Mr. Nabil Fahmi and the Qatari Quagmire. Welcome to my memoirs.

Born to glory and privilege to a family of top ranking diplomats and politicians. Like his father, Mr. Fahmi, Egypt’s foreign minister, made it, to the top of the diplomatic corps.
Tell me Mr. Fahmi, How did it feel the very first moment you sat on that chair? Was it that long awaited instant of deserved recognition? or were you humbled by the weight of responsibility? Your excellency, how was it glancing out of your office window from high above? Were you filled with personal glory or the glory of those you are meant to represent?

Mr Nabil Fahmi, American University in Cairo.

Mr. Nabil Fahmi Wkipedia

Impressive career Mr. Fahmi. Nonetheless, Sir, having credentials, cosmopolitan looks, multi-linguistic eloquence, and the skill of speaking like a true diplomate while saying nothing of significance, are not enough criteria for public office. Acting like a true Egyptian Is.

I may live in the slums, may be illiterate, may not have enough to feed my children, but I do have pride!
It is that kind of strength that fills you and makes you hold your head up high no matter how arched you are from within. Do you know that feeling Mr. Fahmi? Or has your US birth certificate, the children of diplomates syndrome, and career in Washington given you a genetic makeover?

The statement of the Qatari foreign ministry deserves more of a response than a meek reprimand of their ambassador… wouldn’t you agree? Or has “polite” Fahmi diplomacy compromised your sense of Egyptian-ness?

Mr. Fahmi, I will make this short and to the point… I wish to know how was it being a board member of the international crisis group of George Soros, the well known financier of the so called colour revolutions? was that an “honorary” position? was it? was it prestigious enough to be shoulder to shoulder with foreign ministers, world financial oligarchy and intelligentsia? Were you working to “prevent conflict worldwide” as stated in their logo? really?

Mr. Nabil Fahmi & Crisis Group

Crisis Group Announces New Board Members

Mr. Fahmi, the days of this government are in their final countdown. As Egypt’s top diplomate, Try to go down in history with a reputation worthy of your lineage and that of your honourable family, try to override the question marks by simply representing Our interests and Our Essence.
The Essence of a people who have Honour and understand what it is to have Pride.

Will you?
It is a choice… a very simple choice.

Happy Birthday Mr. Nabil Fahmy…


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