Is Muslim Brotherhood Sharia Law Coming To UK and US?

Sharia lawsHey “free world” – Remember This: Harboring Terrorists Begets TerrorismRemember it, As the Brotherhood shall come back to bite the countries that harbor it.

In Egypt when Muslim Brothers reached power by deception and forgery, they first controlled all country’s joints, then they used terrorizing, oppression and committed crimes to force their own Sharia laws on the whole society specially on women and children.

They had power, influence, legislative and executive authorities above the law and it was expected that they force their own Sharia laws.

In the Arab countries all they need to do once they reach power is to carry swords, and behead their opponents.

Sharia Law coming to UK and US 

The status of Islamist in Europe and USA is totally different. Despite that there are big Islamist communities in what you call “free world”, but these communities don’t have the authority or the power to force their own Sharia laws in your countries.

Also the liberals laws in these countries do not permit Islamist to practice violence or terrorize the society to force their own rules. So, they misuse and take advantage of freedom of speech and human rights in this free world and use western tools in applying their own Sharia laws through publicity, incitement, Fridays prayers, coalitions and deals with retroactive, religious communities, Islamist organisations for rescue and charity in Europe and US.

In Europe and in US they can not carry swords to force their sharia laws, but they sneak to power and authority in order to dominate and be able to force their own laws.

Freedom of religion means that any one believe in whatever they want as long as they don’t violate others rights, not to apply their own rules on others. Islamist decided to live in a totally different culture and civilization than theirs, and they must respect the laws and the cultures of western countries otherwise they leave. This is like someone object that there are porn sites on the internet and want to shut the internet down, while it is so easy and simple not to watch these sites, because no one forced him or her to watch these sites. (Muslim Brothers tried to shut down internet in Egypt for the same reason)

Why foreign governments are allowing those Islamist to have their own laws? Do they really think that giving them more freedom will make them good citizens instead of extremists? If you give them inheritance Islamic law today, tomorrow they will tell you to cut the thieves hands and force women to wear an Islamic costumes. They will never accept to apply one law of sharia and leave many others.

People, you need to wake up before it is too late. We are fighting them in Egypt and your governments are accusing us of being oppressors and violators of human rights!

By the way, I’m a Muslim and I’m proud of my religion because I’m not a wrong interpreter of my religion. And like the majority of moderate Muslims in Egypt, I’m fighting extremism and terrorism which is a real bad ugly image and they are smearing Islam ‘s image with their sick minded thoughts.

Putting into consideration that those Islamist do not represent the real Islam, they use it as a cover and the whole issue is about domination and power to create an Islamic empire based on their own rules which has nothing to do with religion.

People are the government, never allow any one to change your entity or believes. Condemning and blaming your governments is not going to stop this extremism cancer which is growing in the free world.

If you believe that applying sharia laws is a real threat to your civilization, you must stand against it before it is too late.

God brought us to this earth to get to know each other, to have peace and love rules and not to hate or kill each other or to force our own believes on others.

Men corrupted the earth, let’s not let any extremism or terrorism or their supporters win this battle. I’m so proud of being Egyptian, I’m proud of our armed forces who are paying precious price from their own blood daily, so we can live safely. I participated in revolting against those who wanted to build their fascist empire on our dead bodies, and depended on US administration and Europe’s support and finance. Please support all free people in the world to get rid of all kinds of terrorism and extremism by peaceful protests and revolts against your governments and stop them from participating in terrorism, Egyptians did it and so can you.

3 thoughts on “Is Muslim Brotherhood Sharia Law Coming To UK and US?

    • Walkover? Of course there wont be any medieval laws in for example Scandinavia or Central Europe. We are too many who has lived in freedom of thought and expression for hundreds of years not believing in pots of goldat the end of rainbows

    • Look at Wikipedia. Thats how democracy and the belief in the power of now works. It just works. When many people believe in a nice thing and just keep it free and simple it just works. It will just respawn itself. I feel sorry for all who believe in the next life and misses out on the now, the life itself. The one and only existance there is. There is no heaven. Heaven is a misconception of basic allegories about the present life. If allegories are too hard for a person to fathom its sad but true. Just sad. Humanity is living a fragile existens just on the edge of a habitable zone in the galaxy and among 1800 other exoplanets (2015 figures) that has been spotted from here by readings of wavelengths we know there is just a fraction of them that might actually be as lucky as we are, being placed just right in a habitable zone.. And thus so many people act as the year is a few hundred years before or after Christ, as iron was just discovered, as oil or rubber were still unknown to us. Yet the same people seem to take oil for granted. I just cant grasp the stupidity. If the earth goes away maybe thats just what we deserve. If aliens landed on Earth what would I sey when they ask what we have become? I would say I dont get it and Im not proud of it and that there is not much left to fight regarding dignity. Is there still some dignity to fight ? Even If I understand how it would feel right to just kill off stupidity, how intelligent would it be? Start living your present lifves you all muthafuckers of this soar little planet starting tomorrow or go hiding in a cave (without ak47’s). Start reading some litterature starting with philosophy from the same era like Plato and Aristotele. Then start to cooperate treating your women and your neighbours, and the ones you hated as aquals to yourself. Then write a letter and put it in a bottle and throw it in a sea and wait until you recieve an answer.

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