Video of Muslim Brotherhood Leader: How To Destroy The sovereignty Of The Egyptian State

Video of Ahmed Almogheer Muslim Brotherhood Leader How To Destroy The sovereignty Of The Egyptian State

The Following Video of Ahmed Almogheer, Muslim Brotherhood member and he has a leading role in the Muslim Brotherhood organization and they call him Khairat Alshater’s man (Khairat Alshater is the deputy chairman of  Muslim Brotherhood organization).

In this video Ahmed Almogheer explains how Muslim Brotherhood can destroy all The Egyptian State’s institutions including the Military institution. The map in the video included Libya and Egypt, he was explaining that the plan can succeed whether Muslim Brotherhood chooses the bloody Libyan scenario or the civilian scenario to break and destroy all Egyptian state institution which will easily be destroyed and overthrown, the minute Brotherhood manages to break the Military institution and their threads.

The following is the Video in Arabic and the translation of what he said in some kind of a meeting. The video did not show who were the attendants.

The video was uploaded on 7/12/2012, filmed before the Egyptian Military delivered the executive authority to the Brotherhood former president. The Muslim brotherhood Ahmed Almogheer was explaining the Muslim Brotherhood’s plan to get down the Egyptian Military institution at that period and the Brotherhood strategic plans in relation to the constitution issuing, government formation, parliament and Shura council authorities…etc. What he said in this video, was exactly what they did and actually succeeded in controlling the state’s joints as he described in details, but what they haven’t succeed in achieving is to get down the Egyptian military institution.

Despite that all what the Muslim Brotherhood leader mentioned in this video as their strategic plan was exactly what have taken place on the real ground,  except for one thing.

Muslim Brotherhood executed the civil scenario in putting their hands and total control on the state’s joints when they were in full total power. But the second part of their plan, was the one which they excluded in this video, because they did n’t expect the explosion of the 30th of June revolution that exploded in their face, so they have turned to the Libyan Bloody violent scenario as it is happening since 30/6 an till this minute we speak!

Whenever you hear this guy talking “Ahmed Almogheer”, brotherhood member, you know immediately that it is Kahairat Alshater who are giving instructions to the Brotherhood members, and he is also the second man in the MB Organization. Almogheer is just a messenger of the big leadership, Alshater.


In the name of God the merciful.

Due the critical circumstances that Egypt and the revolution is going through, I decided that we held this meeting to explain some concepts that were misinterpreted.

What does it mean to overthrow the Regime?

Overthrowing the Regime in Egypt has been totally misunderstood by Muslim Brotherhood at the beginning of events of the revolution. We thought that by overthrowing Mubarak’s Regime, it means that we will succeed in getting rid of the whole system. If Mubarak leaves, then we have succeeded in getting down the whole system of the country. (Mubarak is the former president of Egypt who stepped down after the 25th of Jan 2011).

After a certain period, we realized that the state’s system didn’t go down after Mubarak was gone. When Mubarak left, it was only the head of the regime that was gone, but the whole state system is still functioning and still safe and well.

Then after we realized that we were wrong, we decided to get down and break the Egyptian Military Council. And Muslim Brotherhood created the symbol of “get down the Egyptian Military”. But the question is, if we manage to break the Egyptian Military Council, does it mean by doing this, that we will manage to get down and break the Egyptian Military? We need to explain furthermore, so Muslim Brotherhood realize where they are standing.

The military council is just a new head of the system. But he is not the whole system. We did overthrew Mubarak Regime, and if we manage to get down the military council, we will then face the whole system which is still functioning and do exist.

What is the meaning of Military ruling that Muslim Brotherhood want to make it collapse? The military ruling is not the 30 years of Mubarak regime in ruling Egypt, but it is the memory of the 23rd of July 1952 revolution ( When Egypt became a Republic after the military asked King Farouk to step down).

The problem that Muslim Brotherhood face with the Egyptian Military, is that they are an organized Administrative Institution which follow orders. For instance the military leader has under him a group of officers, and the officers have under them another group of officers from different ranks. And at the end, the highest rank give orders and the lower rank function according to the orders.

The military doesn’t allow discussions or arguments in relation to orders given from high ranks to lower ranks. In order for Muslim Brotherhood to break and get down the Egyptian Military, we need to know first what is the formation of the Military system that we want to get rid of?

I’m going to tell you guys now some information and facts rather than explaining my own point of view. Let’s see to what depth and extent the military institution’s penetration exist in Egypt? First, 30 to 40% of the economy is in the hand of the military institution. This percentage is not just the Military factories or lands projects, but they also have food supplies like oil, sugar, wheat, gas…etc.

