Participate in fighting hunger in Egypt

participate in fighting hunger and stop wating food in egypt

A group of Egyptian youth started a noble national initiative, and their goal is to fight hunger in Egypt.

There are many Egyptian families who just throw their left over in the trash, and waste big quantities of food on a daily basis.

The idea is very simple, as suggested by the Egyptian youth group. Each family can put their proper left over food in a box, close to their home buildings, or/and restaurants too. Instead of wasting food.

Many have responded to the initiative, and I’m calling whoever read this post, to help in spreading the word.

For further details, the following is the website of the food box

Page Account on Facebook

Contact details:

Alexandria city: :01127688044 – 01270569967 – 01146603824

Cairo: 01276605650 – 01117702376

Locations provided so far in Alexandria city:

Abou Rabea’ Restaurant: Address: 202 Ahmed Shawky Street, Bolkly

Abu Rabea restaurant branches: Smouha branch, Zahran, smouha, Alexanria.

Shots branch, Trame shots station, Alexandria

Ebad Al-Rahman Mosque: 21 Ibrahim El-attar Streer, Zezenya

Kilo 21: Address: The street of school Shreeen, in front of Al-Hamd Market& Dr. Aly Hamad Pharmacy

El Agamay: Address: Al-Hadid Wal Solb Street in front of Shahr-Zad Village

Maiamy: Address: Khalil Hamada Street, Building 58

Mekka / Gad , Sidi Gaber next to the train station, Alexandria

Benni Marawan street, Moharrem Bek, Alexandria

Asafra bahry, nour mosque street next to nour mosque, Alexandria

Box Specification : Blue wooden box that has “Clean Food” written clearly on it.

Approximate dimensions: Length: 45 Cm – Width: 45 Cm – Height: 25 Cm – Which means it has a Square base and a 25 Cm height.

The box opens from the top in order to make it impossible for street cats and dogs to open it.participate in fighting hunger in egypt

blue food box to fight hunger in egypt

initiative to fight hunger in egypt

fight hunger in Egypt

Egyptian youth initiative to fight hunger in egypt

Egyptian youth to fight hunger

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