The rented wailers of Muslim Brotherhood, Steven A. Cook and Amy Austin Holmes

The rented wailer of Muslim Brotherhood, Steven A. Cook

The rented wailer of Muslim Brotherhood, Steven A. Cook

Steven A. Cook is a Senior Fellow for Middle Eastern Studies at the Council of Foreign Relations. He wrote an article dated 19/9/2014 titled “Revisiting Rabaa” and he linked the Rabaa’s armed sit-in disengagement to Marshal Sisi’s attendance to the 69th session of United Nation general assembly. (Rabaa: Muslim Brotherhood armed Sit-In, disengaged by the Egyptian authorities on 14/8/2013).

The article of Mr. Steven is full of lies, contradictions and lacks credibility because he mainly cited as references in his post, the Human Rights Watch report and an article written by Amy Austin Holmes, assistant professor of sociology at the American University in Cairo, titled “Why Egypt’s Military Orchestrated a Massacre” in Rabaa’s square, published on 22/8/2014.

Amy Austin Holmes claimed that Egyptians and their media have framed their battle against the Muslim Brotherhood as a war on “terrorism”. She was not an eyewitness on the Rabaa’s disengagement, but she described what happened during the disengagement like a professional movie director in one of the American action movies. Despite that she did not attend the disengagement of Rabaa, but she said that  she was an eyewitness on the daylight massacres committed by Armed military and police forces against Muslim Brotherhood in both Rabaa and Nahda squares, which was constant 12 hours shooting against Muslim Brotherhood!!!

12 hours is a long time to watch a massacre, don’t you think Ms. Holmes…!?  I guess Ms Holmes was watching the “massacres” from a spaceship located on planet Mars!

Obviously Ms. Holmes is biased to a terrorist organization and she supports them and regrets that Egyptian people overthrew a regime that was dragging Egypt to the dark ages, and a regime that betrayed and killed their own people, as she accused all the Egyptian people of framing their battle against MB.

Ms Holmes, if you feel sorry for these terrorists, you are most welcome to host them in your country and feel free to enjoy the consequences of your warm welcoming hosting.

Both articles of Holmes and Cook, are just spreading lies and misleading the international public opinion to distort the trajectory of Egyptian politics in general, after the Egyptian revolution 30/6/2013 overthrew the Muslim Brotherhood fascist regime.

It doesn’t really need an expert to analyse Mr. Steven’s or Holmes articles. Both articles published to smear and damage the reputation of Marshal Sisi, the Egyptian armed forces and the Egyptian people free choices, especially after any positive steps Egypt is making towards reforms and development. The same boring smearing cheap campaign launched and financed by the Muslim Brotherhood since the 30th of June revolution.

Rabaa’s disengagement became an issue of disgusting cheap trading used by Muslim Brotherhood through their rented wailers and mercenaries of the working groups against Egypt like Mr. Steven A. Cook and Amy Austin Holmes.

Marshal SISI

Mr. Steven A. Cook wrote that President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry, and lesser officials are descending upon New York to spread the good word that everything in Egypt is just fine. They are hoping—in some cases demanding—that people don’t ask hard questions about what transpired last year of Rabaa’s Massacre. According to Steven claims.

Obviously, Mr. Steven is not following closely, Marshal Sisi’s performance as a president and his presidential statements addressed to the Egyptian people and the world community. Because if he did, he would have not claimed that Marshal Sisi and Egyptian officials are in New York to spread that everything is just fine in Egypt.

Marshal SISI is not a war criminal or afraid of confrontations of any kind. The war criminal is sleeping and snoring in the white house Mr. Brotherhood are a terrorist International Organization supported and financed by USASteven. Marshal Sisi is attending the UN assembly and he is going to make a direct speech to the entire world, listen to what he is going to say, maybe if you are smart enough, you will be able to learn something.

Before becoming the president of Egypt, Marshal Sisi was the first presidential candidate in Egypt, who did not give any promises or marketed illusions to the Egyptian people about any bright or prosperous future soon. He was totally honest from the beginning. Every time he was making a speech to the Egyptian people, he was actually telling the truth about how Egypt is facing problems and serious crisis  in all sectors, especially the economy, despite that this truth and facts were shocking to the majority of Egyptians, and many analysts claimed that it is a threat to his popularity.

Marshal Sisi said in one of his statements, that he has been advised by his counselors to just read what is written, and not to improvise when he is addressing his speech to the Egyptians! But Marshal Sisi confirmed publicly that he will never do as his counselors advised, he will state facts and the truth and he will never lie to the Egyptian people even if it’s going to be shocking and even if it will make him lose his popularity.

