The US Administration And NYT Seem To Be Panicking From Morsi’s Testimony

New York Times lies

———- Forwarded message ———-
Date: Tue, Dec 24, 2013 at 4:21 AM
Subject: Dark Days in Egypt
To: Jill Abrahamson <>

To New York Times Editorial Board

We pray to God to enlighten you and give you some practical guidance as your piece Dark Days in Egypt appearing in 22 Dec 2013 is a “fantastical” misrepresentation of facts and a total misleading of your readers. That is why we are posting this message and also sending it to 5000 plus of your remaining readers.

Egypt is not ruled by “military dictators” as the NYT continues to harp. It is ruled by a Supreme Court judge acting as interim president and a civilian government comprising many of Egypt’s best leaders.

The fact that you the NYT and US government seem to be panicking of Morsi being brought to trial to face charges seems to not be only strange but you seem to be worried that something comes out of his testimony. Mubarak held well. Do you fear Morsi will speak out?!

There is no self inflicted paranoia and violence as you say what you “don’t” want to recognise is the following facts and until you do, you will remain misguiding your readers:

The Moslem Brotherhood which you don’t mention once in your piece is a terrorist organisation focused on making Egypt a fascist theological state. Egyptian’s said no and will not allow that to happen.

The human rights organisations that are not licensed and are receiving funding from abroad to support illegal protests are unlawful and will be confronted by Egyptian law.

Egypt’s national security will not be compromised. Not under pressure of any country or misguided media.

When the Brotherhood -your friend Morsi ruled- he brought Egypt to its knees.

GDP growth went from 7.5 pct to less than 1%.

Egypt’s credit rating was down graded 6 times in the one year of Morsi”s rule.

During Morsi”s rule, Egypt’s external debt increased by 33% thanks to his borrowing heavily from Turkey and Qatar.

Morsi banned 25000 Egyptian’s from travelling because of their anti brotherhood writings, articles, tv interviews, etc and not one peep from the NYT !!!

Morsi usurped by presidential decree executive, legislative and judiciary powers and railroaded a constitution taking Egypt down the path of a theological state and not a peep from the NYT !!!

Morsi gave 5600 Hamas fighters Egyptian nationality by presidential decree.

Morsi pardoned the brother of the leader of Alqaeda and the killers of president Sadat.

In mosri’s one year he sent fuel to Hamas and allowed shortages to happen in Egypt and brown outs to come back to Egypt’s cities once again which had never happened since 1967.

Morsi clamped down on culture, academic freedom and women’s rights and not a peep from the NYT!!!

Morsi supported girls to be married at the age of 10 !!! NOT a peep from the NYT!

Morsi fired the top echlons of the police and military and installed his people not realising that his and the Brotherhood’s multiple atrocities made the leaders of the police and military succumb to the 30 million Egyptian’s that came out in the streets on June 30, July 1,2 and 3 legitimising a “public impeachment” of a fascist leader and a terrorist organisation.

The US Senates approved legislation is not a support to Egypt. It is a process to make Egypt’s future relationship tied to the White Houses criteria and subjective assessments.

Egypt is a Nation that will not succumb to a terrorist group. Egypt will not be a theological state. Egypt will not be threatened by external countries wanting to undermine Egypt’s sovereignty. Egypt was a Nation State before many on this earth and will be after many disappear.

Egypt will regain Law and Order and vote on its modern civil constitution and elect a parliament and a President. Egypt will not be intimidated by your misleading editorials.

NYT,  Egypt will have very Sunny Days as soon as it cleans up the Moslem Brotherhood’s dark clouds.

Signed by Egyptian American Community

Raouf Imam
Chris Hobbs
Hoda and family
Rashed Abdel Atty
Chris and Susan Fletcher
Lyndsy Pringle
Soliman Alattar
Alaa Taymour
Ahmed Mohamed Badran
Fouad Akl
Nadia Botros
Samira and Hoda Alayouty
Osman M Marzouk
Abdel Moniem and family
Laila Iskander
Mahmoud Serag Eldine
Marwa Alkharadly
Jonathon Hamish
The DeMarco family
Hassan Sameh Sabry
Mohamed Awadala
Noha Morcos

16 thoughts on “The US Administration And NYT Seem To Be Panicking From Morsi’s Testimony

  1. there should be a hyperlink (as source) for every claim in this article (email). Without such attribution it lacks standing and credibility ..and usefulness. Do some homework when publishing a blog please. Show some credibility.

    • Oh you need some homework? I’ll get you some real hard homework, but I hope you can handle it. Despite that it is not my problem that you are not following up what is happening in the rest of the world, but just because Egyptians are known about their generosity, I will do your homework, because I surely am doing mine up to date: Enjoy the following link with all its content, after you are done, come and talk to me about the credibility

      Click on the following link:

      The Homework

    • There are 5 parts called: Muslim Brotherhood crimes in Egypt part 1 to 5 in the homework attached in my previous reply to you, these 5 parts prove every word written in the article you really got sick when you’ve read it, from day 1 MB ruled Egypt till the 30/6/2013 revolution…If you care to find out.


  2. Great Article. I like many Americans are interested in the facts surrounding what took place in EGYPT. Praying for your country to re establish itself.

  3. I don’t know how to quantify this President anymore. Unlike his voters, I know his history. Born a muslim. Raised a communist. Then a black liberation theologist/weather underground supporter.

    Now he’s arming, funding, and training al-Qaeda and Mexican Drug Cartels. The only way I can quantify all this without the Adolf Hitler cliche is evil. Absolute sociopathic evil. This is a guy that wants to destroy the World.

  4. As an American Veteran, I apologize for what our president and his party unleashed upon Egypt and the Arab world with his “Arab Spring”. Obama is not Muslim/Christian but a Statist who is drunk on power with an ego who can never achieve enough or be adored enough. I hope and pray Egypt will once again become again the welcoming country My parents visited in the 1980s.

    • “As for the mountain of Bakhu on which the sky rests, it is in the east of the sky… A serpent is on the top of that mountain; it is thirty cubits long, eight cubits of its forepart are of flint, and its teeth gleam… Now after a while he will turn his eye against Re, and a stoppage will occur in the Sacred Bark and a great vision among the crew, for he will swallow up seven cubits of the great waters; Seth will project a lance of iron against him and will make him vomit up all that he has swallowed.”

    • You can believe in Buddhism or in nothing, this is your choice. But insulting our prophet doesn’t prove anything but your ignorance and hatred. Moderate Muslims never spread hatred, and never attack others. What you wrote is not a point of view, it’s offense and insult. Thank you very much but believe me it’s not going to make you a great person, and it surely won’t effect our prophet Mohamed and make him less human…What you said is sickness in the mind and the heart.

      You are just ignorant and I think that people like you they are not less violence and inciting for killing and hatred any less then Terrorists and Extremists Islamist do.

      I feel sorry for you


    • Saint Sodom Hussein Obama put on a yarmulke and prayed at the Wailing Wall, no Muslim would do this Miley Cyrus dry humping of demons like the Jews do.

      I have much to teach the Muslim if he is willing to learn… I am a Silat…

    • Judaic Bolshevist Mammonism (Baphomet) is just as much of a devil as Mahomet.

      The false prophet ecclesiastics would have men believe that taking sides in the conflicts between devils is the path to Salvation.

    • Thank you and God bless you, yes it will come back again, it will take time, but it will come back again…Egypt may get sick, but never dies

      God bless you


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