To Washington Post: Americans respect the press but don’t respect misinformation

Abigail Hauslohner Cairo Bureau Chief for The Washington Post Cairo EgyptAbigail Hauslohner, Cairo Bureau Chief for The Washington Post published an article on 3/5/2014 titled ” A town of rutted roads is one of Egypt’s most troublesome flashpoints“.

Hey Abigail, Americans respect the press but do not respect misinformation.

We the undersigned Americans find your article misinformed and false in its content and message. We are worried this is intentional.

We all have lived or visited Egypt during the past 5 years and three of us were in Egypt for the past 90 plus days.

Your shopkeeper with the beard quoted in your article, is a Brotherhood member. Why did you not ask one of hundreds of cab drivers in Cairo or Alexandria how happy they are, the Brotherhood has gone!

The other couple you interviewed with the cloaked black veil, are they secularists?

The Islamists Abigail, are not locked out of politics. 6 parties so called Islamist and are very active including the Salafi’s. The ones locked are the terrorists – the Brotherhood whom have a history of blood on their hands having killed 3 prime ministers, a speaker of parliament, late President Sadat and scores of police, military and secularists.

Abigail, The Muslim Brotherhood has a long history of terror, obviously you don’t relate to history or reality, but you relate to the only source of information you are biased to, which is your Muslim Brothers!`

You claimed  in your article ” the more moderate Muslim Brotherhood “!!!!!! Who are you fooling Abigail? You are attacking and ruining Egypt’s reputation based on false information. Check the following video Abigail, then come and discuss Muslim Brotherhood’s moderation!

Have you received Qatari money? are you a fascist supporter? What kind of moral compass do you have to make such a Statement?

The future of Egypt is for the Egyptian people to decide and your false reporting has no impact except to lie to the west – there is no doubt the majority of the Egyptians shall not vote for a fascist cult using religion as a cover. That is what you should be exposing, but who knows what hidden agenda do you have!?

You guys are just a temporarily status, that will vanish one day soon, because Egyptians are moving forward with elections and the road map, despite all challenges. Keep on talking and spreading lies and mislead your readers as much as you like. Egyptians will slap you hard on the face, because nothing will stop them from achieving the goals of the road map.

We don’t need to work hard on exposing your lies, it comes out directly from your own mouth. Not for one single poor time, we have read any article or a report published by WP that interviewed any Egyptian citizen, unless they were Muslim Brothers or their supporters. Even when we comment or addressing letters to WP, our opinion and comments are totally ignored.

You accuse Egypt of oppressing freedom of speech and excluding Muslim Brothers, while you guys are ignoring the majority of Egyptians who revolted on 30/6 against religious fascism, you don’t allow their voice to be heard, but you only allow Muslim Brothers Terrorists.

What have you learned about the free press, Abigail? Did you learn to be biased or neutral?

This is the real voice of Egypt, Abigail Hauslohner.

Foreign reporters and journalists in Egypt, including you Abigail,  are like Mollie Z. Hemingway said, How to Be a Really Lousy Journalist for Fun and Profit:

Lousy reporters when covering terrorists bombing, what’s most important for them is getting the story first, not getting the story right, particularly under the pressure of a 24-hour news cycle.

They remember that their job is to Advance Narratives, and not to Report Facts.

They Quote Directly from Press Releases.

Lousy reporters Pick Sides, promote sympathy for one side and hostility for the other.

They Don’t Describe People, they Label Them.

They Hype the Issues they Personally Care about and Downplay Those they Don’t.

Reporters Listen to the Insects of the Hour, get story ideas by following the lead of other journalists or replaying or responding to whatever is on famous media. Another good technique is to build stories just around people who solicit media coverage.

They use Language Tricks to Obfuscate.

These are the nice easy terms reporters learn and fall back on. Whether  they use them because of confirmation bias, laziness, or outright ideological agendas, they are in good company and have a bright future ahead of them!


Ralph Younger

Larry Corabi

Jen Bloomfield

Rusty E. Roushdi

Al Carden

Victor Barber

Saul Finch

V. Rosenberg

Marie Vitale

Sam Ahmadain

Paul Stringer

Bob Sills

Steve and Nadia Virtue

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