Marshal Sisi didn’t claim that life is rosy in Egypt, he admitted publicly that there is corruption, mistakes, terrorism, bureaucracy in Egypt and they are all priority tasks on his schedule.

Marshal Sisi challenged the entire world, when he responded to the Egyptian people’s great revolution 30/6.  Does Mr. Steven really thinks that a man like Marshal SISI is concerned about what the western countries leaders think or may address to him about what happened last year? When a president like Marshal Sisi is popular in his country Mr. Steven, he fears nothing. Actually, it is the superior countries leaders who fear his popularity and they are doing their utmost to smear the man’s reputation.

Superior countries stood against Egyptians free choices and still considering 30/6 a military coup, and still supporting the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization.

In the meantime, if what Mr. Steven and his mercenary sisterhood Holmes are claiming is right about Egypt’s politics trajectory in general, why superior countries like the States, are still having relations with Egypt? They can simply cut relations with Egypt, can’t they? Mr. Steven, Ms Holmes, this entire world depends on interests, and when interests speak, people like you guys should drink a big cup of shut the hell up.

I guess Mr. Steven and Holmes consider about 87 million Egyptians are retards, because according to them, Egyptians accepted to be led by a military Marshal who committed crimes against humanity. I guess that Marshal SISI perhaps is doing some kind of black magic in magnetizing Egyptians, because they recently sent a message to the entire world that Egypt started its first steps not to depend on this twisting arms of foreign aid. Egyptians bought the investment certificates used to finance the new Suez Canal project and it exceeded 64 billion EGP, and that was the Egyptians hard slap on the face of those who are trying hard to smear Sisi’s reputation.

Muslim Brotherhood Rabaa armed sit-in disengaged 14/8/2013

Mr. Steven relied on Human rights watch report, which turned out to be a fake report and on Ms. Holmes, the eyewitness who saw nothing…I suggest that Mr. Steven gets in direct contact with Mr. Maged Atef, the correspondent of the US Newsweek network, who was one of the main eyewitnesses, human rights watch depended on his testimony in relation to Rabaa’s square disengagement.

Mr. Maged Atef confirmed that Human rights watch organization faked and forged his testimony in favor of Muslim Brotherhood. He also confirmed that he was an eyewitness on the first Egyptian police officer who got killed by Muslim Brotherhood, while he was warning them to leave the square peacefully through the safe exits. Mr. Maged  testified that the shooting started from the Muslim Brotherhood’s side and not the police.

Maged Atef said that he has met with Human rights representatives once and not twice like the organization claimed. and Heba Moraif, the political activist attended the meeting and heard his testimony that was forged by human rights watch organization. Mr. Maged filed a complaint against human rights for faking his testimony and announced publicly that his testimony was forged by HRW.

Despite the Egyptian forensic report about Rabaa’s square, and the fact that the entire disengagement was On air directly from Rabaa sqaure, and was attended by human rights and local and international press correspondents, but Mr . Steven and his likes are describing what happened in the square as a crime against humanity, while they were sitting in an air conditioners offices and getting their source of information from the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization.

Amy Holmes is an assistant professor of sociology at The American University in Cairo

The rented wailer of Muslim Brotherhood, Amy Holmes is an assistant professor of sociology at The American University in Cairo

The behavior of the Egyptian military in Tahrir 25th of January 2011 and in Rabaa in 2013

Mr. Steven and Ms Holmes, when you talk about mercenaries who get paid to kill people, like you get paid to spread lies and false reports in favor of a terrorist organization, you can call them names as much as you like. But when you talk about the Egyptian armed forces, you better be careful, because every word you say, will be taken against you, if you don’t show your readers any credibility or proofs on what you say.

You guys obviously don’t read what kind of comments you get from your coincidence very few readers. Read the comments, and please check how many poor likes and shares your posts are getting, and you will realize that what you are publishing is nothing but a trash.

Ms Holmes, you live in Egypt, you are eating from our food and you are breathing the same air we are breathing, if the air is so polluted here in Cairo, why don’t you go and inhale the American spring! It doesn’t make any sense that you Ms Holmes distort the reputation of the Egyptian Armed forces, while you are living under their protection! Just go and make your living somewhere else. Unless, you believe that you live here like a Queen and in your own country, you won’t make enough to survive.

