Egyptian identity and illustrates the economic and social orientation.

It highlights the new Egyptian state’s bias to citizens rights and citizenship specific goals and constitutional institutions and organizations to fortify those institutions independence pillars,  necessary to enable it to perform its popular supervision. Without domination or subordination to any party except the people are the source of all authorities.

But the people were surprised by a wave of extremism and terrorism, sabotage and violence sweeping security and its safety. This terrorist entity bullied the state by the support they get from abroad and they called for foreign interference in the affairs of the country and cut the lives of innocent people and their rights, damaged homes and occupied mosques and burned churches and attacked the state enterprises.

This terrorist entity increased and extended in criminality by practicing killing, torturing and bodies representation of armed forces individuals, as well as the police and the citizens. This terrorist entity did not have mercy to an old man or a small child or fruitful plant, hiding under the cover of religion, which is innocent from their terror acts.

This terrorist entity have filled stomachs and mobilized falsely the minds of their followers, taking advantage of their large number of funds and power.

It was incumbent on the court with its authority in the estimation of urgency and the necessity  and imminent danger, which swept across the nation and the caused pain disturbance to the citizen public and national security. Particularly as the leaders and members of this entity are accused in cases of murder, intimidation and carrying weapons and the establishment and formations of a military character, threatening national unity.

And to ward off evil and for the sake of the country and the safety of its national security and the safety and security of the people, it became an obligation to fortify the country from this danger, the court to respond to the plaintiff’s requests according to what will be issued in the court verdict.



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For these reasons:

The court ruled in substance urgent ban on the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood organization in Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood emanating from it and the Association of Muslim Brotherhood and any institution branched from them or belongs to or established with their own money or receive financial support or any kind of support.

As well as associations that receive donations and be among its members one of the members of the group or association or organization. The reservation to all their real estate, liquid and transmitted, whether owned or leased, as well as all real and personal property and funds owned by the people belonging to it to manage it in accordance with the purpose of the establishment.

In accordance with the laws of the Egyptian state, an independent committee to be formed from the Council of Ministers for the management of funds, real estate and chattels which are reserved financially, administratively and legally, till the issuance of final judicial provisions concerning what have been attributed to the group and its members from criminal charges related to national security and disturb public peace and security, with the addition of expenses on the responsibility of the public treasury.


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