The Shameless US Administration’s Intervention In The Egyptian Judiciary And Internal Affairs

The Shameless US Administration's Intervention In The Egyptian Judiciary And Internal Affairs

Suddenly,  the US Administration and their politicized Media remembered that Mohamed Morsi , the Muslim Brotherhood candidate who forged the presidential elections and he was not elected democratically like they are claiming, is facing beside other Brotherhood leaders, charges of treason for espionage with foreign Intelligence against his own people and country!

Foreign politicized media ignored the espionage case as they dealt with the Presidential forgery case in the court since Morsi was declared President of Egypt. But now it got their attention just to comment with one thing, that this espionage case and all other cases against Morsi and his Brothers are nothing but Political motives in the judicial process, without evidences!

There is no limits to the shameless US administration intervention in the Egyptian Judiciary and internal affairs! As long as Egypt doesn’t kneel and pay obedience to their master Police of the world the United States of America, Egypt is considered by the United States not going on the right track of The US fake big lie “Democracy”!

Marie Harf expressed US worries and care for Muslim Brotherhood terrorists

Marie Harf the deputy of the US Official spokeswoman of US foreign affairs declared in a conference on 19/12/2013, that addressing such accusations to Morsi and his former consultants raise many questions about what she claimed “Political motives in the judicial process”.

chuck Hagel worried about the future of Muslim Brotherhood terrorists

Harf added that the US administration have always expressed their fears and worries in relation to the political motives arrests and this is not pushing Egypt to move forward in the future.

At the same day of Harf’s conference, Chuck Hagel The US Defense Secretary also expressed his concerns regarding the recent charges brought against Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, with Defense Minister Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi, in a phone call on 19/12/2013.

Obviously, the US administration is worried and care for terrorists organization leaders convicted of many serious charges beside the espionage case, and we don’t need to wonder why!

Mohamed Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood support omar Abd Elrahman the terrorist

The US administration denies that there are any evidences on any crime committed by Brotherhood in Egypt, which is not new nor surprising to have such declaration from the US side. After 9/11, US arrest anyone based on seditious conspiracy, which requires only that a crime be planned, not that it necessarily be attempted.

In Egypt case, the serious crimes committed by Muslim Brotherhood Organization and Mohamed Morsi are not just based on planning, but also implementation, and this is why Egyptians revolted on the 30th of June 2013.

The US still dare to challenge millions of Egyptians will.

The US still sponsor and support a terrorist organization in all their crimes against Egyptians.

The US fear and worry about terrorists human rights and they defend their rights in killing and damaging a whole country and 87 million citizen.

Us support Mohamed Morsi sponsor of terrorists groups not only in Egypt but also in the world. Which reminds me of Omar Abdel-Rahman commonly known in the United States as “The Blind Sheikh”, is a blind Egyptian Muslim leader who is currently serving a life sentence at the Butner Medical Center which is part of the Butner Federal Correctional Institution in Butner, North Carolina, United States.  He was convicted of seditious conspiracy, which requires only that a crime be planned, not that it necessarily be attempted.

Muslim Brotherhood sponsor of terrorism in Egypt

He is charged of the World Trade Center 1993 bombing, and accused of being the leader of Al-Gama’a al-Islamiyya (also known as “The Islamic Group”), the group is responsible for many acts of violence, including the November 1997 Luxor massacre, in which 58 foreign tourists and four Egyptians were killed.

Mohamed Morsi is a terrorist

 Omar Abdel-Rahman, the terrorist that Mohamed Morsi promised to do his best in releasing him and the US officials replied that this is Zero chance to happens!

Muslim Brotherhood and their terrorists militia

So, we tell The US administration that if they ever think that forcing Egypt to kneel in front of the US pressures to release terrorists from jails and let them get away with all their massacres against Egyptians, is really ZERO chance to happens! So relax now and mind your own business. US have enough internal serious problems to take care of other than the Egyptian Internal Affairs.

The US administration have nothing to do with the Egyptian Juridical process, and Egypt will never accept one day to follow the US orders and instructions in its internal affairs.

Enough is enough USA. Game Over! It is the Egyptian people’s will that is running the show since 30/6/2013, which part the US don’t understand!

If the US administration is still counting on their Egyptian political activists who get paid and hired to apply democracy in Egypt, this game is over too. Since when people get paid and hired by foreign countries to apply “Democracy” in their own countries! US mind your own business because honestly the dirty game part is certainly OVER!

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