Also we have 60% of seniors employments in Egypt. Usually Egyptian officers they go on retirement after they reach the Generals rank. Just few of them they get higher ranks than Generals. After The majority of the Military individuals go on retirement, they turn to civil life and some of them work in Governorates secretariat, or local units or public sector companies or Suez canal body or municipalities.

I had to provide these information to you guys, so you will realize at the end, that it is not the military council that Brotherhood want to break or get down, but it is the whole system that we want to get rid of. In other words, wherever the Military individuals are located, that’s what we want to get down and get rid of. It’s not going to do us any good to just get down the military council and ignore the rest of their individuals who are located in other different systems in the country.

What I have just explained is exactly like the twin that we want to separate them from each other, so how can Brotherhood manage to do so?

Muslim Brotherhood have two methods to get down the Egyptian Military Institution’s system:

First method is that we use the same bloody violent scenario which was used in Libya that managed to get rid of Gaddafi’s Regime. And this means that we will be engaged in a fierce war with the Egyptian Military and attack them in every spot they are located, as I explained to whatever depth they are penetrating.

And if we go through a direct war of blood with the Egyptian Military institution, we will then be able to take away and remove from their institution all their points of power and authorities, and all belongings of the Egyptian Army in Egypt, will be transferred automatically to our hands.

This war and blood scenario suited Libya and worked very well in getting rid of Gaddafi, but it won’t work well for Egypt and it doesn’t suit Egypt at this stage we speak.  Why am I saying that it doesn’t fit for Egypt? For many reasons, The Egyptian people are not easy to be incited to get involved or start a bloody war or a civil extended war.

This war can cost around one million martyr. And actually, no need for this scenario at least at this stage, specially that we have the ability and the possibility to stop blood shedding for the time being. But don’t forget that we already have a blood bath going on, and it won’t stop at least for now not it won’t have an end. We can stop the blood bath to a certain limit, and it it better to reduce it for the moment.

Second method is that we use the civil scenario in getting down the Military institution. This scenario, I recommend and I will explain how to apply it. The plan is that we cut all the military institution threads which I explained before, to take away all their points of power.

The military have now all authorities in Egypt and we can not ignore  the judicial authority and the Military judicial authority. We have two judicial authorities, military and civil one and both are included in the system which we want to get down.

How can we get the system down including the judicial system? It is impossible to get this system down just all at once, this is impossible to achieve.  And if we claim that we can get the system down all at once, then we are out of logic here. Let me give you an example so you know what I mean here.

You know this is not the issue of getting a butcher and ask him to cut this twin in order to separate them from each other. But we surely can bring different competent specialized surgeons, bones surgeons, nerves surgeons, and blood vessels surgeons and ask them to separate the twin and they can do it.

But of course due that this surgery is very critical and a sensitive one, it will take many hours and even after they are done with the twin separation surgery, they will start a rehabilitation stage. This example that I have just explained to you guys, is exactly our civil scenario that will enable Brotherhood to get down not only the Military institution and their threads, but also the judicial system whether the military or the civil one.

So what I’m saying here to explain further in this regard, we can achieve success in getting down the Military institution, by gradually taking away all their authorities and power in Egypt. How can we achieve this? We must dominate and control all the Egyptian states joints.

We have already started this control and domination over the Egyptian State. Muslim Brotherhood are already in full power and control of the Egyptian Parliament. It is ours now. We are also controlling the legislation authority, it is in our hands now and we have full control over the regulatory departments Authorities and we are the ones who are monitoring them.

We also dominated and have full control of Al-Shura Council. (consultative council to the Egyptian Parliament and was cancelled by the 2013 constitution, because it was corrupted and not legitimate nor democratically elected and was also public money wasting).

So we are now controlling and have full power over both councils: Shura and Parliament councils. These two councils issue and regulate the laws and meantime it is the Muslim Brotherhood Parliament council who is supervising and controlling the Executive authorities in the State.

But right now, despite all what Muslim Brotherhood have taking over in Egypt, still the Military have the executive authority.

We need to have our own strategy, we can not allow what is going on right now, you hear people here and there, each one and each group have their own ideas and they think that they are the ones who can get down the State’s system, and they really think they can apply it on the real ground.

Like the main demands now to get revenge and another issue about the next president. But you need to understand what I’m explaining here. Listen to what they are saying now, they are attacking our Parliament and they claim that the members of Parliament have nothing to do with the 25th revolution, listen to these attacking voices.

What do they want from the parliament? Do they want to hear some revolutionary speeches inside the parliament? They just want to hear what pleases them and just what matches with what they want.

