Michele Dunne Biased To Terrorism And Contempt Egyptians Free Will

michele dunne biased to terrorism insult and contempt Egyptians

Michele Dunne is an expert on political and economic change in Arab countries, particularly Egypt, as well as U.S. policy in the Middle East.

Dunne’s recent articles about Egypt not only reflects a core misrepresentation of facts that we the signatories would like to bring to her attention, but she directly contempt and challenge the free will of the Egyptian People.

Dunne, neither you or the US administration have the right to lecture Egyptians about what they should do and what they shouldn’t do, especially when it comes to democracy and human rights. You guys are the last reference on earth, Egyptians can refer to. Kindly keep your brilliant genius advice to yourself and your colleague sister Susan Rice and your administration.

Dunne wrote on 9/1/2014: Legitimizing an Undemocratic Process in Egypt. What do you know about Egypt Ms. Dunne except what the Muslim Brothers inspired you with? Do you think millions of Egyptians went and vote on the constitution because they were forced or perhaps magnetized?!

Who are you Ms doom and gloom to talk on behalf of the US government and European governments and international Organizations in relation to the Egyptian State’s internal affairs?!

The US Government should mind their big messy internal affairs instead of messing up and interfering in the Egyptian internal affairs. No foreign government is allowed to interfere in the Egyptians affairs. Which part you did not understand?

You keep on repeating this breaking so boring record of yours “Egypt’s coup”. I don”t think it is Egypt’s problem that you need to check with an Ophthalmologist what is exactly wrong with your eyes! From 21/6 to 3/7/2013 more than 33 million Egyptians revolted against Your favorite fascist terrorist Muslim Brotherhood Regime. What is your problem Ms Dunne? Why all this anger against Egyptians? Why all this hatred, challenge and contempt of yours against  the Egyptians free will?! We are not kids in your kinder garden to lecture and educate us either!

Egypt is fighting terrorism and those you described as protesters, they are not. They are terrorists. Terrorists who burn and damage private and public properties and commit violence and terror attacks against civilians, military and police individuals and establishments.

The current situation you mentioned Ms Dunne, did not stop millions of Egyptians to go and vote on the referendum. And despite that Egypt is fighting terrorism, women took their kids and the whole family and they did not just go to vote for the referendum but they were celebrating, chanting and dancing too. Do you know why Ms dunne? Because after we overthrew the Terrorist regime, we feel that Egypt is our country. Egypt is back to all Egyptians again from the Brotherhood occupation. And things went for the referendum totally different than  what you described in this imaginary article of yours.

We don’t have poor security conditions Ms policewoman of the world, the referendum voting went just great and was totally secured, despite the Muslim Brothers attempts to ruin it, but it went well.

There was an attempt of bursting the Imbaba court in Cairo on 14/1/2014, close to voting areas, at the same minute it happened Egyptians went and set down in the cafe right in front of the Court and were smoking hubbly bubbly and asking when is going to be the next burst! YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT EGYPTIANS, MS Dunne!

Do you know why we are calling you Ms. Doom and Gloom?! Because that’s what you are. You are so boring! For instance You wrote, Egypt has poor security condition. Then you wrote, but even if security conditions will go well, the international observers won’t be able to totally do their job in surveying, and even if they did, they would still count on domestic observers. But 6 of April Movement can not observe the voting and so is Muslim Brothers. But even if they do, Egypt in not going on the right path of Democracy. And if the voting passes, this observing will be considering admitting the coup and denying the legitimacy of former elected Morsi! God how can you stand yourself! You are so Boooooooooooooooooooring and a blatant liar!

You Ms Dunne, are lecturing and directing International observers on how to write their reports about the referendum and what to write?! The only legitimacy I can remember here, Is That you, Michele Bin Dunne don’t have any legitimacy to interfere in observers jobs neither in our internal affairs.

Paid democracy doesn’t work in Egypt Ms. Doom and Gloom. I’m afraid freedom house money and other NGO’S  funds have gone with the wind. Check the National Security case trial number 250 for year 2011, in relation to National security building storming by Political activists and the theft of National Security classified documents which were sold in the US.

