New York Times Reporter In Egypt Is A Blatant Liar

DAVID D. KIRKPATRICK  New York Times Correspondent in Cairo Egypt is faking lies about Egypt


Egypt to Vote Next Month on New Constitution, this was the article published on December 14, 2013, New York Times By DAVID D. KIRKPATRICK reporter of New York Times in Egypt.

The following is the message of the Egyptian American community  to the New York Times Editors:

When are you going to replace David Kirkpatrick?

He is a broken record with one objective. Support the Brotherhood and undermine what is going on in Egypt now!!

“Morsi is Egypt’s first fairly elected president “. Not only is that not true but Kirkpatrick has had memory loss to mention that Morsi   pardoned 3500 Al Qaeda members and brought them back to Sinai.

Morsi  gave 6000 Hamas Palestinian’s, Egyptian nationality by presidential decree.

Morsi pardoned Mohamed AlZawahry ( brother of Ayman AlZawahry leader of Al Qaeda) and Assem Abdel Majid leader of the terrorist attack on 8 Oct 1981 on Assiut killing 97 police officers and civilians.

Morsi pardoned 1300 convicted terrorists.

” It was drafted in secret ” kirkpatrick is a blatant liar . 93 public meetings by the constitutional Committee that has 2 brotherhood members and 2 Salafi members!!

Three drafts put out publicly in past 4 members and daily press conferences and press statements and Kirkpatrick says “drafted in secret”.

Your man Kirkpatrick is sick. Move him out of Egypt as he is deaf, dumb and a liar

The Muslim Brotherhood will lose dramatically as Egyptians 9 to 1 are now against the MB. So their boycotting is a cop out.

Kirkpatrick’s mention of the morsi constitution is shameful without clarifying to your readers which he mis informs was a constitution which  turned Egypt into a theological state, stripped women of their rights, stripped other than Muslims their rights and  gave morsi  full authorities and powers above the law.

Kirkpatrick talks about people killed by security forces but mentions nothing of the 211 killed military and police men plus 92 civilians at the hands of brotherhood militia.

Kirkpatrick mentions not a word about the funding of the students by the Brotherhood nor the Molotov bombs they throw every day nor about the public and private properties, cars and buses they destroy. Not one picture of the masked brotherhood supporters with Molotov bombs.

Pls send Kirkpatrick to Ukraine or elsewhere where he may have a shred of credibility.


Larry Ashcroft
Mary Hawkens
Alberto Hamdan
Chris Hobbs
Hoda and family
Steve Berman
Lyndsy Pringle
Jim Shanks

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