And you know these people I talked about, their voices and roles have been reduced by assigning them to handle the discover of facts and truth through the concerned committees. Why the Parliament is wasting his time on facts and truth committees formation?! Now we have 3 committees already for every and each problem and disaster. This is a waste of time. What really matter, is the legislation. Why is the legislation is so important, specially that legislation is the main mission and work of Parliament and Shura councils?

The importance of issuing legislation by the parliament and shura councils at this current stage, is because this legislation will help us in getting rid of the military and his whole system and threads.

Remember how Mubarak and his regime were working on legislation? they were making the legislation of laws in order to protect their regime from falling or from being taken down. That’s what we want to do to issue legislation laws to achieve and succeed with the rarefaction of the Military system and its threads in the the whole State.

Do you know that a minister in Egypt can not fire or dismiss a 6 class employee in he ministry? there are many procedures in the system that the minister must take to fire the employee. The employee has the right to raise a case court against the minister, and probably after two month, the employee will get back to his post by a court order. So, I gave you this example to tell you that there is no way for us to change this or purge it.

That’s why I talked about the importance of legislation which means that we need to change all the laws in the state. The way we made things to work, is that the Parliament won’t be allowed to issue any law, unless they get the approval of  the Shura Council first

I’m telling you now, that this is very important on how we are going to make it function in the constitution articles that we are going to set accordingly. This is not just important for what concern the constitution, but also for what concern the laws, and this is going to be one of the main job of the Shura Council. This part we have already taken over from the Military and they no longer have any power in this regard, but we do.

Now we need to organize our priorities, what is it out there still left that we need to take over?  What is left for us to take over is the executive authority which contain the whole state system including the military institution and the judicial authority. But perhaps we can put aside the judicial authority for the moment as we agreed that changing the judicial authority will be done through a bunch of laws which will be issued and other laws will be issued related  to the executive authorities.

After what I have explained to you, is the president issue is one of our priorities now? or our main priority now is the executive authority?

Of course the President issue is important. Why? Because the president will take his constitutional legitimacy from the Military council. But as we agreed earlier the state system still exist and we haven’t changed it yet. So, the executive authority is a priority for us and the most important one now.

You know now the economy is very weak and not in a good shape, and it can’t be workable that people won’t be able to find food supplies. So, we need to take over the executive authority from the Military council and we form our government from the Egyptian Parliament. The parliament and the Shura council issue laws so we can change the executive authorities. By achieving this, we will be able to confirm that we are on our way to establish the real institutions of the country according to what we want.

But by the way, if you think that after next June, when the Military council is going to deliver the executive authority to the elected President, that everything will be over, you are mistaken if you think that it will be over then. No, we won’t be able then to say that we have control on every thing in the country. We need to separate the twin from each other. It will take us a long time to separate the twin and remove them from power for good.

let me give you an example of other countries who succeeded in what we want to achieve. Erdogan of Turkey managed to get rid of the Turkish Military authority by only 70% so far, putting into consideration that the Turkish military didn’t have the same economy shape of the Egyptian military. Erdogan didn’t manage yet to totally get rid of his Military institution authority in Turkey. But at least Erdogan has reduced his military authority.

So, at the current stage, we need to work on the importance of supporting both the Parliament and the Shura councils and to demand that forming the government must be from and among us and this is also very important to work on.

We have put intensive pressure on the military council so far, but what did we achieve? Nothing. The military announced recently that the presidential elections are taking place on the 10th of March. That was not what we wanted. We know that the more pressure we put on the Military council, the more we get nothing or get unnecessary stuff and totally far from what we really want.

The Military council doesn’t know what we really want. We were expecting that the Military for instance, removes the current government and let our parliament form the government, but the military council didn’t do this.

I told you and explained to you how we should work on getting the State system down. I don’t like what is happening right now from different groups and currents in the country. They are protesting and demonstrating randomly, they do not have any strategic plans.

Even those who are calling for revenge, they don’t think wise or with logic. If you want to get revenge, you will get it through those I talked about. ( he pointed at the map where he wrote Shura council, Parliament and government which were going to be formed by and from Muslim Brotherhood). T

We are not going to take revenge through the old regime laws; Absolutely not, we will take revenge with our new laws, and this is why I’m saying we must support the Shura and the parliament councils.

We have already taken over the parliament and the shura council with the legislation authority. We now must insist to take over the executive authority too. And all the tools and methods that we need to work on, must be all put in a strategic plan to reach out goals.

This is another video published by On Tv Channel, same issue and content, just in case the original video gets removed from You Tube.

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