Ms Holmes is accusing the Egyptian armed forces and the Senior officials in Egypt and the Egyptian people of serious accusations, meantime she and Steven Cook are claiming that Egypt is not on the right path of democracy. This is a barefaced lie and hypocrisy, because if what Holmes said was true, how come the Egyptian new butcher and dictator regime is allowing Holmes to write what she is writing, while she lives in Egypt???!!! Shame on you Ms Holmes, you are enjoying our military and police protection, you are enjoying our democracy and freedom of speech and you are making money in Egypt, while you are spreading lies about our country and people.

Mr. Steven said in his article, that the Egyptian officials admitted that the Rabaa’s massacre was deliberately planned against MB. Mr. Steven, I didn’t see any link or any proof about such confession! Can you provide one? If you can’t, you are a LIAR about this statement. And like I said, you got bribed by Muslim Brotherhood to publish lies. Haven’t they taught you that you must provide at least one trusted source link to any claim you are saying, especially when you are shooting accusations against an entire state!

Mr. Steven and Holmes based their proofs on “what a lot of people told other people in Egypt”.  I’m not even going to comment on this. It’s really a silliness to comment on such garbage of Mr. Steven and his likes.

The Egyptian people trust their military institution and they have chosen Marshal Sisi for presidency to lead the country and to save it from falling into the abyss and clutches of Muslim Brotherhood and their armed militias, and this actually saved Egypt from facing the same disastrous scenario of Libya, Iraq and Syria.

If Mr. Steven and Holmes consider the Egyptian Armed forces and the military generals as mercenaries, perhaps they should move to Libya, Syria or Iraq, and there they will be able to make a comparison on the real ground between the Egyptian Army and any other armed forces in these countries, if there are any left.

The Egyptian armed forces have proven on the 25th of Jan and on the 30th of June that they belong to the Egyptian people and they only serve Egypt. Their loyalty is not to a regime or a president, not even to Mubarak who ruled for 30 years. There were no games nor interests, there were no liking or disliking or disputes between the  armed forces generals and the senior leaders of the ministry of interior, like Holmes and Steven claimed.

Egypt was on the edge of falling and collapsing since the 25th of Jan 2011 conspiracy till Muslim Brotherhood raped the power through forged elections and threatened to burn the entire country if they don’t reach power. The Arab Spring was not just against Egypt, but against the entire middle East area and it started to spread like a cancer, and the goal was not reforms or democracy, but to execute the creative chaos project of the US and their allies. Do you need any further explanations Mr. Steven? Just look around you and talk to me about the US and NTAO invasion to Iraq, Libya, and now Syria and Yemen is working remotely. And who knows, who’s next!

The 25th of Jan was not peaceful like Holmes and Steven claimed. It started by excluding others, actually it excluded the majority of the Egyptian people who decided to stay home and watch what was happening through the Tv channels. Actually their silence was a message that something serious was happening that they didn’t understand and were scared of, this is why the majority of Egyptians stayed home and didn’t participate, because there was really many things wrong in there. Especially, when political activists together with Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, opened prisons for dangerous elements and broke into the National security buildings and have stolen classified national security documents, and tried to burn National security buildings.

The 25th of Jan took the form of using arms and violence, divided the Egyptian people on two lists one for the honorable Egyptians and one for the shameful Egyptians, which included any one who just disagreed with the 25th or was just asking questions, spreading rumors and lies and called for toppling all the state’s institutions including the Egyptian Army and opened prisons and let very dangerous terrorists elements free from prisons. The people who got killed in Tahrir square, were not political bribed activists, all of them are safe and alive, not even one scratch, but the ones who got killed were the poor people who believed that the 25th of Jan was about reforms and a decent living. Who killed them? The same ones who opened the prisons.

There was never a dispute on power between the Egyptian military and the Muslim Brotherhood like Steven and Holmes claimed. But there was an armed underground movement called the secret armed MB organization who wanted to overthrow the regime and reach power by the force of arms. An armed militia who wanted to reach power by terrorizing an entire population and topple all the state’s institutions. I suggest that you both read history because your ignorance is unbearable and unforgivable.

We lived history in Egypt, we lived all events in Egypt since the 25th of Jan till this minute, so don’t use your wide imagination in spreading lies when you talk about what happened in Egypt, we are the Egyptians who eye-witnessed all events, minute by minute.

Steven A. Cook and Amy Austin Holmes, I really don’t have a clue of whatever is eating you, but it must be suffering horribly!


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