Muslim Brotherhood Calling Jan25 2011 Holy War

All the major Networks refused to air this video including BBC World News and all Egyptian / Arab Media Outlets.
This Video is direct evidence that the Muslim Brotherhood called for violence the day of the battle of the Camel on 2/2/2011, resulting in 14 death and 2000 injuries, 4 hours after filming.

The camera caught this video in the afternoon of the battle of the Camel by pure coincidence. It was by the entrance of Tahrir square, Qasr Elnil side. It caught the Cameraman’s attention the appearance of two Islamist in extremist costume which was not a common sight in Egypt’s streets at that period. They were coming from the direction of Tahrir square reaching the crowds outside, inciting people to Jihad and martyrdom in the name of Islam and third world countries and not even in the name of  Egypt.

Two puzzling small incidents caught the attention of the cameraman that have not been answered to this day. The first was the anger of the Islamist when asked about who he was by one of the by-standers. The other issue is about the other Islamist who smoothly turned away from the crowd as soon as he noticed himself  been caught on Camera. Four hours later, Tahrir square turned into flames and mayhem.

At the time where the spotlight was on Tahrir Square, all major medias outlets refused to air this video and I wonder why?!

Do you know who these individuals are?

Use the comment field below and tell us if you know. Share this in social medias so we can all find out!


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