Check also recordings calls after DA’s permission, between political activists who deceived and betrayed their own country and their own people. Everything is official, legal and according to the law Ms Dunne, no one can destroy the Egyptian’s state official institutions and just get away with it.

Ms. Doom, The Forum of the Future was a US created initiative without even simple consultation with the countries it involved.

The US fixation that by supporting civil society with money, training in Serbia and loads of political support that Michele Dunne can have “instant democracy” is a myth and blatant interference in other countries internal affairs bringing increased hatred to the US which is neither needed nor constructive.

US police raids banks and organisations when they break the law. So you don’t expect that Egyptian police Not raid a Center when it breaks the law ! A “human rights” label does not give any one a “pass” from the judiciary .

Of course we know Ms Gloom why you have been “down” on Egypt for some time ! Your personal reasons are known and you should publicly admit them and rescue yourself from writing about Egypt once and for all as you are not an objective observer nor writer but wield your pen for criticizing Egypt non stop.

The Arab world march towards democracy Ms Dunne will only occur  if you care to know, when proper institutions are built and education levels are improved. This advice was given to the G8 in New York and in Bahrain but fell on deaf ears as the US can continue to roll with its mistakes.

Your mentioning Qatar without talking about its despicable record – no political parties, no trade unions, no chambers of commerce, no elections, no nothing is shameful!! When can you criticize Qatar  Ms Dunne!!

Interestingly you had no mention of Morsi’s atrocities, crimes and violations of human rights in Egypt, women rights and children rights violations and Christians violations rights in Egypt:

Banning 25000 Egyptian’s from travelling because of their opinion.

Arresting 9700 Egyptian’s without charge for a year.

Pardoning convicted terrorists helter skelter!

Blackmailing business leaders.

Allowing terrorists into Sinai

You are right about one thing, the US must withdraw from the Forum of the Future and rethink its strategy completely.

Also let us close that it is not the US’ role to press Arab governments towards US democracy as much as the US don’t press Israel towards ending a 60 years occupation for a land belongs to Arabs. This so called “pressing” back fires.

Ms Doom and Gloom you really don’t understand the region except in your narrative Alice in wonderland story and it does not work in the reality we are living.

What is needed is decided and determined by Egyptians and Egyptians only, and not you Ms Dunne, you are either ignorant or idiot. On any case, you really made an imbecile of yourself at least in the eyes of every Egyptian who reads the crap you are writing.

What is needed?

US to end its chaotic policies across the Middle East region.

Stabilize relations based on mutual interest.

Work on institutional building and education

Strengthen America’s soft power and values which made America great and enough of your “in face” action and criticism which will cost the US dearly.

You can write thousands of articles Ms Gloom about the coup and the legitimacy and the undemocratic path and oppression and Muslim Brotherhood Angels of yours as much as you like, but none of your barking articles in which you expressed how you underestimate and undermine and contempt Egyptians free choices, will ever stop the great Pharaohs from chanting, dancing with joy, the safe return of Egypt from the Brotherhood occupation, and we didn’t actually go mainly to vote on a referendum, we went with our kids and families to celebrate our first step to build our country even if it is a big challenge while we fight terrorism. These national feelings, someone like you, will never be able to understand because you are not one of us, and will never be!

We want you to watch specially Egyptian women in the following videos, if we tell them about what you are writing about their country and Great Armed forces, they will teach you a hard lesson, you won’t be able to forget for the rest of life.

Egyptians dancing and chanting while voting, and celebrating the voting while standing in Queues

Rush Morgan

Al and Susan Rogers

Ahmed Almasri

Raouf Mishriki

Abeer and Hoda

Farghaly family

Morgan Sullivan

Botros Sidhoum

Ralph Touma

Shamai Marakby

Hosna and Fouad Abdel Fattah

Asmahan Rasheed

Ghada and Ahmed Faramawi

Hani Morcos

Magdy Aboul Fettouh

Sam and Jim Ralston

Soha Moussa

Bodour Moussa

Riham Ramzy

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