The World Will Pay A Heavy Price If Egypt Fails In Crushing Muslim Brothers Terrorist Organization

Peter Oborne the Daily Telegraph’s chief political commentator wrote on 8/1/2014 an article titled: ” We may all pay a price for the crushing of democracy in Egypt “!

Peter Oborne the Daily Telegraph's chief political commentatorThe following is the message addressed by many Egyptians to the Daily Telegraph among many messages sent to their Editorial Board and totally ignored!

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From: BKK434 <>
Date: Thu, Jan 9, 2014 at 10:15 PM
Subject: The Daily Telegraph Jan 9,2014

Editors of the Telegraph

The opinion piece by Peter Oborne is so skewed it deserves immediate correction due to its importance.

Let us those living in Egypt highlight the following for your readers:

It is most difficult for Mr Oborne to understand Egypt and what is going on in a brief visit. Mr Oborne was wrong in the summer of 2011 when he hailed the “Arab Spring”,  which never materialized and wrong now by claiming that what Egypt is doing will cost the west a price.

Mr Oborne weaves a story which is not only based on fiction but misleads the reader by omitting important facts such as:

– Al Qaeda was born by the direct support of the US for Osama bin Laden and his mujaheddin in their directed fight in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union. Zawahiri broke the law in Egypt and when released left to join Al Qaeda.

– Protesting is not punishable by jail. Breaking the law is punishable by jail. A big difference. In the UK to protest you need to get approval by the concerned authorities. In Egypt you need to notify the authorities. If you don’t and protest, throw Molotov bombs and destroy public and private properties, you go to jail just as you would in the UK!

– Interesting that Mr Oborne makes no mention of Morsi and his gang of fascist brotherhood usurping power by a fabricated constitution, banning 17000 Egyptian’s from travelling during their rule, arresting 7200 Egyptian’s and holding them without trial, pardoning 1300 convicted terrorists, denying women and minorities their rights and blackmailing the business community.

– Ansar Beit Al Maqdas is a front for the Brotherhood Mr Oborne. Please check your facts as we assume this is an innocent slip, is n’t?.

Brotherhood meetings now take place in London where the Brotherhood HQ is and remains giving an organisation that has a secret para military arm, secret funding and has assassinated 5 political figures before including President Sadat – a legitimacy they do not deserve!

– “Trumped up charges“!! Well well Mr Oborne, judge and jury you may claim. Have patience and allow the course of justice take place.

– We wonder what would London police do if for 44 days a group of violent protesters camped in Trafalgar Square and in bull horns incited violence, hate and sectarian killing plus destroyed public and private property in addition to accumulating weapons.
Your story telling about Zawahiri is so fictional, it deserves an Alice in Wonderland script. Never did the Zawahiri’s of this world nor the Brotherhood want democracy, otherwise they would not have followed the policy of ” if you are not one of us you are not to be with us” during their rule of one vote one man one time.

Britain and the US need to realize that Egypt’s battle with the Brotherhood is an existential battle. The Brotherhood had 88 seats in Parliament in 2005-10. But their goal was fascist autocratic rule under the umbrella of religion. In one year they turned the vast majority of the Egyptian people against them something even Mubarak did not achieve in 30 years of rule!

Lastly Mr Oborne, if you really believe what you said “since the Brotherhood continues to demonstrate its faith in western concepts of justice and democracy” Britain should support them. We believe you are better served to go and spend time with Zawahiri Chief of Al Qaeda and his terrorist (a word you avoided to use) colleagues to learn about their democratic ways.

In conclusion, we wish you to know that your articles title should have changed a bit from “We may all pay a price for the crushing of democracy in Egypt” to a realistic one based on facts ” We will pay a heavy price if Egypt fails in crushing the terrorist Brotherhood organisation”.

Are these the terrorists you are supporting and calling peaceful protesters? Are you challenging  33 million Egyptian uprising from 21/6 to 3/7/2013 revolted against a fascist regime Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization?

Signed by:

Kenneth Target
Sam Schluter
James Hill
Ahmed and Nadine Rustom
Harry Bridgewater
Darren MacDonald
Barbara Hewitt
Samir and Abeer Farid
Walter Row
Arthur Blake
Fouad Abdel Hamed

7 thoughts on “The World Will Pay A Heavy Price If Egypt Fails In Crushing Muslim Brothers Terrorist Organization

  1. Judas, he should be called Judas, he should be questioned how much he was paid, he never gave one single proof, of his claims, he quoted the MB propaganda and didn’t bother to verify one word, he is another Judas

  2. Kudos for echoing the views of every Egyptian – save for those
    of a gang of hooligans, too poor and ignorant to recognize the absurdity of
    their obtuse leaders’ aspirations of establishing an archaic caliphate in a
    land whose civilization has ejected far more shrewd colonialists over history.

  3. Excellent, well-written response to Mr. Oborne’s wildly inaccurate article. Democracy is rule by the will of the people, and the Egyptian people showed their will on June 30, 2013 by ejecting the terrorist, Morsi. Egypt didn’t have a democracy under Morsi, but a dictatorship that was very quickly becoming so oppressive the people needed to act—and act, they did. The rest of the world is in Egypt’s debt for showing us how it’s done. Salute!!

    • Thank you Leila, God bless you. Despite that we cannot respond to many articles or news published by foreign media which are based on false information, but it is a national duty to publish the whole story as it happens on the real ground, to whom it may concern. Even that we cannot reach all the international public opinion, but the 1000 mile path start with one step…

      Thank you


    • The metrosexual media agitprops like Obama, McCain, Hitlery and Romey are a circle jerk.

      Let God be great in both the land of Egypt and the land of Russia…

      Seth lanced the Apep demon from the Barque of Amon-Ra and St. George skewered the dragon.

    • Thanks to you Eman for being the voice of the Egyptian people. You and other journalists like Hany Ghoraba speak for the people of your country and let the world know the truth of Egypt’s battle for freedom. Today’s elections were a perfect example of Democracy in Action! God’s Blessings on you and your new democratic government!!

    • Thank you Leila, this is a national duty, wish to do more than that. I know it is a brutal battle we were forced to get into it, but I also know that we will win this battle, not with weapons, but with patience, our unity and hope and faith and above all our strong willing.

      Thank you


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